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I've been taking Xarelto for 6 months. Anyone have acute muscle and joint pain on this drug?

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mwestbr1 30 March 2024

OMG!!! After chemotherapy in 2020 I was put on Xarelto as a preventive to blood clots (I actually had a clot in my portal vein at the time). At this same time, I was extremely fatigued from chemo and did very little walking or exercise. Turned out I had low iron and B12. After taking the supplements, in a few weeks I felt ready to walk again... but I couldn't... my legs clenched together and were very tight. I saw an orthopedist, FP, neurologist, pain mgt. dr., Functional Medicine Dr., had many tests with no real diagnosis for the muscle pain... which kept getting worse. I am currently working with a chiropractor. The exercises cause extreme pain for days, but I'm getting a little flexibility and strength. I have some relief but not much. I googled "Xarelto and muscle pain" and much to my surprise found out that Xarelto can indeed cause this pain. I can barely walk or do much of anything. Thank God my sister is living with me.


I can't even grocery shop because I can't be on my feet for that length of time The pain is especially intense on my front and back thighs. There is also tingling down my legs -- mainly in the back. I have back pain as well. I walk some of the time with walking sticks because I'm afraid of losing balance. I'm taking pain medication, which provides some relief but not much. This pain brings me to tears. The thought of living the rest of my life like this is frightening. I mentioned this to the hematologist who Rx'd the drug. He said he never heard of this side effect. I suggested googling Xarelto and muscle pain. He recently Rx'd Eliqus but I read on this site it, too, can cause the same symptoms. I'm going to dig a little more to determine if there are any natural blood thinners, e.g. turmeric, fish oil, etc. that may be able to be used instead of these Rx's. Would be interested to hear if any of you had improvement when discontinuing Xarelto and how long it took. As an aside, I am retired from the company that makes Xarelto... I plan to report this as an adverse event. It is important that they have this information from all of you. It gets into a database; and if the reports reach a certain level, the package insert gets updated to warn others of this possible side effect.

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giantoak 3 Sep 2023

I have been taking Xarelto 5 months. Three months ago, I had an Ablation to fix AFib and Atrial flutter. Because this can cause a stroke, I was prescribed Xarelto or Eliquis. two months before the Ablation and continued afterwards. I chose Xarelto because I took it for 3 month back in 2019 and it did not seem to bother me. However, this time after four months I started to have body pains, legs, back, (especially Lower back) and neck both in my muscles and joints. They were especially bad over night between 3:00 AM until I would get up around 6:00. It was totally ruining my sleep cycle. I was also having muscle weakness that I could feel when climbing stairs or lifting anything. These were not symptoms that were listed or asked if I had that can be cause by AFIB or Atrial Flutter. I did not have those symptoms. I finally contacted my PCP and he ordered a series of blood tests.


It showed that I was either low or high on 16 tests, some had drastically dropped out of the normal range over the last 2-3 months. Some of these changes can be a sign of Liver or Kidney problems. I stopped the Xarelto for the last two days and the pain has subsided and the weakness feeling has improved. It is a holiday weekend and the results just can back Friday on MyChart. I will be contacting both my PCP and my Electro Physio-Cardiologist on Tuesday. I just checked out Eliquis online and on this site and I see that people are having similar issues with that drug as well. I am hoping I can find some answers on Tuesday. I will see. Good luck to everyone. Can the medicine be a worse than the problem?

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caitirose330 27 June 2023

YES! I have had this same thing going on for over a year. I have fainted twice (in one day) become a fall risk. I have fallen three times now while just simply walking (not due to tripping or stumbling) I get dizzy and imbalanced easy. Dr. swears it's not my Xarelto. I have been taking it 3-4 years (can't remember precisely) I also have acquired mild liver damage and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year. feet will swell up and/or becoming tingly, and all sorts of other things. I am looking for a new PCP (was recommended to see a functional medicine Dr.) and discuss going back to Lovenox as my maintenance anticoagulant. (never had ANY issues on that long term)

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cindyaug3 8 Jan 2023

Good evening I am new to this site. I have been on Xarelto since 2021. I am currently experiencing severe balance and neuropathy throughout my body ( at times want to do away with myself. I have been to all the large University hospitals up and down the northeast and am dismissed saying Xarelto cannot be the problem. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms

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56ker60 25 Nov 2022

I have considered taking Xarelto but after the many complaints such as your, I decided it's not worth the risk. It did not used to have this side effect as far as I know, and I trust the people writing in here to know the truth about how they feel. Wishing you good luck on your journey. Read all these reviews and you will find your answers.

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Missy L 23 Nov 2022

My Husband has factor 5 blood clotting disorder and has been on Xarelto after a third episode of blood clots. Since inception of taking Xarelto he has developed chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP).
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a rare disorder of the nervous system. Though your immune system generally keeps you healthy by fighting off germs, with CIDP, your immune system does not recognize parts of your nerves and attacks them.

Specifically, the immune system mistakenly attacks your nerves’ protective myelin. When the myelin is damaged or removed, messages transmitted to and from the brain are disrupted and may never make it to their final destination.

Over time, this may cause gradual weakness and a loss of feeling in your arms and legs.

Other symptoms may include, but are not limited to:


Tingling or numbness beginning in the toes and fingers
Weakness of the arms or legs
Loss of reflexes

My husband is on IVIG treatment's ( very costly) for this chronic disease that began since the inception of taking Xarelto.

Has anyone experienced this disorder due to Xarelto?

Please advise.

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y-pain 14 Sep 2022

Beth : Your muscle fatigue will persist after discounting the drug. It disabled me to limited walking distance of 1/4 mile before total muscular fatigue. I have to wait about 3 to 5 minutes to recharge, and then am limited to about 1/8 th mile. My back is very, very weak and weight exercising is extremely difficult. Physically this drug has been devastating. I am attempting to take corrective action, however it has not re-established my physical abilities to near prior to taking Xarelto.

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y-pain 11 Sep 2022

I took it for 3 months and complained to my Physician about excruciating muscle pain and weakness. It was so sever I could not stand nor get off of the floor. I finally refused to consume it!! I have been attempting to overcome the constant fatigue for the past 5 yrs, with limited results. It has devastated my life!!!

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Bigfella 11 Sep 2022

I have been taking blood thinners for years, I suffer with chronic pain and discomfort and have reason to believe that Blood Thinning Medication is part of the problem because my pain got 10 times worse and at times unbearable, I started my research years ago coming up against a brick wall when trying to find out information from professional's. I have been through all the blood thinners including warfarin, my pain in my leg muscles and ankles joints increased, has anyone else had the same problem.

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susann1224 11 Sep 2022

I had the same thing happen to me with Eliquis -- check the resources on Google and you will find the
same outcomes. I am now miserable with osteoarthritis and it is irreversible. I was taking it also for PE.
I asked oncologist if it would be safe for me to take Vitamin E along with ibuprofen and he took me off the Eliquis.

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53Jennifer66 30 July 2022

I started Xarelto 2/22/22 because of a PE in lungs. 30mg for 2 or 3 weeks then 20mg until I demanded off of it on 7/12/22. I was sure it was Xarelto that has made me so sick and weak and pains throughout my body, barely able to walk. Of course I saw doctors who said Oh no Xarelto wouldn't cause this, Bull, why are they defending this Crap they are shoving down our throat. I continued with a Hematologist and he didn't think it was Xarelto either but recommended a Rheumatologist because of all my severe pain throughout my body. I feel every day is my last day, I just can't go on with my pain like this every day. This doctor (Hematoloist) did take me off the 20mg and I'm on Eliquis 5mg a day. Of course i have only improved somewhat but recently Blood work and EMG's scheduled for Aug.1 & Aug.3 because of pain. So will hopefully have some answers by 4th or 5th of August, 2022. Praying some how this can be reversed the damage it has done to me. I'm praying for sure. DON'T TAKE Xarelto.

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Kapuanani 10 Jan 2022

Would like guidance on supplements used as a blood thinner. I cannot take aspirin, so that's out.

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Mmclallin 10 Jan 2022

Not sure check with your Dr. Sorry

Betterdayscomin 21 Oct 2023

I would love guidance on supplements used as a blood thinner. Please advise.
Thank you!

Betterdayscomin 21 Oct 2023

I would love guidance on supplements used as a blood thinner. Please advise.
Thank you!

adoptmeow 10 Jan 2022

I am allergic to warfarin/Coumadin and found that just one dose of Xarelto or Eliquis starts the horrid pain all over my body. It is a very distinct pain different than my fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica and arthritis.
I have researched comparisons of aspirin to these blood thinners. I chose to take 325 -500 mg aspirin each day along with Omega 3s, natural Vitamin E (not the synthetic dl-alpha), coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, magnesium and garlic. Would be glad to explain how to find reliable, safe supplements.
My specialist at Duke U Hospital thinks this is a good alternative. Also working on decreasing inflammatory foods, especially wheat, sugar and vegetable oils. I stopped margarine and artificial sweeteners a long time ago.

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Indent 10 Jan 2022

I have been on Xarelto since 2012. The past year and a half I have had extreme pain in both legs and thighs, as well as sometimes in my back. I never thought about the Xarelto finally catching up with me. After reading some of these other comments on Xarelto I suspect it may be the medication.

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gerryw 10 Jan 2022

I was prescribed xarelto after having had a stroke a few years ago within a few hours I was having a sever gout attack my hand was badly swollen & I was in severe pain. I went on to suffer severe joint pain for months sometimes I was on crutches. eventually i told my doc that I wasnt taking it any more so I was put on Warfarin This drug shouldn`t even be on the market in my view it cant have been properly tested or the side effects would have been realised years ago

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jlseagraves 10 Jan 2022

When I was on Xarelto for a DVT I got gout every 6 weeks. As soon as it subsided after 1-2 weeks I would get it again in another body part. I went off after 6 months and no more DVTs and much less gout. Then on July 1, 2021 I went into aflutter and was put on Eliquis. I don't want to be on this but I do not get gout from it. I have been gout free for 6 months until I fractured by ankle bone and due to this got a flare. Maybe try Eliquis. free discount card

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