due to a pulmonary embolism 2 years ago I was on Xarelto and now changed about 1 week ago to Eliquis. First half year I had basically no side effects. All was fine. But then it started with dizziness, vertigo, tiredness and in general feeling anxious and depressed. Therefore I changed to Eliquis but I have basically the same side effects. Not taking the pill for a few days didnt really improve the situation much but I felt less tired. Does anyone has an experience with how long it takes to feel "normal" again after not taking the meds? Of course the doctor says it can not be from the medication so that makes it really difficult to discuss this topic with her.
Also I heard about nattokinasse. Does anyone has experience with that. Im aware that it is not the same but does it help thinning the blood at least a bit or is it more like a hoax?
It is super difficult to perform my work as a software engineer at the moment as I feel extremely tired on my eyes. But Im also afraid if I change or stop the pills that the bad feeling is not even a side effect and then I increased my risk again for nothing.