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User Reviews for Elbasvir/grazoprevir

Also known as: Zepatier

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Hepatitis C  
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Reviews for Elbasvir/grazoprevir

Just me · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2020

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Hi, I have been taking Zepatier for two days and yesterday night i felt really odd. Today I was ok and took the second one and 3 hours later I feel awful, like I am going to be sick and my head feels so detached from things. I have an overwhelming urge to burst into tears and I have no idea why. How long before I get through this as I can't do this for 12 weeks. I just want this virus out of me so bad. So so bad.”

1 / 10
Meenakshi May 16, 2020

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “It worked and was easy to take. I drank plenty of water and took it in the morning. Ever since I have very weak muscles cannot stand or walk. I don't know if it was an underlying condition that was nowhere near as bad before or if Zepatier somehow caused it. I am grateful I am not dying. Now I realize I have muscle joint and breathing problems abs swollen lymph and fever. I always thought all my symptoms hep c. Apparently not though as I still have most of them. I recommend Zepatier as it is best to get rid of hep c if you can. Zepatier better than harvoni which gave me heart attack.”

10 / 10
Julia · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 4, 2020

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Finished treatment 5 months ago. I’m cured with flying colors. Still experiencing headaches, hip pain for some time but now it’s over. Main problem is my chest area. I feel pain there and discomfort. My esophagus and throat are bit funny. Will wait bit longer until looking for help. Acid reflux seems to be worse. It wasn’t that bad before treatment. Also few times per month extreme fatigue when I have to lie down and stay home. I’m happy with results. But not happy with my health at all.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

Nathendaniel · Taken for less than 1 month May 17, 2016

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I have just started Zepatier and in the morning I will start my fourth day of treatment. Current side effects are not noticeable other than extremely fatigue the first two days. Today I felt just as tired as normal, since chronic fatigue is the most noticeable side effect to my Hep C. I am set to do bloodwork every two weeks throughout my treatment and see my physician every three. I will update this as my treatment progresses but wanted to post incase others were looking for feedback like me. Hopefully even this little bit helps someone know what to expect from their first dose of Zepatier. Stay strong and God bless”

Frozen Pond January 13, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I started Zepatier in July 2016 and completed the 12 week program . I did have some side effects which included headache and fatigue but that only lasted for the first few weeks . I found that while taking the medication you kind of feel a little off/not yourself but I continued to go to work throughout the program . My 4 week blood work came back virus not detected as did my 8 week and 12 week end of treatment . I just received my 6 month bloodwork and the virus is still not detected . I was a little worried when I first started taking this medication about side effects and the final outcome but as I look back now the decision was the right one and outcome was what I hoped for .”

10 / 10
hot dog June 7, 2016

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I've had hip c for a long time maybe 40 some years and I've started ZEPATIER three weeks ago and I've noticed a slight difference in my health meaning I feel a little better and I've had no side affects so far I'm glad I finally got help and I'm putting it behind me , get help you'll be glad you did .”

8 / 10
Rleesue2 · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 30, 2016

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I am on my last week of 12 taking Zepatier and have had absolutely no side effects EXCEPT I have gained 6 pounds while taking this drug...not sure why I just want to carb load. I was on this site wondering about long term effects on my body from taking a drug that I know nothing about but I will not have hep c, the virus is now non detectable in my blood tests after having it for over 40 years.”

9 / 10

More FAQ

Ac55 February 27, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I am starting week 8 of a 12 week treatment with zepatier. I am genotype 1a and started treatment with a VL of 171000, ALT 90, and F0 fibrosis score. Took blood test 30 days into treatment, VL was undetected and ALT dropped to 23. I can honestly say I have had zero negative side effects whatsoever. Positive side effects were more energy, decreased brain fog and overall feelings of optimism and well being. I would also like to add that I am 26 and generally in good health. I have eaten a low sodium diet high in fruits and vegetables as well as staying away from processed and fried foods. I do not drink alcohol or do drugs and am not on any other prescription medications. So far, I only have good things to say about zepatier.”

StanFlouride · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 23, 2016

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I'm a 64 y.o. male who has had HCV1 for about 35 years. I have had my liver checked regularly at the VA hospital for the last few years and because its functions were good, was told to postpone treating it because better treatments were 'right around the corner.' I have watched several friends, including my ex-wife, go through interferon treatment and every one experienced negative side effects. Its administration was complicated and much longer than Zepatier's 1/day for 12 wks. My viral load went from 8,000,000 to 43 in 6 weeks. I have been drowsy and it has affected my mental state but only in a positive way. HCV's impact on our minds is variant and getting rid of it may take some adjustment. But it beats the hell out of cancer.”

10 / 10
Alex5213 November 28, 2016

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I DO NOT RECOMMEND Zepatier because of its long-term side effects. Before starting the medication, my father was able to walk around and care for himself and get things done. During the 12-week course of Zepatier, he reported extreme fatigue among other side effects. He would often have to nap after waking up mid-morning, then again after 3 or 4 hours. He is an avid cook, but did not have the energy to cook, and experienced a decrease in appetite. 3 weeks AFTER he completed his 12-week course of Zepatier, he is worse than he was before starting. He is still unable to stay awake throughout the day. Every little task exhausts him before he can complete it.”

2 / 10
Youraveragejoe March 14, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I'm a 39 year old white male, 6'2 201 pounds, diagnosed with chronic Hep C For 6 years at least. I started zepatier four weeks ago, just got my first blood work done yesterday and got the results today... the virus is already undetectable! No side effects at all... I have 8 more weeks to go of the medication, one tablet every morning... good luck with your treatment. If you haven't got into some form of treatment, I highly suggest it. You'll be glad you did. If you are an addict, I suggest stopping in order to get treated.. even if you smoke weed, I suggest stopping.. I had a friend who was turned down for the treatment because he had weed in his system! They will not treat you if you have anything in your system. life is too precious!”

10 / 10
brud1 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 16, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Will be starting this medication very soon. I have many trepidations about the meds: Is the drug worse than the disease, am I doing myself more harm than good, is this all about making Drs. next BMW payment. You have to trust so many people, Drs., big drug company's. And in general do they really have our best interest in mind. I am so confused. Am I making the right decision ? I just don't know .”

tklim1 September 1, 2019

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I was blessed to be hooked up with a research program, offering 1 of 3 know creative drugs for chronic Hep-C...I also had stage 4 cirrhosis, fixed 8-9 years previously. My med turned out to be Zepatier. They sent 4 weeks & a time. Treatment was for 12 weeks. I began eagerly taking 1 Tablet every day. Never missed a day. At 6 weeks, my virus was undetected. I was elated. But still had to continue 12 week program. Upon completion, still undetected. To be officially medically cured, you be hep-C undetected for 3 months after treatment. I remained virus free since early 2017. No side effects at all. I felt great during, and after treatment, to present. A miracle drug for me....”

10 / 10
Ginger · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2019

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I am on day 12 of Zepatier. I have had to tweak the times of when I take the medication, and have found that 7 pm is the best for me. I do experience muscle ache, headache, fatigue when I take it. I sleep like a log. This way, I am able to enjoy the day without those side effects. Yesterday was the first day I felt results. I was thrilled! I haven't had that kind of energy or clarity of the brain for so long, I don't remember! It is kicking in now, obviously. I woke this morning, clear, happy, optimistic. Oh happy day! I realize I will have to go through a bit of discomfort for a few hours a day. And it really isn't that bad at all. I hope things continue this way. Over the moon. Counting the days until I get my first bloodwork.”

9 / 10
Anose11 · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “End of week 4 and mild side effects like fatigue and stomach cramps. Diarrhea subsided also, I feel pretty good but couple days out the week it feels like my heart is beating slow and I feel light headed, nauseous, headache and whole body ache.”

9 / 10
AC55 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 3, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I was on zepatier for a 3 month treatment. Read my review from late February to get early details but long story short I got my test results today and am officially Sustained Viral Response undetectable for 12 weeks (SVR12). For me the treatment was a breeze as I had 0 side effects. I was undetected 30 days into treatment and have remained that way ever since. I highly recommend zepatier for anyone battling hep c. You will be very glad you did.”

10 / 10
L190217 March 10, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I am 54, female, have no idea how long I have got HCV and I have just started Zepatier on 19.02.17. I am on my 3rd week now. Current side effects are not noticeable other than extremely fatigue started on the second week of treatment. Today I felt just as tired as previous days since started Zepatier. I will update this as my treatment progresses. Hopefully, this helps someone know what to expect from their first dose of Zepatier.”

5 / 10
AndrewColicchio · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 7, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Had hep.C for 35yrs. Started Zepatier/Ribavirin with viral load of 16,000,000.(16wks.) 3rd. wk.went down to <15 viral load. 7th. wk.,un-detectable. Feel much better, only annoying side effect is scalp lesions, face has red dryness, chin, a little scabby-dry it's a small thing though. Think its from ribavirin.”

9 / 10
Angelbaby30436 June 14, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Hi, I have geneotype 1 Hep C. I have had for 8 years. I am starting my 4th week of treatment. The first few days I noticed that my mind seemed foggy and my eyes were blurry even with my glasses on. I actually had energy up until week 3. I have been very tired and it has been hard to focus. I have had terrible insomnia since about the second week that has only gotten worse. I am very tired but the insomnia intensifies the fogginess and fatigue. I've noticed that I get a little nauseated and my stomach hurts for a couple of hours after the meds but then it goes away. I hope this helps.”

Blessed to be alive · Taken for less than 1 month March 18, 2018

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Just started treatment March 14/18 with zepatier, day 4 no side effects and not sure if its psychological but seem to have more energy then I've had in a long time as I've experience chronic fatigue for years as a result of hep c Viral load prior to starting treatment was 3,200,000 My specialist first recommended zepatier in Dec/17 and once my insurance was in place tried to switch my to epclusa, after I researched both I questioned his reasoning and was told he liked to use different drugs currently on market. I refused the change, as its "my body, my health" and requested to be prescribed zepatier which my speciaist did, as the blogs I've read are what I'm currently experiencing, no side effects, more energy. Looking forward to the end result. Will keep posting as treatment progresses, hoping to be to share the same results as most on this site and be finally hep c free. Thank you Blue Cross for covering the cost”

10 / 10
Deti59 October 24, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I have Hepatitis C -1b! When I started the treatment I had 4 728 000 viral load! On my fourth week I made blood tests! They were perfect and the virus was not found!!! Now, it's my ninth week, ! I want to share that during the weeks I didn't have any side-effects! At all!! Zepatier is working very well! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the rest four weeks!”

10 / 10
Hep C guy April 28, 2019

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I started taking Zepatier 3 weeks ago. About a week into it I came down with flu like symptoms. I was previously on interferon and ribovarin about 10 years ago in which the side effects were similar except way more severe. I can tell my body is fighting the virus and that the medication is working. I feel more energy however my wellbeing is not 100% percent but I am getting there. Overall the Hep C made me feel fatigued and overall not very pleasant. I am quite hopeful Zepatier is working as my doctor told me that it has a 97% success rate. I can tell my body is responding to the medication and it feels like each day I am gradually feeling better. It is amazing that I have been living with this disease for so long and I am starting to realize the dramatic effect that it has had on my health and wellbeing.”

10 / 10
Outothisworld · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 20, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “Finished treatment almost a week ago. Undetectable virus load two weeks into treatment. Virus remains undetectable Odd mild headache which lasted a couple of minutes, but took no medication whatsoever avoiding possible interaction. I've had no other side effects. I continue working and living my normal life. I eat plenty vegetables; smoothie made of fresh bananas, blackberries, blueberries, mango and kiwis. I kept the weight at bay and drink fresh beetroot with green apple. No alcohol or fried foods & drunk lukewarm water mixed with fresh lemon juice & swallow raw garlic with an empty stomach. Contaminated illness during my childhood. Don't despair. Treatment works & it's bearable. Best to you all.”

10 / 10
Palisade12 February 22, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “5.5 weeks into 12 week course of Zepatier for GT4. The first week, I had some weird aches and pains and could not tolerate alcohol (not a big drinker but after a few sips of wine, I got really unwell - not had a drink since). Apart from some fatigue, there has been no other side effects. However, the fatigue is lessening each week and I have been able to work and maintain a normal life throughout. After 4 weeks, blood results show all LFTs are well within normal range. HCV & VL not tested since starting treatment. It looks like it's working :) Keep you posted!”

8 / 10
Henrietta Huneycutt June 9, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “After 9 weeks of treatment my Hep C is finally undetectable. I have extreme fatigue have had it for most of the treatment. Hopefully it will get better after treatment. Only 6 days left till I'm done treatment.”

10 / 10
Detelina · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 5, 2017

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I started taking Zepatier three days ago! No sides effects till now! I would like to share only this that I feel a slight pain in the back of the head. That's all for now! I'll keep my fingers crossed till I finish in 12 weeks! :) Update: Now, I've finish my 3rd week of the treatment! No sides effects, even my blood test is brilliant! I'll inform you when I finish my 8 week!Update: Incredible!!!!!!!!!!! On my 31st day, the virus is undetectable! Before start taking Zepatier I had 4.796.191 viral load, now the results are negative! No side effects! Zepatier is working very well! Thank you Zepatier!”

10 / 10
Guy HA · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 7, 2018

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I had Hep C1a, first discovered in the early 90's. Participated in an experimental protease enzyme inhibitor in 2007 with ribavirin and interferon, had a Stevens Johnson reaction six months in and had to stop treatment. New Doctor suggested new treatment in spring of 2016, I was on zepatier for 12 weeks and have been viral free since August 17, 2016 . . . 18 months. No side effects from treatment.”

10 / 10
Bug · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 29, 2018

Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir) for Hepatitis C: “I am 58 and was diagnosed about 6 months ago with HCV- Type 1A. Anyway...long story shortened- I am now finishing week 4 of Zepatier. Just got back my blood tests for Week 3 and all tests came back normal, including the ALT and AST, which were very elevated months ago, prompting the HCV test. More important, the HCV virus is now undetectable, after 3 weeks of treatment. I had a viral load before of 4,600,000,000 when tested before treatment began. My side effects have been tiredness and itching at night...mostly the scalp area, where the Lichen Planus was very active already. I have noticed that I do have some blurry vision, but the joint pains I had been experiencing the past year prior to treatment have lessened, and my hair is growing and thickening (was dry and brittle due to the HCV). I look forward to the end of treatment, and highly recommend Zepatier! Thank you!”

10 / 10

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