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User Reviews for Cabozantinib

Also known as: Cabometyx, Cometriq

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Renal Cell Carcinoma
1 review 12 medications
Thyroid Cancer
1 review 20 medications
Summary of Cabozantinib reviews 2.3 2 reviews

Reviews for Cabozantinib

For Renal Cell Carcinoma: "My husband was on 60 mg Cabozantinib for about 7 weeks with limited side effects. His blood pressure was stable and fatigue was minimal. He did not have much mouth sensitivity or hand/foot soreness. During this time, he felt better and stronger than he had in a long time. This did not last. One of the serious side effects of this drug is internal bleeding. Last week, my husband died of a sudden internal pulmonary hemorrhage. It is impossible to know why this happened, however, I feel it is important to share his experience."


Miss him already September 4, 2018

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For Not Listed / Other: "I rated it a five only because I do not know how to rate a chemo drug. I was involved in the clinical trial for cabozantinib a few years ago. I was on it for about 8 months. After many other treatment options over the past few years, I’m back on cabozantinib. I have experienced pretty much all the “common and less common” side effects. The worse would be the mouth sores and the hand/foot syndrome. Now, we can all get annoyed about what the medication does to us, but remember, if you’re taking it, chances are you or someone you love has cancer. Unfortunately, cancer treatment is not supposed to be enjoyable. It SUCKS!!! I have an extremely rare form of cancer. My suggestion is ask your doctor if it’s possible to take “breaks” from cabozantinib. I’m sure it differs for all of us, but if you stop taking the medication, no matter if you are on 20, 40, or the dreaded 60mg, for about 4-6 days depending, your side effects will start to go away. Good luck everyone and stay strong. Our families need us."


TumorMan June 16, 2018

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Cometriq (cabozantinib) for Thyroid Cancer: "I felt miserable from the start of taking this medicine. It did more harm than good. I experienced severe diarrhea (watery and explosive). I experienced nausea at any given time of the day. I developed painful sores on the palm of my hands and on my ankles. It became difficult to brush my teeth, turn a door knob, and even wash my hands. Any use of my hands was painful."


Mz.Thistooshallpass June 18, 2017

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