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User Reviews for Antibiotic Plus Pain Relief

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Bacterial Skin Infection  
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Zabo · Taken for less than 1 month · February 25, 2019

For Bacterial Skin Infection: “Have my first case of cellulitis. Not a very big area that’s located on the side of my right foot along the outside. The podiatrist had given me a regiment of antibiotics plus a cream which contains an antibiotic. But it Turns out I’m allergic to that cream. So plan B was to use Neosporin but Rite Aid was all out. So I picked up a box of antibiotic + pain relief ointment. It’s been ten days now and this knock off medication has done a great job so far. In a pinch this medication has just as much meds as the national name brand. So far so good and my cellulitis is healing just fine with the knock off brand.”

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