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User Reviews for Mestinon

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Reviews for Mestinon to treat Dysautonomia

"I started on 30mg 2x/daily. I had initial loose stools, but have gone back to constipation. I didn't get much relief from my tachycardia, and also noticed an increase in body twitches (not tremors). I'm now trying 60mg 2x/daily and I still have the increase in twitches and most notably, headaches (worse than the normal every day ones), and breathing issues (I already have asthma and laryngospams). Not sure any benefit is worth these side effects, but it's only been a couple of days, so I'll give it a little more time."


POTSylady (taken for less than 1 month) February 17, 2017

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"The good: less dizziness and blood pooling in legs due to POTS. The bad: I have all of the negative common side effects: I sweat horribly, I have a regular cough with mucous, I drool a lot and not just at night, I have frequent loose stool, my eyes are super blurry sometimes AND my tongue cramps so sometimes I sound like I've had a stroke or a severe speech impediment. Dose: 30-60 mg with dinner and 180 mg time span before bed. (I can't handle the side effects during the day) I have been on this for over a year. I take this and accept the side effects because without it I would not be able to work due to my brand of POTS. The side effects aren't consistent and my body metabolizes things differently every day."


Super POTSY July 31, 2015

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"I've been on 30mg of Mestinon two times a day for about three months, I had diarrhea the first few days, more shortness of breath, and some drowsiness, after that I started noticing improvement in my cognition (the worst part of my dysautonomia & Fibromyalgia, to me), and I am able to keep 'doing' things longer than I could before. I do notice when it begins to wear off and I may go up to three times a day on it. I'm very pleased. The only negative I have is big increase in eyelid twitching, and awful muscle spasms in my feet. My neurologist has had me start B-6 for this and it helps a lot."


Mammy59 June 29, 2014

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"Starting taking this a few months ago for dysautonomia and the POTS secondary to it. It helps the low blood pressure, low body temperature, and the gut-transit issues. It does not help the nerve pain or cognitive impairment. Sometimes when I take it a tad too soon (or even sometimes when I take a normal amount at a normal time) it will help my guts, but I will have a lot of difficulty breathing. "


Anonymous March 31, 2012

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"I take 30mg (half tablet) 4 x daily. Works great for dysautonomia. "


Anonymous June 13, 2009

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