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Zyprexa and weight gain, does this happen to everyone?

Posted 24 Jun 2013 by Beach52 9 answers

I am sitting here looking at a bottle of Zyprexa 10 MG. After reading all these comments I am scared to take it. I do not want to gain ANY weight my only problem is racing thoughts at night and not being able to turn my mind off and go to sleep. Once asleep I am ok... My doctor has tried many ...

What can you expect when withdrawing from zyprexa cold turkey?

Posted 5 Sep 2010 by backster 5 answers

I have a friend who is not able to get his meds due to insurance change. He doesn't know what to expect.

Is Zyprexa prescribed for anxiety?

Posted 21 Oct 2006 by skinnypit 4 answers

my mother was taking valium for anxiety. She is now taking something called Zyprexa. Its an oval bluee pill that has LILLY 4415 printed on it. Are these drugs the same?

Olanzapine - how long did it take to see results with Zyprexa?

Posted 15 Oct 2017 by Urswill 3 answers

My 20 year old son is schitzoeffective with hallucinations, delusions, anxiety. He has been on so many medications with no results. He was recently put on 30 mg Zyprexa. I was hoping someone could tell me how long until he will notice positive results with this medication.

How long until one pill of Abilify start to take effect?

Posted 8 days ago by AviHR 0 answers

I'm taking Abilify for more than 5 weeks now, but I only started 15 mg a week ago, 10 mg was not effective on me. I still feel bad. I'm also gradually stopping Zyprexa now, my bad feeling could be because of severe withdrawal symptoms from Zyprexa. The thing the bothers me the most is ...

My mom is bipolar (more depressive dominate). She is always scared and feels like things are....

Posted 29 Jun 2018 by Ritab82 1 answer

... going to happen that won't. She was bumped up to 20mg of Zyprexa. How do you know if it's working or if its making depression worse? I don't see any kind of changes.

My son is having side effects from Zyprexa, but can't get into a Dr until July. What can I do?

Posted 31 May 2018 by Kn1520 2 answers

My son was prescribed 15mg of Zyprexa a t bedtime after being inpatient at a mental health hospital. He can't be seen by his doctor until July. He is having involuntary stiffness in his arms, a lot of anxiety and Avery hard time making decisions for himself. Since he is following up with a ...

Zyprexa: Weight gain vs. weight loss?

Posted 29 May 2013 by TrAva26 4 answers

(I am thinking about switching to Zyprexa... ) I am currently taking 1 mg Risperdal/daily. I have gained a little weight and have been going to the gym regularly for the past 3 months and am seeing no improvement. I am convinced that it is the Risperdal keeping me from being able to lose the ...

Mirtazapine 30mg vs Zyprexa 2.5mg?

Posted 23 Apr 2018 by CaliforniaGuy1 0 answers

I have been taking Zyprexa 2.5mg for the past 3 months with quite some success, but it didn’t do much as far as depression and motivation. I also tried Latuda for a couple weeks, but that turned out to be a bad med for me. Today, my pdoc prescribed mirtazapine 30mg in hopes that it helps with ...

Zyprexa - How quick does it work?

Posted 11 Apr 2018 by HELP000 0 answers

My husband suffers from Delusional Paranoia and has affected our family in the most horrendous way. We have finally started him on Zyprexa. We are praying that the medication will help his way of thinking of what is real and what isn't. The suspicious on the daily basis is mentally draining ...

Latuda and Zyprexa at same time?

Posted 21 Apr 2018 by CaliforniaGuy1 0 answers

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has taken both Latuda and Zyprexa at the same time? If so, how did the combo work for you? I was taking Zyprexa but stopped recently and am currently on my 11th day of Latuda . My doc wanted me to try Latuda because although Zyprexa worked well for me, it made ...

Switch Zyprexa to Abilify - lose weight?

Posted 1 Feb 2018 by Canadian115 2 answers

I know Abilify is also known to gain weight. But I heard it is one of the least culprits when it comes to psychotic medicines. While Zyprexa is the worst culprit, by far. I am about to ask my doctor to switch me to Abilify from Zyprexa for that reason. Will I lose weight? My doctor first ...

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