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Olanzapine - how well does Zyprexa work for sleep?


HPoole 4 Nov 2017

Just to add my input... I've spent 20 years of my 31 year old life, trying to cope with debilitating insomnia. I'm probably not exaggerating much when I say I've tried everything when it comes to medications to help me sleep. I have an amazing specialist that knows his stuff though. Desperate times call for desperate measures... I understand the agony. Here are some medications that have worked in combination for me: clonidine, prazosin, haldol, cogentin, zyprexa, amitriptyline. Clonidine and prazosin are also used for high blood pressure. Haldol is an extremely strong old anti psychotic that you have to take cogentin with for the side effects of stiff muscles, muscle spasms, soreness, etc. Sounds like you have experience with zyprexa, and amitriptyline is an old anti depressant. On its own, I don't think it's very useful, but in combination with the other meds... It someway has a synergistic effect.

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masso 30 Oct 2017

Let´s start by saying that we all react differently to medications, having said, I take this Antipsychotic @ night along with Seroquel, I suffer from bipolar disorder and insomnia. Zyprexa among its many uses treats insomnia, and Seroquel (quetiapine), one of its many side effects is somnolence, so with these 2 I get about 5 hrs. of shut eye, some people might sleep more, others less it all depends on each indivdual´s system. However I do recommend Zyprexa to treat insomnia, it does work for the majority of the people taking it.

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