While on Seroquel (for several month), I began experiencing severe insomnia, sometimes getting 1 or 2 hours of sleep a night... and many,many nights, ZERO hours of sleep. This, of course, took me off of work. Dr. decided @ that point to take me off the Seroquel ('clean out my system and start over'). The whole process took about 2 months until I started to feel halfway normal again. After speaking to the Dr. and telling him I still wasn't getting enough sleep after returning to work (2 or so hours a night), his response was he did not know what to tell me. I assume he did not want to put me on any sleep medication. I started Melatonin on my own and finally began to get some relief. Now that I am not on Seroquel, I find that I do not require the amount of sleep that I did while taking it. However, due to that, being nocturnal by nature, I have a tendency to short myself sleep wise even though I know it is not in my best interest and that I am an adult and should be able to go to bed when I should! (lol). Anyway, has anyone else experienced insomnia while on Seroquel?? (I was on 600 mg at the time). Thanks