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I've been taking Xarelto for 6 months. Anyone have acute muscle and joint pain on this drug?

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balbanese 24 Mar 2015

Yes, I had it and see this, it's lower on the list:

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BethSJ 24 Mar 2015

Thanks for the response. I have read that muscle& joint pain is down on the list. That is why I'm doing my own research & survey. My pain has gradually worsened and is debilitating. If it gets worse it will be disabling. It's all over but most acute in my arms. Dr thinks sleep deprivation could be hindering muscles to heel. Could be but even when I get some sleep muscle pain can be worse at times. Need to hear from people who have taken it long term, and that isn't very long being as it's a newer drug. Thanks for any info.

BethSJ 24 Mar 2015

Thanks for the response. I have read that muscle& joint pain is down on the list. That is why I'm doing my own research & survey. My pain has gradually worsened and is debilitating. If it gets worse it will be disabling. It's all over but most acute in my arms. Dr thinks sleep deprivation could be hindering muscles to heel. Could be but even when I get some sleep muscle pain can be worse at times. Need to hear from people who have taken it long term, and that isn't very long being as it's a newer drug. Thanks for any info.

dudley4 21 Apr 2015

I am also experiencing severe muscle pain/fatigue in my arms and legs.
I have only been on Xarelto for 3 months.
I feel horrible and if the fatigue/pain gets any worse I will not be able to do even the smallest of things.
I feel as though it is a huge effort to even lift my arms or take a short walk...
Before this I was very active. I am thin and was athletic.
Currently I feel as if I am near death every thing is such an effort.
If I don't take this drug I am at a very high risk of stroke... so what is the answer ?
Before coming across this thread I thought my afib was getting worse and I was nearing death ( seriously that is how bad I feel)
Just on a lark I thought let me see if anyone had reported this as a side effect from Xarelto as this is the only thing different I am doing since feeling this way... low and behold there are others... maybe it is the Xarelto ???

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BethSJ 23 Apr 2015

I am sorry for your pain and I identify with everything you said. The simplest things have become so difficult because of muscle pain. At least I know I'm not the only one. Maybe we're on to something with the Xarelto side effects. My quality of life has deminished as well.

Canary Tide 23 Jun 2015

I am having the exact same side effects from Xarelto. I too have be on this drug for three months and I have never had so much joint pain in my life. I feel exactly the way you do. I was a very active person with no health problems and just typing on the computer is painful. I have had several blood tests and only the uric acid level in my blood is elevated. This can cause joint pain but mine isn't that high and the doctor doesn't think I should be in this much pain. I have been on medicine to treat gout and after two weeks it is not working. I have given up all protein and I still am in pain. The pain is worse at night. My husband is a family practice doc and he thinks it could be caused from the xarelto. My hematologist says Xarelto is the best medicine on the market but I'm ready to try something else if I have to live like this.
I can't believe recovery from a pulmonary embolism can be this bad... maybe it is the Xarelto???

angelamaria 14 Aug 2015

Hi, I have been taking xarelto for three months and for the last two I have had excruciating pains in my knees and thigh and calf muscles. The pain is worse at night and is not relieved by the codeine I have been prescribed, cannot take ibuprofen because of xarelto, and also as I have AF. GP has sent me for xrays and physio-but neither have found a diagnosis. Having read posts on here I am sure now it is the drug causing it, so will see doctor next week and see if I can change, can't stop taking anticoagulant as am waiting for an ablation. I am so glad I found these posts- this level of pain is unbearable- and I feel so relieved that I may soon see an end to it!

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Snugglens 23 Jan 2017

I came here wondering if Xarelto is causing my SEVERE muscle "contortions" in my feet, legs, arms and now has extended to my chest wall. These are not charlie horses. They are so severe I cannot stand or move. I have been on xarelto for a year. The contortions are worse when I lay down at night. So bad I scream. Every muscle locks up tight. I see others have this condition also. Thanks for posting as I am almost certain it is the xarelto. It's getting worse.

alamosa-joe 11 Mar 2017

Hi... so glad I found this site. (64 M on 10 mg DVT) I have been on Xeralto for about 2 months and I notice exactly what you are describing... my feet "contort' around the arch. Mine is not so bad but never had this ever before. Also a lot of muscle cramps or near cramps... I thought the xaralto was messing with my potassium levels causing this. (am retired MD). I finally quit taking it because of the horrible feeling knee pain. The pain got better then came back sort of (much less). These problems started when I was put on coumadin and got much worse when they switched me to Xeralto.
For the pain I found that tramadol completely erases the symptoms--odd. Advil does almost nothing. Anyway stopped it... will continue on aspirin and a sensible diet... life would be a hell on this medicine.

gerryw 24 Dec 2015

I have just been prescribed Xarelto,on the third day I noticed swelling in my left hand. I take Xarelto, the lowest dose one tablet per day.
I noticed that the swelling and pain was increasing about 4 hours after I took the drug. I have not had gout for years so I know the symptoms, after the third day I was in extreme pain, my doctor carried out a blood test and my uric acid level was extremely high, he prescribed a drug which he said would lower the uric acid.The pain and swelling is subsiding but i noticed today that 4 hours after I took Xarelto the hand was swelling and becoming painful again.which leads me to believe that Xarelto raises uric acid levels. I have an appt with my doctor to discuss after Xmas

BethSJ 24 Dec 2015

I found some info on line about gout and Xarelto.
Seven months after getting off the drug I still have joint pain but it's not nearly as bad.
The drug is so new all of the side effects are still unknown.
I hope you find some answer and some relief.

aramanarao 28 Dec 2015

Hi. Xarelto works by binding proteins so that coagulation does not take place. So, if you have a history of gout or similar high protein intake illnesses, Docs would prefer to start 'recovery' from DVT with warfarin (which does not affect the protein content in your body). Suggest consult your Doc, who may switch your medication (to another anti-coagulant) with the prescribed change protocol.

leebranden 24 Apr 2016

I to have been suffering for sometime now with lower back and flank pain while taking Xarelto. I also have been suffering with posterior leg pain similar to severe sciatic pain

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Dan1947 30 Apr 2017

I began xrealto 3 months ago and just began experiencing pain on both calves and hamstring'. Can't sleep it hurts so much! What can resolve this? I can't stand it any linger!!!

jlseagraves 6 Jan 2017

I have been taking Xarelto for 5 weeks. Two days after starting Xarelto I had a full blown gout attack on my right foot and ankle. I have a DVT in the left leg thus why I am taking Xarelto. I was given the methylpredisone pack and the gout subsided while I was taking. After 2 days I was back on another prednisone pack because again the pain was so bad I could not walk. After finishing this pack about 7 days later my right knee had tremendous pain. Again I took a third prednisone pack and the knee was pain free for 4 days. Finished it yesterday and I am in so much knee pain again I am on crutches. I cannot sleep due to the pain. I am on 7.5 mg of Norco and it is not working. Doctor thinks the knee pain is from compensating for the pain in the foot for 4 weeks. My doctor's won't even consider Xarelto as the source for the gout and knee pain. I haven't had a gout attack in over 2 years. I have 7 more weeks to go on the Xarelto. What other choice do I have???

BethSJ 6 Jan 2017

Doctors don't seem to want to acknowledge that this drug has lots of side effects and pain being one of them. My suggestion is to walk or use your leg as much as possible and ask for a different or stronger pain med.
Hope you feel better soon.

66lesabre 27 Feb 2017

I have almost the same problem. I had a knee injury that led to a DVT in my right leg. I had blood work done about a month before the knee injury and my uric acid levels were good. I'm 46 years old and have suffered from gout attics since my mid thirties. The hematologist tells me that Xarelto dose not cause these problems. With only two years on the market how can this claim be maid regarding the side affects? I'm told that the other products on the market require a lot more monitoring e.g. blood work. Ive been able to get around but as of today retuning to work is not going to happen.
I hope everything worked out for you.

gerryw 16 Feb 2017

Been taking Xarelto for 15 months now, 20 mgms daily it creates a build up of Uric Acid which in turn causes severe joint pain. About every 6 weeks I take a drug called Colchacine which clears out the Uric Acid and then I am OK for a few weeks until it builds up again. I have to take the Xarelto to prevent blood clotting, there are other similar drugs but who knows what side affects they will cause, better the devil you know I suppose & to be honest if it prevents another stroke then I will put up with it

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musicalmatrix 16 Feb 2017

thanks, Gerry. I'm at same dosage. Will ask my doc abt the Colchacine. What a joy it would be to sleep thru the night and be pain free for awhile! Meanwhile, I also take mega supplements of Ester C and 1200 mg of E daily, which seem to thin the blood, but I haven't looked into it yet.

Canary Tide 16 Feb 2017

I had the same uric build up and joint pain. My doctors suggested Eliquis and it works great. It took a few months for all the pain to go away. It's a twice a day pill but I've been on it just over a year and I finally feel normal.

tennent77 16 Feb 2017

Swimming in a heated pool will help everyone with joint pain

susievbrown 29 Oct 2018

I bought a hot tub last due to all my joint pain. I sit in it every night with no relief.

Shawna1095 19 Apr 2017

I have been on xeralto for almost three years now and am experiencing everything others have described. I've gone from a very active person to not being able to get out of bed at times. Many sleepless nights because the pain is excruciating at night. Every joint and muscle in my body hurts. I dread going to bed at night because of what I'm going to go through. I have brought it up to my doctors, but their response is that they don't see muscle and/or joint pain listed as a side effect of xeralto, so it's not pursued. I was discovered to have the MTHFR after getting blood clots in both lungs after a surgery which is why my dr put me on xeralto in the first place. My husband actually ran across this thread while looking up side effects for xeralto. He showed it to me, and I finally feel like someone believes me. Now, what's the fix???

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sueplo 21 Apr 2017

Hello, I have been on it for 18 months and just the last couple of weeks have had calf pain in both calves and some tightness in my legs which I suspect are side effects - I mentioned it to my doctor but it was dismissed - I can live with this level of pain just but worried it might get worst - some days are worst than others - but worried about switching drugs since could have worst side effects?? What's the answer?

Smarkandonis 4 Feb 2018

Just wondering why you are still on Xarelto 3 years later?

sueplo 21 Apr 2017

Hi, are you still on Xarelto and has the pain eased if so? I have been on it for 18 months now and just recently experiencing calf pain and like burning sensation in both legs - I don't want it to get worst but don't want the hassle of switching drugs - I have to be on them for life after my second dvt! Really don't want warfarin because of all the monitoring but my mum is on this and has had no side effects - what is the answer??

Ksummer2 20 Jun 2017

I can relate to the "burning" kind of pain. I too have the life sentence following dvts. I'm not happy about taking another med, but the gabapentin my doctor prescribed me took away my pain.

koberdober 22 Jul 2017

I've been on Xarelto for two months because of afib. I'm 65 years old and I have incredible leg pain from my knees down with the worse pain in my knee joints and calf muscles. I also have very painful burning sensations on the skin in both lower legs. Then about a week and a half ago, my legs from my knees down turned a dark red in blotches. It was really ugly and spooky to look at. The redness has subsided but the burning sensations and pain in my knees and calves is almost to the point of unbearable. If it gets any worse, I won't be able to work or drive. I can barely walk as it is now. Has anyone else had any of these three symtoms while taking = and if so, were you able to get any relief? If so, how?

lck1922 8 May 2017

I take xarelto after when I go into afib and for 30-60 days after and every time I go on xarelto I have much problems with muscle and joint pain even have problems lifting my arms,my back is so stiff I can not lean back for the the pressure on it,my knees and legs have pain I can no be on my feet for more than 15-30 without minutes

hamtownman 8 May 2017

I did. I've been on it for 3 years. Got muscle and joint pain in a similar time frame as you. Called my clot doc and he said it should go away after a while.

Took a while but it did. Hang in there!

Canary Tide 8 May 2017

I got off the Xarelto and the pain slowly went away. They need to do more research on this drug. Too many people have this side effect. I remember night time being the worst. I have no side effects on Eliquis. I think it's worth a try. It also comes in two different doses just depending on how much you need.

musicalmatrix 8 May 2017

I am most grateful for your input. Again, sorry for your hellacious experience of debilitating pain, sleepless nights (that stabbing pain at night was crazy) and unanswered questions, but am glad to hear of your improved condition on Eliquis. Given your report, aI will look into this medication for my own condition which necessitates an anti coagulant.

ces2vb 7 Jun 2017

I am using the Xarelto starting package, for the first three weeks ( 15mg twice per day) I did not experience any major side effect, just occasionally felt weak/tired. I've taking the 20mg dosis for less than a week and i've experiencing pain on my right knee. It's not too intense but it bothers me. Also, one night I woke up with pain on my right leg, it was totally numbed, I had to get up and walk around the room. I hope this does not get worse.

vkimble 6 Jul 2017

I am getting to the point I can barely walk after starting this drug. My knees hurt so bad I have to stand for a minute after sitting for a while. I am only 53 years old. I am afraid I have reumitoid arthritis, but the pain started after I started taking this drug.

Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this?


markmark1968 13 Aug 2018

Same medication awful stuff 2 days then pain in knees and rash near dvt then pain progressed to arms hips and fingers hate this stuff

Ksummer2 20 Jun 2017

I have been taking Xerelto for almost two years. I started experiencing pain shortly after starting this medication too. My pain was not like charley horse or leg cramps but severe aching & more like what some diabetics describe as diabetic nerve pain. I couldn't pinpoint a specific spot that hurt. The pain just ran up and down my legs. Nothing seemed to help. I have never had an issue with my sugar levels nor bad arthritis or joint pain. This leg pain was bad tho, and it worsened at night. When I finally went to the doctor about it, he acted like he was not convinced it was the Xerelto causing it and was very reluctant to change my medication. He suggested, instead, I try taking Gabapentin along with the Xerelto. It started helping immediately and I'm still taking both medications. Occasionally, I will have a little pain in my legs but it is no longer severe.

Canary Tide 20 Jun 2017

I had the same nerve pain usually in my legs and hands. I stopped taking the Xerelto and the symptoms gradually left. I still have some left over nerve tingles once in a while. I personally think Xerelto did some permanent damage. It took several months to feel normal again. I'm happy to report I feel really good and can be active and exercise daily.

Ksummer2 21 Jun 2017

The options for those of us with clotting issues is not good. I'm glad to hear you are doing better Eliquis. Eliquis, however, has some of same side effects. Plus, the problem for me was I have had back surgeries and their "black box" warnings scared me. I've had clots to break loose twice. Once causing double pulmonary embolisms and the second time the tiny clot that went through my heart caused heart attack. So, taking Eliquis that has added "black box" warnings for stroke & clots on spine was not a better option for me. free discount card

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