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Was taking Seroquel XR 50 mg for two years for sleep. Has anyone out there weaned from Seroquel?

Apparently there is no weaning protocol for Seroquel. How did your doctor suggest to wean from it? What side effects did... read more

I cannot sleep well sometime on seroquel xr. What can I take along with seroquel xr to sleep?

I was taken off haloperidol and benztropine because of too many side effects I could not deal with. He put me on seroquel... read more

I take cymbalta 60mgs and 25mgs of seroquel together in mornings and sleep during day have tried?

... them at night but nothing,I also take seroquel in night as well.I want to know has anyone else had any side effect... read more

I have been taking 100mg of seroquel for sleep. It works fine but my doctor has switched me to 100?

mg of trazodone. I've taken it for several nights now and can't get to sleep. I'm wondering if I take 50mg of... read more

Can seroquel cause headaches upon awakening and extreme anxiety morning?

Taking serequel for sleep waking up with headaches and extreme anxiety?_

If I miss a dose of Seroquel I can not sleep that night. Is this normal?

If I get home too late from work I can't my seroquel, 300mg, because I won't be able to wake up in the morning. The nights I... read more

My Seroquel XR at night time has seem to quit working completly. Used to get sleepy and fall right?

... to sleep and sleep all night. Now Not sleeply and waking up all night. Just opened a new bottle and seems... read more

Seroquel 200 nightly and still only 2-3 hours of sleep?

I've tried mostly everything for a good night sleep... I'm currently taking Seroquel 200 at night and I still... read more

Splitting Seroquel 150 mg?

I was prescribed Seroquel XR for sleep about two weeks ago. I was started on 50mg, then 100mg, then 150mg. After... read more

Taking seroquel 25mg to help sleep and paxil 12.5 mg didnt take the seroquel last night slept ok?

Got 6hrs of sleep. the doctor priscribed it along with paxil if I dont think I need the seroquel to help me... read more

I've been on Seroquel 25-75mg for 3 months now. But I call people in my sleep??

I've been given a dosage of 25-75mg. I'm 23 and have been on Seroquel for just over 3 months now. I apparently called 2... read more

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