Are there side effects to coming off Abilify ?
I am on 20 Mg of abilify, and want to cut it down to 5 Mgs.
The only reason my Psyc-doc raised it was because I was getting off Zyprexa
I am currently on :
20Mg of Abilify,-Morning
10Mgs of Lexapro-Morning
Remeron 15 Mgs-night
(And .05 Ativan,- in the morning.)

I have gained a lot of weight 40# and that's why I wanted off the Zyprexa.
Now I want to lower the Abilify, back down to the 5Mgs, it was before.
So are there many side effects to lowering the Abilify ?
And what would be a good way to get off most of these drugs.
I haven't lost any weight getting off the Zyprexa, and I been off all that for 2 weeks now. But the good news is there was no side effects coming off that one.
Thanks in advance ! hibiscus1948