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Zyprexa Questions

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Zyprexa and weight gain, does this happen to everyone?

I am sitting here looking at a bottle of Zyprexa 10 MG. After reading all these comments I am scared to take it. I do not want to gain ANY weight my only problem is racing thoughts at night and not being able to turn my mind off and go to sleep. Once asleep I am ok... My doctor has tried many... read more

Zyprexa: Weight gain vs. weight loss?

(I am thinking about switching to Zyprexa... ) I am currently taking 1 mg Risperdal/daily. I have gained a little weight and have been going to the gym regularly for the past 3 months and am seeing no improvement. I am convinced that it is the Risperdal keeping me from being able to lose the... read more

Haloperidol - Does haldol cause weight gain?

I have been on lithium but now haldol for bipolar with mania and schizoaffective. Was on zyprexa in past and just lost all the weight I gained from it.

What can you expect when withdrawing from zyprexa cold turkey?

I have a friend who is not able to get his meds due to insurance change. He doesn't know what to expect.

Can Zyprexa give you a false positive on a drug test for methamphetimine?

Can Zyprexa give a positive result on an urine test for methamphetimine/amphetimine.

Is Zyprexa prescribed for anxiety?

my mother was taking valium for anxiety. She is now taking something called Zyprexa. Its an oval bluee pill that has LILLY 4415 printed on it. Are these drugs the same?

Can Zyprexa / olanzapine cause hyper anxiety and or restlessness?

My friend is taking this med and has not been herself since she has started taking it. Her anxiety is and has been off of the wall and she has not been able to organize a thought. This was NOT happening before she was introduced to it. She was anxious when she was first hospitalized but now her... read more

Olanzapine - how long did it take to see results with Zyprexa?

My 20 year old son is schitzoeffective with hallucinations, delusions, anxiety. He has been on so many medications with no results. He was recently put on 30 mg Zyprexa. I was hoping someone could tell me how long until he will notice positive results with this medication.

How fast do you lose weight after stopping Zyprexa?

I was taking Zyprexa for 6 months and gained a lot of weight. I’m now stopping the medication safely with a psychiatrist and I was wondering how fast you lose the weight you gained?

Medication I need better medication what do you guys suggest?

What’s the best medicine I’m takeing lithium depakote zyprexa what I wanna know is what’s the best medicine for schizophrenia is clozapine any good ?? Please help thank you

Can you stop taking Zyprexa or do you have to be weaned off of it?

I was prescribd Zyprexa 2.5 mg to take with 300 mg of Effexor. It worked very well to begin with, but now I don't see the benefit. I started having a lot of bad side effects; weight gain, sweating, feet swelling, terrible hunger pains, restless leg syndrome is worse and shortness of breath. I... read more

I'm sleeping too much with Zyprexa 2.5 mg. I'm sleeping like 11-12 hours every night. How do I sleep

... normally around 8 hours a night? Thanks

Abilify withdrawal ?

Are there side effects to coming off Abilify ? I am on 20 Mg of abilify, and want to cut it down to 5 Mgs. The only reason my Psyc-doc raised it was because I was getting off Zyprexa I am currently on : 20Mg of Abilify,-Morning 10Mgs of Lexapro-Morning Remeron 15 Mgs-night (And .05 Ativan,- in the... read more

What to do if olanzapine (zyprexa) makes you sleepy?

My husband s lithium was a little too high so the doctor switched him to depakote( valproic acid) 250 mg day and night, just a few days ago. On top of that he was on olanzapine 5 mg for one week and now it s been increased to 10 mg 2 days ago . Today he is so sleepy that can t do anything. He just... read more

Olanzapine - how well does Zyprexa work for sleep?

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