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Klor-Con User Reviews & Ratings

Klor-Con has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 10 reviews on 50% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 20% reported a negative experience.

Reviews for Klor-Con

  • MJano
  • Taken for 5 to 10 years
  • September 16, 2018

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "The pills are just too big. I choke almost every time I take them. It they were coated with something to alleviate the chalk like outside consistency, it might help. I cut them in half using a pill cutter and that helps somewhat. But I have informed my husband to sue the company when trying to swallow one of these pills if it actually chokes me to death."

5 / 10
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  • bill...
  • November 9, 2015

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "The pills too large to swallow and I almost choked twice. So now I bite tablet in half. I'm afraid to swallow and my voice is getting hoarse. I'm thinking of stopping this med. Is there a liquid form available?"

7 / 10
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53 Report
  • Sonfl...
  • August 6, 2009

For Hypokalemia "I use this to prevent muscle cramps so severe that I have thought I would tear muscles lose. I take 2 tablets each day along with 3 x 600mg calcium citrate with Vitamin D caplets. Sometimes I have to take an additional Klor-con 20 if I am passing a lot of urine. I take Lasix 40 mg a day, I was taking 80 mg and I would get cramps within 6 hours of taking it. I had been using Quinine previously, but it was taken off the market."

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Frequently asked questions

  • Spotter
  • Taken for 6 months to 1 year
  • March 29, 2022

For Hypokalemia "I prefer the fizzy tablets to these extremely large and difficult to swallow pills. I have chronic hypokalemia and take Klor-Con 20 twice a day. It seems to work ok as once and awhile I get a normal potassium level. Usually I'm still hypokalemic tho. It's not as low as before and I've managed to stay out of the hospital since starting this. I have no side effects. The pills are so difficult to swallow!"

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  • Anonymous
  • January 21, 2012

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "Got severe gastrointestinal pain/cramps and diarrhea after 2 doses. "

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Are you taking this medicine?

  • pacheco
  • November 19, 2009

"Helps with leg cramps and blood pressure."

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55 Report
  • Sparkle...
  • December 20, 2013

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "Increased urination and loss of bladder control."

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42 Report
  • Anonymous
  • October 18, 2009

For Hypokalemia "Works fast and well. It will put you back to normal within in 1-2 hours!"

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49 Report
  • T M
  • March 9, 2014

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "Works great, I feel so much better, and no side effects at all!"

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  • None
  • Taken for less than 1 month
  • January 8, 2021

For Hypokalemia "Worst Medicine. Had terrible abdominal pain and diarrhea.. pain level was a 11!! Dizzy, confused, how can they make people go they this??????"

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  • Yucky
  • Taken for 1 to 6 months
  • February 27, 2020

For Prevention of Hypokalemia "My skin is peeling off my hands and Acetonide doesn't help. I'm going to cut back on using this drug."

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