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User Reviews for Belladonna / opium to treat Overactive Bladder

Also known as: B & O Supprettes

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Belladonna/opium Rating Summary

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9.9/10 Average Rating
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Reviews for Belladonna/opium

Just Me February 13, 2019

B & O Supprettes (belladonna / opium): "After many complications after a radical prostatectomy due to cancer, I have a suprapubic catheter. My bladder apparently doesn't like having a balloon in it all the time and I get extremely painful bladder spasms. It feels like I'm trying to birth a spiked covered baseball! The B&O is the only thing that will even put a dent in the pain. They usually work quickly and effectively. Most insurance won't cover the cost and they are frequently difficult to find at a pharmacy. I just bought a pack of 12 for $600. Yep, $50 a piece. My urologist would write an rx for whatever pain relief I asked for but nothing else works."

savaunah September 24, 2017

"This medication is the only thing that works on my interstitial cystitis & pelvic floor dysfunction. I have lyme disease & all co infections & the guy that discovered lyme found it in bladders in all mice during research. Basically it is eating up my bladder. I have labor type pains in bladder & awful cramping with an urge to push like labor is. My new Dr thank god prescribed these to me & finally got a diagnose now wants me on these twice a day that is 60. I am on disability so it almost takes whole check. This medicine is a god send. Does anyone know if any insurance pays for it? or how to create a fund for it? There are coupons but still $630. i don't have to take everyday but most days."

Titeh · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 23, 2017

"My veteran affairs MD prescribes this med for the pain and spasms I experience with my rectal prolapse condition. It is very effective- - within 20 minutes of insertion I begin to feel relief. I only use it when the pain is so severe that I have trouble walking or even picking up a full cup of liquid. It was first prescribed to me when I presented to the ER with severe pain and spasms. The attending prescribed it- - it was not on the VA formulary & had to be special ordered"

Cozmikitty · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 29, 2016

"This medication worked amazingly. I have a chronic pain condition called "Interstitial Cystitis", also called "Painful Bladder Syndrome", and I take a slow release opiate every 12 hours, and an immediate release opiate medication for breakthrough pain. This medication reduced breakthrough pain instances to around 5% from 40-50% of the time. Unfortunately, it is not FDA approved and my new insurance won't pay for it, which is a huge bummer. One of the benefits was that since it was a suppository, it stayed local and I didn't feel drowsy from taking it. I really wish I could still get it. I made a 30 day -60 suppository prescription last by not taking it at night since I felt my night regimen was working fine and I was asleep."

jooles · Taken for less than 1 month September 25, 2016

"After being in borderline intolerable pain for almost a year from Urethritis, Pelvic Floor Disorder I finally found a Dr. who prescribed these - absolute God send. I was literally at the end of my rope, nothing worked - misdiagnosis from many Dr's. I was hesitant for a minute due to the cost and my lack of funds. Well worth it, inserted at night - woke up with NO pain or spasms, lasted the entire day and into the evening. I ran a few errands and went for a walk around the block for the first time in months. Am taking another this evening - hoping it will break the cycle of pain and spasm enough to get me back to somewhat normal while I tackle pelvic therapy and massage the next few weeks. Highly recommend - very expensive ($350 for 12) and worth every penny!!!"

Guinea piggie · Taken for less than 1 month May 30, 2016

"Used for a week when I was having problems w/ my bladder. spasming causing trips every time I took a 2-4oz drink, to relieve myself. After a 2 days I saw my PCP and explained I WAS urinating every 15mins, and now I'm could not at all but need to badly, it was PAINFUL. i'd never used a suppository before, didn't figure it'd help and was VERY wary of Scopolomine. But for all the good they REALLY did, may as well have shoved them in my... wait I did :) My urine flow became normal after the 2nd dose, spasms stopped. I could fully empty my bladder and it didn't feel "needed" relieved every 15mins. It helped, immensely. I did NOT wanna cath, I kept a few I didn't need but never had that problem quite like that again. A godsend for the problem!"

takitezy August 22, 2011

B & O Supprettes (belladonna / opium): "I have been operated on for Bladder cancer. My Doctor tried many pain medications to alleviate the pain from Bladder spasms as a result of the removal of the cancer from my bladder. B&O 16 is the only medicine that gave me relief from the spasms. Thank goodness it was available. I use it only as needed for the spasms, and it is not long term, however it has taken care of the problem and let me recover without the pain."

lakjaw April 25, 2010

B & O Supprettes (belladonna / opium): "I frequently have profound pain and spasms in the recto-sigmoid rectum, as well as the bladder and urethra, all due to the inflammation throughout my entire digestive system. Worst in the esophagus and the sites noted above. My doctor prescribed this medicine since systemic narcotics caused too many side effects and too little relief of pain in the regions noted. The only side-effects were, finally, an ability to sleep, the cessation of nearly-unbearable pain, and ability to urinate. My problem, now, is the drug having been removed from the formulary for Medicare Part D drugs, and the apparent lack of availability of the medication, even if I could pay for it myself."


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