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User Reviews for Bactoshield

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Skin Disinfection, Preoperative
2 reviews 11 medications
Summary of Bactoshield reviews 7.0 2 reviews

Reviews for Bactoshield

For Skin Disinfection, Preoperative "Severe hives over all part of body treated, lasting three weeks after application with only one application."


Hives over all parts of body (taken for less than 1 month) January 5, 2018

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For Skin Disinfection, Preoperative "I also had constant reoccurring rashes and itching related to my obesity. I tried a lot of different ointments, creams and prescription antibiotic powders like NyStop. The problems seemed to never go away. I had knee replacement scheduled and knew I'd be in the hospital for several days and wondered how I'd deal with the itching, while in the hospital. As part of the hospitals MRSA control program, I was required to shower the morning before the surgery with BactoShield 2% Shampoo. I didn't have any problems for 4 days while in the hospital. After returning home, a couple of days later, the rashes and itching reappeared. I used my other prior remedies to no avail. Then I got thinking of how I went so long I the hospital without problems. I still had about an ounce of BactoShield left and when showering, begin to use it applying it only to problem areas, especially under my apron And in the groin area, but only after the rash redeveloped. The time between episodes went from being daily or every other day, to a week. I soon used up the ounce of 2% that I had left and found another small bottle available,e for sale on Amazon. I reordered and seemed to be able to keep the reocurrences about a week apart. After using up the small amount of BactoShield 2% up, I found an 8 oz bottle of 4%. After using it weekly for about 2-3 weeks, I found that my problem seemed to go away. I still apply it to the affected areas about every two weeks or so as a preventative or after particularly high sweat days where I can't shower till late In the evening. It's worked wonders for me and a little lasts a long way now. I'm attributing my initial rash problem to a bacterial concentration that could t be "killed" off by the other remedies and prescriptions. The BactoShield appears to have been able to kill of the bacteria that just seemed to reculture itself when using the other remedies."


Kbrack2 June 7, 2015

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