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User Reviews for Tarceva

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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
38 reviews 36 medications
Summary of Tarceva reviews 8.6 38 reviews

Reviews for Tarceva

VenKa · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 17, 2018

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My husband (non-smoker) 66 years old, diagnosed with NSCLC Adenocarcinoma stage four with Mets to bones liver and brain His life expectancy was estimated to max 5 months. First was treated with a round of 8 radiations and had Gamma Knife for his brain lesion. After tests found EGFR mutation gene and he was prescribed Tarceva. His oncologist mentioned he was the perfect patient for this prescription, as he looked strong and healthy even at stage four. He convinced him that Tarceva will extend his life for at least a couple of years so he decided to try his luck. He started Tarceva monotherapy and continued for five months. Unfortunately, he lived 3 months more than his original life expectancy. Total 8 months after he was diagnosed. His last 6 months were a real nightmare. He was under severe pain 24/7 even with morphine painkillers. Skin rash was unbearable! The quality of his life during his last months was below zero. In my husband's case, Tarceva was a disaster!"

Natural heal August 26, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "I am 59, non smoker, confirmed NSCLC. Found EGFR mutation gene, prescribed Tarceva. Skin rash and fatigue started within a week, and continue to worsen. Have to stop after a month. I feel the drug is making me sick and causes a lot of pain, and lower quality of life."

Gsy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 13, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My dad was given Tarceva in 2008 after having radiation treatment and I guess he was part of a clinical trial. It shrank his lung cancer mass and his current x rays show that his lungs are clear (He's 93)."

Catker · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 10, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My husband, never smoker, diagnosed May, 2014, with Stage IV cancer in both lungs, was found to have a mutation and started Tarceva immediately. Still going strong after 3 years! Able to do all activities he did before. We feel extremely fortunate."

Newlifeman · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 7, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "It shrunk my lung tumor by 40% in one month in lung , but the bone Mets progress slowly."

mack west March 1, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "I am so pleased have this medication that we have used in curing my wife breast cancer which almost took her life away. We appreciate the thoughtfulness in crafting this medication and thoroughness in delivering helpful advice. We also appreciate the approachability and willingness to speak with my wife before and after she has been cured. Thank you again for helping to create the next generation of medication. We hope to assist you in the future!As you prepare for the winter weather and Christmas Day celebrations,I hope you and your family are enjoying a festive holiday season!We feel blessed to be able to not only enjoy a meticulously prepared medication, but also to share the experience with so many loved ones. Love,"

FDC9991 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 16, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in July, 2016. She has the EGFR gene. She had two tumors in her right lung, tumors in her liver, one adrenal gland, brain and bones. She was in severe pain. Since her brain was affected, it was decided she should have 10 days of brain radiation. The radiation did nothing for the pain. In mid-August, 2016 she started taking 150 mg of Tarceva, once daily. Within a few days, the pain subsided. After about a week, it was gone. By November the tumors had shrunk in all affected areas by at least 80%. By February, 2017 the tumors in her liver, brain, bones and adrenal gland were gone. She now has two tiny tumors in her lung. Still taking it. No big side effects. We are very thankful!"

Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more January 13, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My husband diagnosed with Stage III b NSCLC 10 1/2 years ago!!! Thank you 150 mg TARCEVA!"

Hana22 January 2, 2017

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "Female 68, excellent health, nonsmoker. Asian, diagnosed EGFR 12/16. On 5th day of Tarceva 150Mg. feeling great. No breathlessness. No side effects so far.Hope to continue if no liver impact. Wondering if there's any preventative steps that could be taken to ward off the next mutation when this inhibitor no longer works."

Scott Michael December 18, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell, Adenocarcinoma with EGFR Mutation, on December 26, 2013. She had a 8x5cm RUL mass and a 6x7cm L Adrenal mass. At the time of staging, her life expectancy was estimated to be around 2-4 months. She began Tarceva monotherapy within 2 weeks. Her next CT showed 25% tumor shrinkage. Her 6 month CT showed no new growth and 75% tumor shrinkage and necrosis of the RUL mass. The next two CT's were stable. Unfortunately, as the oncologist had warned us, the cancer no longer responded to Tarceva. She was started on Gilotrif and, over the next 4 months, it had further mets to her ribs and liver. She died April 30, 2015. Tarceva gave me 14 precious months with my Mother. Tarceva was a miracle."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 10, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My diagnosed NCLC 11/14. As of her last scans no tumors or active cancer."

still fighting July 8, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "Stage 4 lung cancer that had got into my bones from my shoulders to my hips and spine and liver was found 5/6/2015. After 6 rounds of radiation on my spine to defer some of the pain and 2 months in the hospital I started taking Tarceva as the only option to chemo or dying within 5-6 months. Here I am 14 months later getting ready to start a new pill because of the Tarceva has showed signs of not working as well. The cancer has showed signs of regenerating in the lung and liver again. The bones are staying about the same. Side affects in the beginning were very bad rash on my face and not quite as bad on my torso and the runs. All treated with antibiotics and other meds as per doctors orders. After a month face and body began to clear."

CyndyH · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 5, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My husband (75) non-smoker was diagnosed with Stage IV NSLC in December, 2014 with Mets to the bones. Fluid around the lungs had to be drained every 3 days. Chemotherapy did not help as the cancer continued to spread rapidly. Radiation done on his spine in early May, 2015 to help wth the pain from the cancer in his spine. This was a disaster due to burns on his esophagus. New mutation testing in May showed that Tarceva may help. June 5th my husband began Tarceva. It has been such a gift. We asked for time for him finish his life well. (He had not retired from banking yet.) His last scan (September, 2015) showed that the cancer in the lungs had slowed with no new lesions. Bone lesions increasing at a slow rate."

mura January 29, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My mother was diagnosed in 2007 and started Tarceva treatment in 2008. At 150 mg dose, she had a lot of side affects. At 100 mg she is doing excellent with no sign of growth. She was a never smoker and had 4 months of Chemo and radiation before her surgery. It seems as if that course of treatment in women responds well to Tarceva."

BigCbeatslittlec January 7, 2016

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "I was diagnosed in early December, 2015 with NCLC...Stage IV ( female-non- smoker-50). After waiting a couple weeks for blood tests results to return, I recently found out I will be beginning Tarceva on January 14th. And paired with it ( possibly..through a random choosing for study) could be Avastin, which has shown in studies to work well with Tarceva. I am hoping that Tarceva will work for me as well as many of the testimonies I have read here recently Not looking forward to possible side effects-but it beats chemo for sure-at least for now. "

Anonymous November 1, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My mom, non smoker, age 54. Stage4 NCLC, Diagnosed Nov 2014. This weeks (Oct 20, 2015) CT scan showed NO active cancer on her lungs. Praise Jesus! Face rash was really bad, took meds for that. Changed diet to no sugar, no meat- mostly Raw, tons of juicing, veggie smoothies, vitamins. Going back to work. 150mg dose taken every day."

Daddybob 123 October 1, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "I was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc , in Oct. 2014 it had metastasized into my right humerous, after radiation and chemo the cancer went into remission, so I was put on Tarceva 150 it's been typical side effects, face rash ,diarrhea, tired all the time,, but I have had 3 pet scans at 3 months apart all negative. I am a 52 year old man, non smoker"

Scots lass · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 14, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "Our 88 year mother, a non smoker, was diagnosed in November 2014 after having been breathless for 3 months. Tests showed Tarceva should be prescribed. She had a chest drain in place for 4 months while her 'magic pill' started working. Her side effects were a nasty red itchy rash on her face, broken skin on her finger tips, hair and on going weight loss. Numerous body scans, MRI and bone scans have shown no cancer anywhere else, just a vast reduction in size of the original tumor within the lining of her left lung."

Renohubby · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 27, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My wife's main tumors in her lungs and liver were 75% smaller last month as indicated by CT. The number of tumors remained unchanged. She has shown an increase in the size and amount of bone tumors in her spine, however. She will be undergoing cyber knife treatments for tumors on L2-L5 in the next two weeks. Hopefully, she will have a good outcome."

Mon Thu · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 17, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My mom was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in June 2014. He couldn't move her left side very well and like a stroke because her cancer was spread to brain, she got radiation treatment (10 sessions), then she could walk herself. Her oncologist prescribed Tarceva 150 mg. She is still taking Tarceva until today, almost 9 months, she has the common side effects, rashes, loss appetite, so that she lose weight a lot. But her tumor size is decreased a lot. I'm very worried her, because she is coughing on these days when she drink water or mid of conversation. But she improved a lot her condition. I hope she get well soon like a normal healthy life. Thanks for Tarceva."

Reno hubby March 13, 2015

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My wife was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small lung cancer that had spread to her liver and bones. After being on Tarceva for two months, lung x-rays indicated that the tumors in her lungs had neither grown nor shrunk. This month she is having a CT to determine the fate of other tumors. She has had only a mild skin reaction to the drug."

hopefordad December 17, 2014

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My father was diagnosed with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with EGFR mutation May 2014 and has done very good. He is turning 72 in February. He is on Tarceva and it shrunk his two lung tumors down and now he is in remission. He got the tube removed. Now he has a cold and a sore throat and I am very worried he is going to get sick. I try really hard to pursue him to take immune pills and take care of himself but hey I can't have him be a germaphobic like me."

BrenMT · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 14, 2014

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My boyfriend has Stage IV Adenocarcinoma mets to lymph nodes and chest bones. Within 2 months of starting Tarceva (started with 150 mg, reduced to 100 mg) his scans showed 90% improvement! It is incredible. The only reason I do not give it a 10 rating is that one of the common side-effects is a very bad rash. After 3 months, the rash has not subsided. It looks like a cross between measles, poison ivy and bad acne. It itches & burns too. We have tried all kinds of treatments, OTC and prescription, and nothing seems to touch it."

Parham radmanesh April 30, 2014

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "I have cancer after years of smoking. Chemotherapy did not work for me. Then when almost no hope I got erlotinib (Tarceva). Immediately after my scans it shows that cancer is going into remission. My doctors were very encouraging and slowly I started feeling better. I would feel like I have more energy. I go on walks every day and after 1 year and six months there are no traces of cancer. This made me feel so lucky to live. I started living a very healthy life after my diagnosis. I eat and drink healthy and after 1 year of Tarceva I begin jogging and living a normal life. I am very grateful that God has given me another chance. It is 8 years now that I am now cancer free. "

Daughter of cancer patient · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 2, 2014

For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer "My 83 year old mother has been on Tarceva since early December 2013. She had a chest CT scan in late February and it revealed only decreases in the size of her tumor and effected lymph nodes. There were no new developments and still no matastasis to her left lung. Prior to Tarceva she had two rounds of chemo and had less positive effects. She has a lot of itchy, dry skin with some burning/pain. We have managed to get a foot-hold on the dry skin but the itching/burning is becoming a concern. We will try a dermatologist to see if they can recommend something more effective than topical creams and lotions since she says that the burning/pain is more subcutaneous. Don't want her to have to stop taking Tarceva it seems to be working!"

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