After at least 3 years of a chronic and often wet cough, and before I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis, I was given a long round of doxycycline to treat an infection in my lung (i was told the was a staph infection) and then to help suppress my chronic cough. It worked for about three months and then my cough returned. I went in for another sputum test, which led to the diagnosis of mrsa colonization in my lung. In the mean time, I was given a diagnosis of a mild case of bronchiectasis. Now the only treatment that I'm being given for my condition is to use a nebulizer machine and an acapella flutter valve twice a day, for what the pulmonologist refers to as "lung hygiene". It does seem to help, but just recently my cough is getting worse again. What can I be treated with if I'm resistant to treatment with antibiotics? I think that my years of GERD may have caused the bronchiectasis. I've been taking omeprazole for many years and just added pepcid at my doctors suggestion to help with any asymptomatic acid reflux, especially while sleeping.