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User Reviews for Avonex Pen

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Multiple Sclerosis
10 reviews 93 medications
Summary of Avonex Pen reviews 9.3 10 reviews

Reviews for Avonex Pen

SamIAm · Taken for 10 years or more December 16, 2018

For Multiple Sclerosis "I have been using Avonex since 1999. It has given me a wonderful quality of life with MS. I began using the pen for my injections when it first came out and have never had a problem until the past 4 months or so. My wife gives my injections and there have been 6 pens we could not get to inject despite her putting both thumbs on the button while standing and using all of her strength (she is 180 lbs.). We have also had about 5 pens that would finally inject after this same procedure but have caused me tremendous pain because of going so deep into my leg. What has changed with the design/manufacturer? This is causing us both tremendous anxiety on shot night."

Fedup · Taken for 10 years or more May 30, 2018

For Multiple Sclerosis "I can't stand the avonex pen It sticks and you don't get the full dose. The needle is small, does it routinely inject in the muscle? Prefilled syringe is better."

Jonny feel Good September 3, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis "I been taking Avonex for eighteen years. I called it the wonder drug. I've got my life back and I feel great."

10 · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 7, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis "I have been using Avonex for almost 8 years. I find using the pen to be a significant improvement. I recently changed the day of the week on which I take my injection. I left Saturday evening and moved to Thursday evening, and might try Wednesday. Working with this disease has been a challenge, but I do thank my lucky stars that we have such a gifted and hard-working group of physicians and physician assistants working in this area. "

A,D.D. February 17, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis "After Diagnosis of MS in 2008 I researched the available MS medications. I choose Avonex my brain lesions have decreased and shrunk. My symptoms have improved. I have not had a relapse. This medication has been a God send for me. Now I will have to switch to another medication because of insurance. Am researching the approved Meds and none are meeting my needs. I believe in Avonex,"

BizzyGrammy · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 4, 2015

For Multiple Sclerosis "I have been using Avonex since October 2008. When the pen was made available, I was ecstatic!! This meant I didn't have to rely on my husband to do the syringe injection, without seeing a needle, I could do it myself. I used the pen for about 2.5 year's. In that time, several mishaps occurred, the blue button wouldn't work, the needle fell out, the final problem:the needle stuck in my leg after pulling the pen from my leg!!! Needless to say, I am back to depending on my husband again. The flu-like symptoms are the same with both forms of injection. I would go back to the pen in a heartbeat it was been improved and dependable."

CVH · Taken for 10 years or more February 24, 2015

For Multiple Sclerosis "I started on Betaseron when it came out. I changed to Avonex when it came out mainly because it was once a week. I get the side effects of flu like symptoms usually a few hours the next day. I have continued to be active and no new lesions. It has worked for me so far. I'm 60 so I have been blessed."

mscibrlli January 25, 2015

For Multiple Sclerosis "Been on Avonex for more then 10 years. The flu like symptoms just never get better. In bed for 2 days sick with fever. However, I had no major flare ups in years!"

marco1956 · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 2, 2013

For Multiple Sclerosis "Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 32, apparently the sweet spot for diagnosis. Started taking Avonex about 10 years ago and welcomed the Pen, haven't had any MS symptoms for over 3 years. Still get 'flu like symptoms'. I take extra strength Ibuprofen before injection and it helps to make life easier to handle."

Lisa_P October 7, 2013

For Multiple Sclerosis "Avonex is good because it's once a week; the Pen makes it so much more convenient. Unlike my experience with Copaxone and Rebif, I have very few (if any) site reactions. I have used Avonex in all it's forms (powder you have to mix yourself, prefilled syringes, and now the Pen) and the Pen is the only one with almost NO flu-like side effects! Love it!"


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