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Librium - How long does it take Chlordiazepoxide to start work?

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Kevin1960 30 May 2016

Chlotdiazetpoxide is a benzodiazepine - it's actually the first benzodiazepine ever marketed (under the brand-name Librium in 1960). Chlotdiazetpoxide isn't like an antidepressant - it doesn't need time to "kick in". Librium is somewhat slowly absorbed and reaches peak levels in the bloodstream several hours after taking it It begins to exert anti-anxiety effects about 1-2 hours after ingestion and works for about 6 hours. Librium is broken down by the liver into metabolites that are pharmacologically active. Alcohol and medicines that cause drowsiness shouldn't be used with Chlotdiazetpoxide. It's often used to relieve symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Inactive 3 Oct 2017

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