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Tussigon - is this a common drug given to dogs for a cough>?

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Emerelle 30 Dec 2009

I don't know if it's commonly prescribed, but my 15 year old chihuahua mix is on it to help with his chronic coughing due to a collapsing trachea. I give it to him every 8 hours but it seems to wear off closer to 6.

vickishelby 5 Jun 2010

today my vet prescribed tussigon to my 13-year-old chihuahua for her frequent coughing spells due to enlarged heart pressing on trachea(also starting to collapse) - I've given her two doses so far and I don't see much improvement - it's time for her third dose, will that be the charm? Does it take a few doses to start working?

Carole Ann 12 Mar 2011

Hello Vickishelby, my poodle has Congestive Heart Failure and was coughing with every move he made. His Vet prescribed Tussigon, 5mg tablets to be quartered and given 3x per day. The first time I gave it to him it sedated him more than I liked. The vet then said to cut the quarter in half which I did and I've only had to give him total 3 pills in the past week. This is working amazingly well for him. The effect from the pill seems to last for a long time without him being so sedated (after getting the right dose) and he, Scooter, and his Mommy and Daddy are very happy that he isn't having to endure that horrible cough which is from his enlarged heart pressing on the airways. I call it almost a miracle pill, the Vet calls Scooter the miracle dog as he has just adapted to this condition really well and although he is severely ill Scooter shows us no signs that he's ready to give up and neither are we. To give you an idea of what his meds are like...

doggy mom 2 Jun 2011

Dear Carole and Scooter,

My heart goes out to you both. My little Lucy, a cocker/poodle/lhasa apso mix also has CHF, as well as the cough you mentioned. I'm doing everything I can for my sweet girl, yet feel it is not enough. She (they all) deserves longer and healthier lives. I'm trying to get Lucy back to a vet teaching hospital an hour away for a re eval--she spent 3 1/2 days there in Jan for sycope/seizure episodes. This is when we learned of her heart disease (now a grade 4 murmer out of 6). In February our reg vet began treating her for early chf. She is now on same meds as your little Scooter, except for the potassium. Wonder why my vet has not suggested/considered adding this medicine to her regimine???

vickishelby 2 Jun 2011

to Carole and Scooter - thank you for your wonderful comments and helpful information about Scooter and Tussigon. There were many more things that I learned from you - that Scooter and my Pepita take the same meds, except Pepita takes thyroid and doesn't take potassium. Is that for the Lasix side effect? Also so familiar reading your problems with Scooter's appetite - I go through the same thing and am always holding my breath to see if she likes what I give her. I felt like we were fellow travelers with our feelings of our dear pet family members. The time flies by so fast, our love for them never lessens and they are true treasures. We both know how important their quality of life is, and every day with them is a gift.

vickishelby 3 Jun 2011

There is one more thing that we have done for our (now) 14-year old chihuahua, Pepita - we ordered an oxygen tent for pets from Dr. Foster catalog - that was the easy part, finding a place that would rent us oxygen and the necessary attachment was a struggle. We got a prescription from the vet and went to at least three different places, including our vet, and finally found a company that would do it. It's nice to know we have it, she's gone to emergency vet three times in the last year or so because she couldn't stop coughing, and oxygen was always the first thing they did.

christine140 5 Aug 2011

hi also have a dog and find ad wet food easy to hide pills in especially vetmedin they must smell it

Vetmeden 20 Dec 2011

It seems from what I'm reading that other dogs are prescribed a regiment of Enalapril, Lessix, Vetmeden and Tussigon. Our little nine year old Chihuahua

davebehrens 22 Sep 2013

My 14 year old 28 pound pekenese/japanese chin mix was prescribed one-half of a 5mg tab every 8 hours for her collapsing trachea and consequent cough. I only give her one-half tab a daily out of fear of overdose, along with a vet prescribed small dose of prednisone. It helps her, but as mentioned here, the first time I gave it to her she slept for 10 hours. TUSSIGON 5mg is what he sold me, which is EXACTLY the same pill as described for human treatment. I'm thinking about trying to get a prescription from my human doctor and purchase this using health insurance drug coverage because the vet charges much too much for it.

danlscott 4 Jan 2014

I sure hope everyone is doing well with their beloved pets. My little Chihuahua "Pointer" (13) is going through somewhat the same thing. He has CHF with a cough that keeps worsening. He takes 1/2 an Enalapril twice a day and 1/2 a Lasix (furosemide) twice a day. He is a large size 14 pound Chihuahua, not so overweight, just a big-boned large dog. Anyway I am now researching the cheapest way to buy Vetmedin which I am finding is not a human drug, and I have only just heard of the other cough medicine from reading this. But I did want to tell davebehrens that the other meds, Enalapril, Lasix, and Tussigon can be purchased from most any regular pharmacy as long as it is a human drug that can be either dispensed in the correct dosage or cut using a pill cutter. All you need is a prescription from your vet. The pharmacy will label the bottle with (in my case) Pointer (Dog) Scott (my last name). Enalapril and Lasix are generic.

seatle08 8 Oct 2017

I had a 6lb Pom have a all of a sudden Trachea Collapst. It was devastating and cost me $10,000 plus for surgery. That was three years ago. He does an enhaler twice a day which costs $260 quarterly. My larger Pom who is over weight which is not good, maybe 19lbs and needs to loose 6 to 7 Lbs has had a hard time for years. I have her on a diet which will help improve her life and was also given Tussigon 5MG. She was really out of it so that's when I started researching the drug. It's like Vicitan to humans. It did improve her excessive coughing but again she looked like a drug adick that just got their fix?

coquimti 1 Dec 2017

I'm a very concern because my multi poo is 14 years old has a chronic coughing due to collapsing trachea too and the tussigon helping less. Wondering if cannabis will help. I saw a news last week and they said that here in Miami we have 5 veterinarians doctors that work with this medicine buy I loss their phone number. If someone from south Florida and nows about this medicine please let me know. free discount card

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