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L-Theanine - what is the best dosage for all day anxiety?

Posted 17 Apr 2013 by sweettserenity 2 answers

I have anxiety almost every day sometimes all day.

How long does it take for L-theanine to help with sleep or anxiety?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by sauce100 4 answers

How long if I am taking 200 mg per day of Ltheanine does it take for my mind t rest so I can sleep without my worries or anxieties of the next day? Or have me wake up with anxiety all day or depression? thank u

What is your experience in using L-theanine for improving sleep quality?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by lnko 4 answers

I have also problems in concentration, learning and memorising. I was told that L-theanine could be used in such cases. Please, share your experience. This will help me to improve my health. Thanks in advance.

Can L-theanine be taken with alcohol?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by Lindalane 1 answer

what are the effects of L-theanine when mixed with alcohol/ son drinks beer daily for his anxiety problems,which he has had since childhood.He is 36 yrs old now.I was wondering if he could take L-theanine even though he drinks alcohol.Maybe it could help him cut down or even quit the ...

L-Theanine - When is the best time to take it?

Posted 23 Jul 2015 by Gypsylee 1 answer

In the morning on an empty stomach or at bedtime? Reading conflicting information about causing drowsiness. I need it as a stress and anxiety reliever. If I take it at bedtime will it still work all the next day to keep me calm?

L theanine and lemon balm for anxiety?

Posted 13 Jul 2013 3 answers

I take the Life extension formula with these two ingredients, also take melantonin as it mixes well with the buspar I take..reordered anxietin I think it is called... can not tell if they help... but also cannot tell the Xanax I have taken for years helps unless I take 2 pills at once do not want ...

High Blood Pressure Medications and L-Theanine?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by Bigmarv52 0 answers

I have High Blood Pressure and take meds for the condition. I also suffer from sad mood swings from time to time.. Can I take L-Theanine with my meds to relieve the symptoms of depression?

Has anyone felt any relief from restless leg syndrome with taking L-Theanine?

Posted 8 Nov 2017 by Tulip1985 2 answers

I suffer from terrible RLS and have tried multiple different meds and supplements. A friend recomended L-Theanine has this worked for anyone else?

L-Theanine - Is L Theanine safe to take for a long period of time?

Posted 11 Apr 2016 by sherrycroll 1 answer

I just started L Theanine for anxiety and was wondering if you can take it for a long period time safely.

What process is used to manufacture L-theanine from tea leaves?

Posted 2 Oct 2017 by praymom4 0 answers

How do manufacturers get L-theanine from the tea leaves? Do they use steam distillation? Do they dry the leaves? Is there a natural form of L-Theanine vs the synthetic form (Suntheanine)? I want to know how L-Theanine is gotten from the plant (tea leaves)?

Anyone using l theanine?

Posted 26 May 2017 by Emnpoppy 1 answer

I am taking anti depressants but still very anxious it's been about 9 weeks now, I've read about l Theanine and wondered if anyone with bad anxiety had good results with it and after how long?

L-Theanine - I have read where theanine reduces inflammation and boost the immune system. Having?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Tamredhawk 0 answers

... lupus, I'm curious if it works. Any thoughts?

Rhodiola Rosea - Can I take rhodiola and l theanine together?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 by Atoigo 0 answers

I've been taking l theanine 100 mg twice a day for anxiety and just bought rhodiola (also to take twice a day, 125 mg) today to aide in weight loss. Can I take them both safely for the next 6 weeks?

L-Theanine - Can it be taken with gabapentin?

Posted 15 Jun 2017 by mishmosh 0 answers

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