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Omeprazole - How long does it take for 20 mgs taken twice a day to leave you system?

Posted 20 Apr 2016 by antisal 1 answer

I was taking 20 mgs for a month then doc suggested to double the med because I was still getting stomach pains. Gastro doc suggested I double the dose..taken 12 hours apart. I was slammed with all the major side effects. :( I have stopped all the med, but need to know how long it will take to clear ...

Any one of you have constipation issues while in Lexapro 10 mg?

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by School bus driver 1 answer

I have what my gastro call lazy colon. I have been feeling good with Lexapro but I am not going...

I'm a laryngectomy since 2001 and have barrett's esophagus so I need these biopsies done every?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by Congdon 2 0 answers

Having an esophageal bx in May. Dr. said 5 days off plavix before procedure. I have a gastro Dr. in Nashville and a vascular dr. in Knoxville who I have just seem recently in Feb. My question is don't these two Dr's need to get together via e-mail or phone to advise me the best approach ...

Can Zofran be used long term prn?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by Do da 11211964 0 answers

Propranolol - Does this drug affect gastro-related fight or flight anxiety symptoms?

Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Anxiety_Sucks 1 answer

I get all the usual anxiety-related symptoms before major presentations for work: insanely fast heartbeat, shaky, cold hands, can't think... BUT I also get the worst of it all, the almost immediate need to use the washroom, and NOT to throw up. Believe me, feeling like you're about to get ...

Amitriptyline - Amitrptyline for Nausea?

Posted 22 Apr 2016 by kel0277 6 answers

I have been suffering with Nausea constantly for 5 months now I have seen the gastro doctor had ultra sound scan, lots of blood tests, and a gastroscopy all have come back clear which is great but does not help my nausea I have lost weight, appetite goes, I have now been prescribed 10mg of ...

Citalopram 20mg and Swanson Zinc carnosine??

Posted 4 Jul 2016 by Ghandroo 0 answers

Good morning all, Could someone please help me. I am on citalopram 20mg daily and sufffer from bad IBS/ Gastro issues with a suspected hiatll hernia. Could anyone tell me if there is any possible interaction between citalopram 20mg and swanson zinc carnosine tablets? Any help would be much ...

Escitalopram - Has any one had gastro problems on this medication?

Posted 31 May 2016 by lady from T.O. 2 answers

Hi I just started taking this medication escitalopram on May 30/16. I have been having an extraordinary long bout of depression, probably starting the end of 2015 and getting worse early Spring. I am a woman, and turning 62 in September. I was diagnosed with anxiety depressive disorder in my mid ...

Nausea/Vomiting - I am so sick every morning with horrible nausea that sometimes lasts all day,?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by sandracole 3 answers

... taking zofran, dramamine, promethazine bothers me, I have had egd's and other tests, tried other meds and other drs. I do not vomit just severely nauseaus, had this about 5 years, I dont know what to do, glad to see a support group that I can join, this really depresses me and I feel like ...

I have a had a period with implant after starting to take erythromycin?

Posted 12 May 2016 by Lisa may 0 answers

I have had the contraceptive implant for over a year now and have had no periods. I recently had to start taking erythromycin gastro-resistant tablets and after 3 days of taking them I had a period. Why is this? and also will the contraception be less effective

Zofran - how long does it takr got zogtan to leave your system I a, haveing bad side affects?

Posted 29 Sep 2015 by mrscrisos 4 answers

Heart rate sweats chills cant sleep shakeing throwing up mucus in diarea

This might sound dumb but does hep c affect your gastro intestines?

Posted 14 Feb 2016 by Leilei123 0 answers

I have known I have hep c for about two years now and could have gotten it up to 15 years ago I am 33 and know some of the side effects I am having like bruising,major irritability and weakness. I seen a question about a gi and began to wander if it could cause weight gain and bloating also.

I was prescribed ondansetron odt 4 mg 3 times a day as needed for nausea. I was injected with a?

Posted 14 Jan 2016 by froggergal 0 answers

... dose in the er and later took 1 and started feeling better. Should I take a second tablet as prescribed or not

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