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User Reviews for Potassium chloride

Also known as: Klor-Con, K-Tab, K-Dur, Klor-Con M20, Klor-Con M10, Klor-Con 10, Cena K Epiklor Kal Potassium 99 Klor-Con Sprinkle Klor-Con 8 Glu-K Ed K+10 Klor-Con M15 Gen-K

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Prevention of Hypokalemia  
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Reviews for Potassium chloride

Scotty · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 23, 2021

For Prevention of Hypokalemia: “My doctor started me on 10 mg. After a month my potassium levels didn't change, so she put me on 20 mg a day. A month later my levels were the same, so she had me take two 20 mg pills a day. After two weeks, my potassium was normal. She told me to continue with that dosage. The following week I started getting stomach pains. The pains were mild, but I had it for five days. After reading that stomach pains was one of the more common side effects of the drug, I stopped taking them completely and the pain subsided by the next day. While I'm glad the pills brought my levels up to normal, I have no doubt that my stomach issues were caused by the potassium”

5 / 10
None · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2021

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Hypokalemia: “Worst Medicine. Had terrible abdominal pain and diarrhea.. pain level was a 11!! Dizzy, confused, how can they make people go they this??????”

1 / 10
Jojo · Taken for less than 1 month December 15, 2020

For Hypokalemia: “potassium chloride made me break out in rash and itching so bad that I kept accidentally scratching scabs open from itching for 2 weeks. Then I looked up side effects I had every single allergy on it, ughhhh.....not for me. I'm eating baked potatoes and bananas helped better.”

1 / 10
s · Taken for less than 1 month September 20, 2019

For Hypokalemia: “ I started taking this 20meq medicine this week. Today, when I try to take it, I almost choked if it was not for the help of a friend who hit my back and took me from behind to help me. Is it not possible to make it smaller? Or that it has a coating that helps swallow it whole? The people who designed it tried to take it as it seems impossible to be swallowed by a human being ?. For the record, I'm an adult and I have no trouble swallowing. Please, reformulate this pill”

1 / 10
MJ · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 16, 2018

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “The pills are just too big. I choke almost every time I take them. It they were coated with something to alleviate the chalk like outside consistency, it might help. I cut them in half using a pill cutter and that helps somewhat. But I have informed my husband to sue the company when trying to swallow one of these pills if it actually chokes me to death.”

5 / 10
Sonflower August 6, 2009

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Hypokalemia: “I use this to prevent muscle cramps so severe that I have thought I would tear muscles lose. I take 2 tablets each day along with 3 x 600mg calcium citrate with Vitamin D caplets. Sometimes I have to take an additional Klor-con 20 if I am passing a lot of urine. I take Lasix 40 mg a day, I was taking 80 mg and I would get cramps within 6 hours of taking it. I had been using Quinine previously, but it was taken off the market.”

9 / 10
bill blur November 9, 2015

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “The pills too large to swallow and I almost choked twice. So now I bite tablet in half. I'm afraid to swallow and my voice is getting hoarse. I'm thinking of stopping this med. Is there a liquid form available?”

7 / 10
xdoll · Taken for less than 1 month May 30, 2018

For Prevention of Hypokalemia: “I had slight nausea first day of taking potassium chloride and the second dayI had extreme nausea almost vomiting the (took with lots of food and water both times). I’m scared to take it again. I felt like I was poisoned. 8mEq once a day.”

2 / 10
Freddie IS my name! August 26, 2015

For Hypokalemia: “This Potassium pill does not dissolve...the white coating does, then the rest is left in the stool. Yes, I have salvaged them from the stool and they still have the USL 10 number on them (although the white coating is gone, the yellowish pill is quite all there!). WHY? Has no one else complained? Freddie”

Jody · Taken for 10 years or more January 9, 2020

K-Tab (potassium chloride) for Hypokalemia: “I had a really bad reaction with swollen and blister on hands and feet skin peeled off very painfully and went on for over a month. I couldn't breathe or swallow, my boys were scared because I couldn't walk or talk, feeling like I was going to pass out, very dizzy and lightheaded and confused other things also and some reactions are still going on with pain too”

Arkie · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 19, 2019

For Prevention of Hypokalemia: “Husband has been taking 240 meq./ day KCL ER tabs per cardiologist. Maintains low normal K levels but has had 1 perforated ulcer/almost died plus another gastric bleed hospitalization with transfusion. Dr’s all say it should not cause this - all the literature shows the ER tabs are hardest on gastric area. Switched to liquid and/or dissolvable powder and no problems at all. These are way more expensive so check around for best deal if u can’t take tablets.”

James Resciniti · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 13, 2013

For Prevention of Hypokalemia: “I have congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy. This medicine works properly. Helps with potassium regulation during Furosemide therapy. HOWEVER, it is too hard to take. Makes me gag. It's like swallowing chalk. ”

4 / 10
banana man · Taken for less than 1 month January 25, 2013

For Hypokalemia: “I hated fruit until I suffered from hypokalemia! Now, well I am the banana man! I didn't know what to do with my inadequate potassium in my blood. With the infusion I am much better and an apple a day away from further medical treatment.”

10 / 10
Steve1955 · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 19, 2018

For Hypokalemia: “My cardiologist increased dosage to two pills a day... and somehow It changed to wax tabs with same dosage about a few months ago. I developed a peeling of skin on my left hand ring finger and could not figure what it was. Now, it started to spread to middle finger.”

Jules · Taken for less than 1 month January 19, 2020

For Hypokalemia: “Had 5 bags of IV potassium and felt fantastic Before this was given to me I was so tired, had lost my appetite, had stomach pains, cramp in feet and depressed Now I feel like a new person”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 21, 2012

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “Got severe gastrointestinal pain/cramps and diarrhea after 2 doses. ”

1 / 10
pacheco November 19, 2009

Klor-Con (potassium chloride): “Helps with leg cramps and blood pressure.”

10 / 10
Anonymous October 18, 2009

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Hypokalemia: “Works fast and well. It will put you back to normal within in 1-2 hours!”

Sparkle plentyhooray henry December 20, 2013

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “Increased urination and loss of bladder control.”

5 / 10
T M March 9, 2014

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “Works great, I feel so much better, and no side effects at all!”

10 / 10
Yucky · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2020

Klor-Con (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “My skin is peeling off my hands and Acetonide doesn't help. I'm going to cut back on using this drug.”

8 / 10
Pick July 12, 2018

For Hypokalemia: “Tablets do not dissolve!”

1 / 10
gplove · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 22, 2017

Klor-Con M10 (potassium chloride) for Hypokalemia: “M10 in tablet form is grainy and very hard to swallow. I switched to the liquid, which is more expensive, because I feared choking.”

Mel121713 · Taken for less than 1 month January 21, 2017

For Hypokalemia: “Severe diarrhea and nausea”

4 / 10
Jen July 26, 2019

For Hypokalemia: “I just start taking this pill yesterday because I am on the fluid pill and so far it’s ok, starting to make me feel better”

9 / 10
Anonymous March 22, 2010

For Prevention of Hypokalemia: “I have to take this often with the diuretics I'm taking. So far no major side effects.”

10 / 10
magnoliawjb · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 7, 2013

Klor-Con 10 (potassium chloride) for Prevention of Hypokalemia: “Didn't notice a change when I first began, but if I missed a dose, then I noticed it. Found it to be quite effective and easy to take & become accustomed to.”

9 / 10

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