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Hi all, has anyone used Benzodiazepine's to quit drinking?

I know that Benzo's and alcohol work on the same receptors in your brain, and i've heard that Librium &/or Diazepam can help alcoholics to recover & stay off the drink. I've taken Librium at very short courses before when i've detoxed. Does anyone know the recommended... read more

How much Librium is generally prescribed for alcohol withdrawal?

I was given Librium awhile for alcohol withdrawal quite awhile ago and have relapsed. I can't remember what they told me I could take. I have 10mg and 20mg. Help! Thank you!

Trazodone - I took trazadone for 15 years for sleep. It's been 6 months of slowly coming off it. My?

... insomnia is getting worse. How long will it take to develop a regular sleep pattern again. The trazadone made my nightmares unbearable. That's why I came off it. I take .5 xanax, 15mg librium, and 500 mg robaxin every night to go to sleep but only sleep a few hours

I take 2mg of Klonopin twice daily. My doctor will not prescribe them any longer?

Will Librium keep me from withdrawals? If so, what milligram should I ask for? I have chronic panic/anxiety disorder, PTSD and depression.

How much 25 mg Librium can you take in a 24-hr. period?

I am a 15-20/day beer drinker and my doctor prescribed Librium. I found that one, 25 mg pill, every 4-6 hours on this first day is not cutting it. Feel like I need more than taper off, for a week.

When is it safe to drink alcohol after taking librium?

Have used librium for alcohol withdrawal for past two weeks. Now down to 10 mg a day phase. Took last 10 mg yesterday around 4pm (Ireland).

Is it safe to take Librium, trazodone and naltrexone together?

I am taking Librium for anxiety and alcohol withdraw, also taking trazodone for sleep. Both seem to work great. However, I still have that "craving" for wine. I have been drinking everyday for 10 years. After being hospitalized 2 weeks ago, I was put on those meds, today I am sober 14... read more

When is the best time to take naltrexone (50mg) morning or evening?

Helping a relative who has been a drinker for 15+years, last two months has been binge drinking all hours of the day and night. Received naltrexone and librium to help obtain sobriety. Relative took first dose of naltrexone at 8 pm, woke up at 2 am with night sweats, drank 2 oz of vodka and was up... read more

What happens if you drink while taking Librium?

Can a GP prescribe librium without the need for counselling alongside?

I have been asking for help for so long but I know that I just need librium to wean me off the physical withdrawal symptoms. I do not require counselling, I merely want to stop drinking without being ill.

How long must a person wait to begin taking librium after taking their last drink. Respond ASAP?

My family member was prescribed librium. But they are starting to feel crappy since it's been about give hours since their last drink and are wanting to drink to alleviate dt's instead of taking the risk of taking librium to soon after drinking. Side note( this person fell earlier today... read more

Considering switching from Klonopin to Librium?

Hi. This is my first post, so forgive any mistakes. I've been on a high dose of various benzos for almost 23 years. I've been diagnosed with GAD, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, and panic attacks. I used to drink a 6-pack of beer daily to help with my symptoms, but my doctor... read more

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