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L-Theanine Questions

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How long does it take for L-theanine to help with sleep or anxiety?

How long if I am taking 200 mg per day of Ltheanine does it take for my mind t rest so I can sleep without my worries or anxieties of the next day? Or have me wake up with anxiety all day or depression? thank u

Has anyone tried l-theanine at bedtime to counter bouts of restless legs syndrome (RLS)?

There have been some reports that it helps increase dopamine levels in the nervous system. Some of the medicines given to prevent RLS, like gabapentin, are thought to work by this mechanism. Conversely, some medications, such as certain antipsychotics, are dopamine antagonists and sometimes seem to... read more

L-Theanine - what is the best dosage for all day anxiety?

I have anxiety almost every day sometimes all day.

Has anyone used L-theanine with synthroid?

I noticed on one site that l-theanine can affect your thyroid. Since I have had my thyroid removed & take 75 mg of synthroid as a replacement, I am concerned about the safety of taking l-theanine with the synthroid. Has anyone taking synthroid had a problem with taking l-theanine?

I am trying to ween off of Xanax and replace it with L-Theanine, I am so dizzy I cannot function?

I am also so tired I can sleep 12 hours at a time. I am only taking my Xanax every other day .25 mg. Is it possible on such a small dose to be withdrawing?

L theanine and lemon balm for anxiety?

I take the Life extension formula with these two ingredients, also take melantonin as it mixes well with the buspar I take..reordered anxietin I think it is called... can not tell if they help... but also cannot tell the Xanax I have taken for years helps unless I take 2 pills at once do not want... read more

Has anyone felt any relief from restless leg syndrome with taking L-Theanine?

I suffer from terrible RLS and have tried multiple different meds and supplements. A friend recomended L-Theanine has this worked for anyone else?

Has anyone used L-Theanine with the drug Tramadol?

I'm having a tough time going to sleep so I'm thinking that if I take L-Theanine at bedtime, maybe it will help. I'm on 50mg of Tramadol at bedtime. I do not want to add another Drug.

L-Theanine and SNRIs?

I take 225mg of Effexor daily, which I believe is classified as an SNRI. I am also tapering off of Valium - I'm at 10 mg of that a day. I have been researching L-Theanine as a way to help me with the Valium withdrawal. But since L-Theanine is an agonist of GABA and assists in balancing and... read more

L-Theanine - Theanine for cats ?

I have read it can because used in cats for anxiety issues ? If so , what is the dosage ?

Can L-theanine be taken with alcohol?

what are the effects of L-theanine when mixed with alcohol/ son drinks beer daily for his anxiety problems,which he has had since childhood.He is 36 yrs old now.I was wondering if he could take L-theanine even though he drinks alcohol.Maybe it could help him cut down or even quit the... read more

I am currently taking 20 mg daily of buspirone.

Will it be beneficial to me to take l-theanine daily also? Or will it just be a waste of money?

Please Help! l-theanine 100 mg?

I have panic attacks and my doctor suggested I try l-theanine. I tried 100 mg two days in a row and I thought I had found the miracle supplement. It worked better than anything I have ever tried. However, on the third day, I took it just as I felt myself going into some anxiety and I had the worst... read more

Can you nurse/breastfeed while taking l-theanine?

I just had a baby a few months ago and want to take a more natural/holistic way to help with the baby blues. I have 2 other children all under the age of 4 so I can get overwhelmed sometimes. I want to know if anyone has taken l-theanine while nursing their baby and what (if any) type of reaction... read more

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