Hello, new to the form and was hoping to get a fast response.

I am a college student who was diagnosed with ADHD last year. my doctor prescribed Concerta 36mg/day (XR ritilan) initially. I then switched to Adderall XR 20mg /day after 6 months because the Concerta was no longer working. Adderall seems to work great! But sadly my insurance does not cover it at all and it is way to expensive to continue. Now my doctor has prescribed me 15mg of Dexedrine SP.

My concerns:
1.adderall is about 75% Dexedrine and the remaining 25% is I-amphetamine?
would this affect my consideration while studying and the ability to get studying, from what i read the 25% really only makes you physically stimulated? please help im nervous to switch as i dont like bouncing between these types of drugs at all.

2. Adderall and concerta both effect the Peripheral nerverous system, and sense i have been diagnosed my body has been use to this. I am an pretty high level collegiate middle distance runner for my schools track team. and was wonder sense Dexedrine does not necessarily effect the PNS. will my season be completely ruined do my body being used to the stimulate? and how long would it take for it to bounce back? days, weeks, months? im very concerned.

thank you.