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User Reviews for Influenza virus vaccine, inactivated to treat Influenza Prophylaxis

Also known as: Fluzone, Afluria, Fluad, Flucelvax, Flucelvax Quadrivalent, Fluarix, Fluzone Quadrivalent, Fluzone High-Dose, Flublok Quadrivalent, Fluad Quadrivalent, Afluria Quadrivalent, Fluarix Quadrivalent, Flublok, Fluvirin, FluLaval, FluLaval Quadrivalent, Fluzone Intradermal, Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent, Fluzone Intradermal Quadrivalent, FluLaval Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Fluvirin Preservative-Free, Fluzone Preservative-Free, Fluzone Preservative-Free Pediatric, Fluzone Preservative-Free Pediatric Quadrivalent, Fluzone Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Afluria Preservative-Free Pediatric Quadrivalent, Afluria Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Fluad Preservative-Free, Fluad Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Fluarix Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Flucelvax Preservative-Free Quadrivalent, Fluzone Preservative-Free High-Dose Quadrivalent …show all brand names

Influenza virus vaccine, inactivated has an average rating of 3.5 out of 10 from a total of 38 ratings for the treatment of Influenza Prophylaxis. 24% of those users who reviewed Influenza virus vaccine, inactivated reported a positive effect, while 66% reported a negative effect.

Influenza virus vaccine, inactivated Rating Summary

3.5/10 average rating

38 ratings from 41 user reviews.

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Reviews for Influenza virus vaccine, inactivated

Iver · Taken for less than 1 month January 10, 2021

“Never got flu like symptoms. But will like to share that I take vitamin D3 daily and try to eat healthy, no sweets per say.”

8 / 10
DJB December 29, 2020

Fluzone Quadrivalent (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Long time-20 year physician assistant I am studying influenza for my PhD which is almost complete. Also have an MPH. Got the flu injection last Monday, and my normal pattern is 5 days in I get that invisible sickness we tell everyone they "can't get" and it's all in their heads. But this time - I have n well enough to go GET a covid test (it was believed I had it in April, I got very ill, lost taste and smell very dramatically (before we knew it was a symptom) but the older test came back negative and they quarantined me for 12 days. This flu shot at 5 days - I am now at 7 days post injection. I cannot sleep, my legs ached beyond anything I have ever felt, and the last 2 days my head is feels like it is popping off - but I know headaches and this one is VERY flu-like. I am miserable and have to report to NYC health, Manhattan for a paid gig helping in the Covid surge this week in the ER and ICU as I have been out of work since laid off due to the damn virus. So I have to will myself better”

1 / 10
Z · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 25, 2020

Fluarix Quadrivalent (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I’ve taken the Flu shot in the past before but I knew something was wrong when I took it this year 10/14/2020! I was given fluraxix quadrivalent by my RNS, since 10/14 I’ve experienced right eye pain, right arm muscle and joint pain, right leg muscle and joint pain, fatigue. Swelling at injection site leakage to injection site. Rhinitis, coughing, syncope and dizziness! I have all these lovely things I didn’t have before this disgusting flu shot! I’ve documented events! And I have involved my family and friends! My supervisor told me to go to my doctor! And I was wondering to myself what are they going to do exactly??? But blame it on something else I don’t have! Oh I forgot to mention the pain won’t subside with APAP 1grm and IBU 800mg!”

1 / 10
Ap October 5, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Had the heigh dose of this Fluzone vaccine this morning since I am 77. Never had the injection before and never had the flu. Late after noon I now have a sore throat, a cough, a one degree elevated temperature , a headache and I don’t feel well! These are symptoms of COVID 19 also. I regret ever taking this vaccine !! I am in very good health usually!”

1 / 10
Anonymous TBT · Taken for less than 1 month December 3, 2019

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “For 24 hours after high dose flu shot (over 65) I endured chills, headache, stomach upset, stuffy nose, felt very very sick all over and ached and ached. Not a pleasant experience—yes there are reactions to this shot—don’t let the medical profession fool you! I hope this was all worth it—”

6 / 10
Avid Hiker RN December 14, 2019

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I took the high dose flu vaccine on 9/27 as I was planning a trip that required long hours in flight. Three days later I had extremely blood shot eyes with tearing, photophobia, chilling, body aches, and headaches the like of which I have never had before. They seemed to be worse at night and early morning but varied in location and intensity. My balance was off (not good for a hiker!)so I was off trail for considerable time. Blurred vision so had my eyes examined with no changes there. Continued headaches with high blood pressure requiring increase in my BP medication. This took me to the doctor and had a MRI on December 11. It was negative. Still having gait problems this far out from the vaccine and headaches. No one will ever convince me that this is a safe vaccine. I travel a lot and have had vaccines for typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A & B, pneumococcal, DPT in the last two years. Nothing wiped me out like this. I had to reschedule trekking expedition I had planned for months.”

1 / 10
Maggie · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 17, 2018

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “The high dose flu vaccine made me very sick the first year I took it so went back to the regular vaccine for the last two years. This year the high dose made my husband very I'll. So he said he is going to take the regular one next year. For the both of us the flu would have been better than the side effects of the vaccine.”

1 / 10
Laydee November 12, 2019

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “This year was my first time taking the Fluzone High Dose vaccine. I've experienced headaches, increased weakness and pain in my muscles and joints, back (body). I've experienced increased difficulty walking and trouble raising my legs to rest them on the ottoman (still hurt), or when getting into bed. Sleep has been difficult. It feels like having the flu. I have some musculoskeletal difficulty on a normal day. After the Fluzone High Dose vaccine, it's like a sudden, lingering, onset of the body aches. I had the flu in 1992. It took all of my strength away; with aches and pain. When I thought it was cleared up, it doubled down. It was hard to get rid of. I felt blessed and thankful to get over it. I have taken the regular flu (influenza) vaccine every year since. I'll go back to the regular vaccine. No Fluzone High Dose for me. I am thankful for a healthy immune system. I feel that the regular flu vaccine will be good enough. Thanks-- but-- no, thanks.”

1 / 10
Lindy October 18, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I started getting the high dose flu vaccine when I was 65. I am now 70 and this is the first year that they have the high dose with four different virus strains. I have not ever felt sick after a flu shot except for a sore arm. This year was very different I was dizzy had a hard time walking after I received the high dose flu shot.I also had double vision for a while and a very difficult time getting in and out of bed after 2 days I did feel better.”

8 / 10
Ted · Taken for less than 1 month December 22, 2019

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I was being treated for a knee injury (no surgery) and about to start therapy the day I was given Fluzone High-Dose. It was the first time I had been given this High-Dose vaccine because I just turned 65. The doctor gave me an NSAID for knee pain which I didn't take because my knee wasn't that bad. A week later my knees, hips, shoulders and elbows hurt, not just the joints, but the muscles too. I could only sleep on my back and could hardly get out of bed. I took the NSAID and within 12 hours I was a lot better. The only thing I can attribute this to is the flu shot. NEVER AGAIN!”

1 / 10
Rii · Taken for less than 1 month November 9, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Took Fluzone High-Dose on Nov. 7, 2019. Was wiped out for two weeks. Left hand, arm tingling (neuropathy) and tightening of chest. Subsided after two weeks but came back worse a week later for another two weeks. Neuropathy now in both hands and arms; heart beat accelerated to 90's (normally 60). Difficulty walking to my car's parking lot two blocks away. Had to stop and rest. The subsided again. Then back a third time around the end of December. Still tightness in chest which was very worrisome. Throughout 2020 to date I have continued to have lung congestion issues. Have been taking Mucinex over-the-counter equivalent to settle things down for the past three months. I cannot recommend this or any of these vaccines. Seems like the CDC may not be doing sufficient testing of these flu prevention products.”

1 / 10
Mickey · Taken for less than 1 month October 23, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I had the high dose flu vaccine and approximately two weeks later, I went from someone that worked out five days a week to not being able to walk. I was hospitalized for five days, I was in extreme pain in my back and my legs, it took me six weeks to get back to walking and feeling like myself.”

1 / 10
pocketwatch · Taken for less than 1 month November 9, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I got the Fluzone High-Dose for this first time this year. I normally get the regular injection with no issues. I am 72 and a very healthy guy. 8 hours after the injection I am suddenly hit with severe body aches, cough, headache, and my oxygen level dropped to 83. I spent 3 days in the hospital and a week later I have severe fatigue issues and some kind of upper respiratory infection. If I try and take a deep breath I can't, I start to cough and have some blood in what I cough up. I was tested for covid and the flu which were negative. My white blood cell count is twice what it should be. You want my advice? Stay clear of this shot.”

1 / 10
Susan September 30, 2020

“The flu shot this year is something else. I have a fever, irritated throat, nose running, chills, nausea etc. I always get my flu shot every year but after getting this years flu shot... I’m not going to be getting them anymore.”

1 / 10
My Mom · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 21, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “My very healthy 83 year old 108 lb. mom, who taught aerobics, aqua, has a gym in her home - Got this vaccine a year ago Oct. 2019. 3-days later I had to rush her to Emergency with an elevated heart rate, head/neck pains, breathing problems. She saw a neurologist, had a CT scan, MRI, etc. NOTHING. I rushed her to the hospital 3 more times since. She has now been sick & on-and-off steroids for an entire year now! She is weak, lethargic, wobbly legs/gait with trouble walking (fell on her face!), floaty, numbness in her feet, choking feeling in her neck, drowning feeling in her throat. I used to brag about my Mom's youthfulness and healthy physical condition, and know this developed from the vaccine. I'm becoming depressed trying to get her diagnosed and treated because no one in the medical field wants to admit there's anything wrong with any flu vaccine, they want to blame it on her age. This was sudden, though.”

1 / 10
DX · Taken for less than 1 month October 20, 2020

Flucelvax (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Received the egg-free shot on Friday 10.16.20 at 6pm. Due to the pandemic I have been quarantined & work from home so no chance of these symptoms being anything, but vaccine related. I haven’t had the flu since 6 y/o so this is the 1st time getting the shot. By 12am I had the sweats, by 3am in pain & nauseous, by 6am vomiting. Spent all day Saturday & Sunday in agony. My stomach is a mess with head & body pains. I was able to eat bread Sunday evening & Monday felt even worse with no appetite again. It’s now Tuesday at 3am & still no relief (currently sitting here in pain, nauseous, with chills & shaking). OTC meds don’t help. I’m generally a healthy 45 y/o, exercise & walk 3-5 miles a day.... I can barely walk to the bathroom. Pharmacist & MD are monitoring me. I will never get this vaccine again. I can’t believe this is vaccine is considered safe.”

1 / 10
HEDWIG 2020 · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 14, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “One month ago when I had my annual flu shot, I had a reaction I had never experienced before. I had no fever (I constantly monitored my temp) but as soon as I arrived back home, I had severe muscle pain not in the arm I received the shot in, the pain was in the opposite shoulder. I wanted to know if the shot I received this year was a different formula (maybe stronger for the elderly) or from a different manufacturer. The pain was severe enough to cause me great concern. It has only now gotten better after a week after of ibuprofen and warm compresses. If this is a different flu shot formula I said, please note in my chart not to use it in the future. I am better now but very concerned about my reaction this year. Please let me know if you find any variance in the formula this year. ( I later found out this medication was indeed FLUZONE !!!! I was not informed nor was I asked if I wanted to try this NEW medication.) I have informed my physician to NEVER give me this drug again.”

1 / 10
Sam September 20, 2020

“I usually get a flu shot every year. I'm 4 more years away from getting the high-dose, so received the standard IM flu vaccine 3 days ago. Usually I do get headaches from flu vaccines because of the thimerosol in it. Friday night after getting it my headache slammed in and this year the flu shot brought in heavy waves of nausea. Come Saturday my arm was throbbing with pain not so much on the outer area of my arm but deep into my muscle where the vaccine is. I never have this much pain. Quite honestly for some reason it hurts like I had a Tetanus injection instead of flu. It's Sunday and the pain increased again... Sunday brings movement of my arm or laying on it to quell the nausea very sharp pain the whole time of movement, lifting or sleeping on it (I'm a side sleeper). I can't imagine why this year's vaccine caused so much nausea and pain for a simple injection. It's seems to have flared my asthma a bit as well.”

5 / 10
Kat April 22, 2020

Fluzone (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “started to have shortness of breath and a pain from my arm straight over to my chest, that lasted 6 1/2 hours before it stopped. But what didn't stop was I had to go #1 every hour or more, never had this before then the next day started to feel like I was getting sick, So I just went to bed. Next morning had to go to store, got home and I got to the my bed my muscles felt like Jell-O and the pain in my bones hurt so bad I couldn't hold myself up. I laid down and couldn't get up for 10 to 12 hours later BUT I had to pee ever hour couldn't hardly hold it! Then the rash started lower stomach area 3 inch wide and from one hip I have all side effect on list for my doctor I let them know what had happened. I sure need some answers and I'm still having some of the side effect and I have had the flu 3 different times now in the last 6 mouths after this flu shot with the rash starting and needed to peeing more!! Please help, Kat”

1 / 10
Lex · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 23, 2019

Fluad (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Received fluad jab a month ago. Minor side effects in first 24 hours(thought I had tonsillitis) then frequent lassitude which persists to this day. Worst of all, after exactly a week I had sudden pains in the site of an old hernia op in the groin and these also persist, plus hip pains in bed. My quality of life has taken a real nosedive, I feel like an invalid and no end is in sight. I am an otherwise fit 76 year old male in the UK. In future I will decline a flu jab.”

Gayle January 3, 2020

Flublok (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Since day 2 of vaccine severe back pain, very tired first couple days, muscle weakness, throat swelling. Still muscle weakness after day 84. Fevers since first week. I feel worse than actually having the flu. When will this ever end. Never again will get this vaccine.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month November 18, 2019

Fluzone (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Our mother received this vaccine and it has sent her to the hospital with severe rare side effects to include partial collapsed lung, DVT, meningitis and encephalitis, swelling of eyes, hands, mouth, throat, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, headache, vasulitis, If you have had chemo and radiation, please, do not let your oncologist tell you it is safe. It is contraindicated for patients who have received radiation therapy! It interacts with 196 drugs!”

Erythry · Taken for less than 1 month December 12, 2019

Flucelvax Quadrivalent (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “First two days: Experienced fever, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, bruising at the injection site, and general feeling if sickness. Days 3-6: on and off fever, major bruising at injection site, back pain, and fatigue. Days 7-14: pain at injection site, mild fever, mild fatigue, loss of appetite. Will not use this vaccine next year. The egg based Fluvirin does not cause these symptoms in me.”

5 / 10
Baldine · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2020

Fluzone Quadrivalent (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “Extreme hair loss. My husband and I had received our annual flu shots this year, on October 13th. We both became ill right away with flu symptoms, still suffering with vomiting and hair loss. My husband has lost most of his hair and my hair since the shot has thinned dramatically.”

2 / 10
Missy · Taken for less than 1 month November 28, 2020

Fluzone High-Dose (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I’m 66 years old and this is the first time I had the Fluzone HD. I was okay with the shot until bedtime, when I experienced muscle aches, chills and slight headaches (no fever) which lasted a couple of days. By the third day, all symptoms had resolved. I never experienced any swelling or pain in the arm where the shot was administered. I have always taken flu shots and had the 65 and over flu shot last year. This is the first time I every experienced any side effects. I was informed that I would have some stiffness which was an understatement! I’m in good health and not on any medications. I will stick with the regular 65 and older flu vaccination from now on!”

1 / 10
Karma March 23, 2020

Flublok (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “I have had Flublok 3 times over the past several years. First time beginning in 2016. I swear by this vaccine. While I do get mild flu-like symptoms when I first get the vaccine, those symptoms go away in 12 hours (normally I go to bed and then I feel fine the next morning). I went to a lecture about this vaccine-- it teaches the body to 'look' for flu proteins which is why it has a higher prevention rate of the flu even when it is mismatched. I have not gotten the flu since I began getting flublok.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 28, 2013

Fluzone (influenza virus vaccine, inactivated): “The drug store really pushed the high dose for anyone over 65. My husband had a severe reaction 1 hour after the vaccination. He slumped over in his chair and was extremely hot. He fainted although he did not lose consciousness. We went to the doctor who told us they would not carry this high dose due to the side effects. It is a live vaccine. I would caution anyone about taking this.”

1 / 10
Gale · Taken for less than 1 month November 21, 2020

“WOW, I received the quadrivalent flu vaccine in the US as a health care provider. I have now been out of work for a week, being paid "covid pay" even though my covid result was negative. I literally couldn't even drive my car yesterday, so dizzy, difficulty waking, muscle weakness, and pin/needles in my legs and feet (toes very cold), felt like my blood vessels were under attack. At one point my temperature dropped very low and I thought it was the end of me. Documented everything and getting a letter for the rest of my life from my doctors, no flu shots. Unacceptable. The Occupational RN at my hospital thought it maybe Covid since it's going around and I guess there is Covid pay available even for people who test negative. We live in a very strange world, but I have lost confidence in the vaccine industry and our government.”

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