Apparently there is no weaning protocol for Seroquel. How did your doctor suggest to wean from it? What side effects did you feel whilst weaning? How long did it take to wean and how long did it take for the weaning side effects to clear? How are you doing now while not taking it? I've weaned off of all my meds (was taking Cipralex for 5 years, and the Seroquel for two)(stopped the Cipralex July 8th - slower wean than first unsuccessful attempt; stopped Seroquel Nov., 20th) Anyone else successfully wean off of meds and been able to stay off of them? When I feel this poorly I want to run back to them; but I didn't feel that great on them either and I try to remind myself of the reasons I went off. Graciously receptive of your input and thanking you in advance: A.B.H. p.s. I am in no way encouraging or suggesting that anyone else wean from meds if they are helping. Just thought I'd add that. Our medication journeys are definitely individual and must cater to our individual situations. :-)