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Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Does anyone have a sure fire way to stop zingers? I went off?

Posted 1 Oct 2015 by oldrugger45 2 answers

... Welbutrin because I didn't feel as if was working. Plus if I missed one day I started having massive zingers. I was changed to Paxil (the generic one) and I am still getting zingers even though I don't miss a dose. I am at my wits end. PS: my PCP didn't even know what a zinger ...

I've had Parkinson's for 14 years now and was taking sinamet, mirapex and Wellbutrin about 11/2 mon?

Posted 20 Mar 2016 by Aqcjgm68 0 answers

Months ago my nuerologist started weening me off the mirapex and had me stop taking the Wellbutrin. I've had dbs surgery 3 years ago that gave me amazing results March 8th 2016 I had to have the transmitter replaced. And since then I have only been able to walk for brief periods of time I feel ...

I have been on 100mg of Wellbutrin daily for 5 days and I am like a walking zombie?

Posted 31 Aug 2015 by ashjack14 8 answers

Will this get better ? Doctor said to take it for 4 to 5 weeks to feel full effect . I switched to this drug for the energy and weight loss and depression ... Once it's in full effect will the drowsiness go away and be energy ? Is this normal ?

Buproban/Wellbutrin for smoking (problems)?

Posted 7 Feb 2016 by Bri9909 2 answers

Alright so I just started taking burpoban to help with smoking. So, I, been taking this medication for about 2 weeks roughly and is it normal to feel depressed then be happy a second later? Also, I get mean then I feel better. But, the the medication is somewhat working for the smoking. My question ...

Yes. I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg for more than 10 years?

Posted 23 Feb 2016 by aloisiocorreia 1 answer

But it has always disturbing my sexual life with my wife so my Psychiatrist prescribed me Wellbutrin and later he will take the Cymbalta off gradually as he said Cymbalta is too strong on sexual negative effects. Should I ask him to keep just Wellbutrin or do I have to keep taking both?

I went off Effexor 150mg and started Wellbutrin 150mg I feel very tired and swimmy headed. I just?

Posted 10 Mar 2016 by DopeyJr 2 answers

want to sleep. I have been on the Wellbutrin alone for only 2 to 3 days. how long will this last? It seems worse right after I eat lunch. It is hard to work like this.

Wellbutrin - Hi all, new to the group. bit of a predicament?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 by Jasont93 1 answer

... I've been taking Wellbutrin(Bupropion) 150XL for about the last 4-6 months and in two days time I will have run out and seeing as the doctor that I had seen I am no longer seeing, I am looking at the side effects of withdrawal in case the new doctor I am going to start seeing does not ...

Wellbutrin XL - Vomiting and othet main effects?

Posted 18 Feb 2016 by Aprilsfly 1 answer

Today is first day taking this. 150 mg I've been scared to take any medicine only cuz I had bad reaction to one of them. Vomiting and diarrhea that led me to hospital over night cuz of dehydration.

I was prescribed wellbutrin to aide in kicking my smoking habit?

Posted 15 Mar 2016 by Tracymyers1807 1 answer

I'm just curious to know if anyone taking this has had side effects that cause a heat like type rash, especially after coming in contact with warm water. I have continuously had a feeling of extremely hot skin almost sunburn like, as well as redness that just comes and goes my hands& my ...

Does Wellutrin cause hair loss?

Posted 15 Jan 2016 by justine1709 2 answers

Anti-Depressants are known to cause hair loss. Is Wellbutrin amongst the most likely to have this side effect?

Day 2 Wellbutrin XL 150mg for anxiety and motivation?

Posted 24 Sep 2015 by Hannahann1019 2 answers

I used to take Wellbutrin 6 months ago and stopped and it was great. I stopped because I thought I didn't need them anymore, must be given me some confidence! So now I take 150mg XL because I thought this would be best for me because I was on them before for depression. Now in on them for ...

Hello, new here and took my first dose of Wellbutrin this morning, along w/Cymbalta, Propranolol,?

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by nannybrister 2 answers

... and Buspar. Will take Lamictal at bedtime. About an hour after I took it, I became dizzy and tingly. I had expected a flood of energy instead, the pharmacist led me to believe that. Took a nap just because I didn't want to feel anything. Now I have ringing in my ears big time along ...

18yr old, female. on new meds. wellbutrin and geodon. good or bad mix? any experiences?

Posted 1 Feb 2016 by hizartist123 4 answers

New to both meds. And have a few concerns regarding weight loss or gain? Heart probelms? Any example or experiences are welcome. I need some advice.

Wellbutrin - Has anyone used bupropion 150 SR generic from Sun Pharma?

Posted 5 Dec 2015 by wannabbetter 4 answers

This med doesn't seem to do anything for me. I've been on it for 2 weeks. I just looked at the bottle and see that the med is from Sun Pharma in India. I read from the posts that the generic WB may not be as good as the brand. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten their generic from Sun ...

What category of drug is Rexulti?

Posted 14 Jan 2016 by Mommy4Justus 1 answer

I just recently got rexulti added to my wellbutrin and i think i might be pregnant. Does anyone know if Rexulti is category x or any other category that would cause severe birth defects?? Please help!! If my maybe is right i want a healthy baby. Btw i do know the effects of welbutrin in pregnancy, ...

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