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Depression is making me lose interest in everything even my girlfriend, will wellbutrin help??

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by jordan08 1 answer

Hi, I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and we've never had problems, we love each other and both know it. This fall is the first time we have had to make a big decision about each other as she got into med school in the Caribbean. I've decided to go with her and she wants me ...

How come taking brand Wellbutrin xl feels so much different than taking generic bupropion hcl xl?

Posted 12 Nov 2013 by Chickie598 1 answer

I started the generic last month and felt very defensive and began eating a lot. My sex drive began to diminish even more than it had already and I really was becoming upset. This month, I had my doctor write the prescription to be brand specific Wellbutrin XL because I really wanted to give it a ...

Bi polar, too many meds? Had an accusation at work of "taking something "?

Posted 8 Sep 2015 by Iitserriee 3 answers

I take wellbutrin 300xl and lithium 300 in the morning, lithium mid day... And the medications i take at night are: lithium, seroquel 150 and lamictal 300. I am a waitress, and I'm shaking spilling drinks. I get lightheaded; and my memory is questionable. With this being said, one of my ...

Hi. I'm Luanne. been taking 150 mg of wellbutrin in the am now I'm starting 300 mg today?

Posted 16 Aug 2015 by luanneneed1 1 answer

150 made me tired by afternoon and now u wonder how 300 will be so I've decided to take them a few hours before bed :)

Anxiety on Welbutrin? Should I be considering a smaller dosage?

Posted 15 Sep 2015 by Livdumer 3 answers

About 2 years ago I was really struggling with my depression and finally decided to go to my doctor about it. She put me on 300g Welbutrin (Bupropion), which definitely made a huge difference. I felt so much better. But unfortunately these past few months, maybe even nearing a year I've been ...

Can welbutrin be added addtional of what already is in contrave to keep my welbutrin at the same im?

Posted 26 Aug 2015 by Missme71 2 answers

I take welbutrin now.contrave has lower dose of welbutrin than I'm already on.can my welbutrin be adjusted so it can stay the same?

Wellbutrin - Seeing green when I wake up?

Posted 8 Aug 2015 by KodaJ 1 answer

I take Wellbutrin and Zoloft, I have been taking Zoloft longer then Wellbutrin. 4 Days before I started taking Wellbutrin I woke up one morning seeing green. I panicked calling for my mom. After going on Wellbutrin I have had eye problems 4 to 5 more times. I'm scared I'm going to go ...

I started wellbutrim 150mg last thursday; Friday I bumped up to 300mg and I am still smoking?

Posted 2 Oct 2015 by chaos0607 1 answer

the same when will this end??? I would really like to quit

Side Effects of Effexor?

Posted 7 May 2015 by crawling43 4 answers

Can anyone tell me if they had side effects on Effexor? My dr just changed my medication from Wellbutrin 300 mgs to Effexor 75mg then on 4th-150mgs. I have read a lot about weight gain & sexual side effects ... I have already gained 50 lbs on Wellbutrin & can't afford anymore weight ...

Wellbutrin XL - I was on effexor. It did not work. On Wellbutrin last 8 days. I am depressed?

Posted 14 Aug 2015 by Kagy 2 answers

... irritable. seems to be getting worse. I have what I will describe as low frequency zinging in my head. I cry too easily. Can't talk to my Doc until Monday

How long b4 the Wellbutrin starts to work?

Posted 27 Jul 2015 by happy-sad 1 answer

i used to be on this as s combo with Remeron. Seemed to work well. Was on 450mg Wellbutrin and ?forgot? Maybe 30/60mg if Remeron. Had to be taken off half of my meds 2yrs ago due to an interaction but now I'm having severe depression and my Dr just started me (6 days ago) on 150mg. Is that ...

Should my doctor have prescribed me Zoloft and Wellbutrin for insomnia?

Posted 6 Aug 2015 by Tired guy 1 answer

I've tryed a number of meds including all the natural alternatives. My doctor keeps having me try anti depressants, I don't feel like I have depression issues. Just a lack of energy from sleeping 1 or 2 hours a night, this also causes me to have anxiety and panic attacks from time to time.

Sexual Side-Effect Wellbutrin - anyone had increased libido while taking this?

Posted 12 Nov 2012 by mimi1231 3 answers

I started Wellbutrin SR (generic) 3 weeks ago to stop smoking. First week was 1x dose of 150mg in the morning. Second week I started 2x a day; first dose (150mg) around 8am, 2nd dose (150mg) around 2pm. I had stomach issues sometime last week, but I thought it was just a stomach bug, and I still ...

Wellbutrin-when to take?

Posted 27 Dec 2013 by lennongurl 4 answers

My dr put me on 150mg Wellbutrin once in the morning for a week then twice a day after that.I haven't started the twice a day even though it's been over a month since I've started the Wellbutrin. I take a lot of meds so it is hard to find time to take even one more. My question is ...

Dropping Effexor XR but keeping the Wellbutrin?

Posted 9 Feb 2015 by Maciemoo 4 answers

Does anyone know if it's necessary to do a slow weaning off Effexor XR if you're on a different antidepressant already? I'm only taking 75 mg of Effexor XR and 150 of Wellbutrin. I'd like to just stop taking the Effexor XR altogether since I only have 75 mg capsules and ...

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