I am currently weaning off my Paxil, because it have lead to conditions that have a huge impact on my health. My PCP recently said I’m pre-diabetic; I actually crave for so much carbs and sugar. I also had gotten a sleep study and found out that I average only 4% REM sleep. The Paxil has strongly strongly suppress my REM sleep which is causing memory problems. I’m only 20 and my mind is over the place. Even though the Paxil have work wonders for my MDD, SAD and GAD. i have been feeling extremely tired and unmotivated everyday.

So I’m looking forward to ask my psychiatrist to try Wellbutrin because I heard it’s energizing and helps SAD. I am terrified for this upcoming winter because it’s when my depression gets worse and I tend to sleep a lot.

What’s your experience on Wellbutrin? And what’s the best combination to go with it?