I just started taking this medication escitalopram on May 30/16.
I have been having an extraordinary long bout of depression, probably starting the end of 2015 and getting worse early Spring.
I am a woman, and turning 62 in September. I was diagnosed with anxiety depressive disorder in my mid 20's and have been on many a/d's over the years.
Early 2016 I tried Pristiq and Abilify (anti psycotic). Did very little except I gained weight and messed up my already messed up digestive system.
I had an eating disorder for 12 years until 1989 when I found out I was pregnant. I messed up my system so badly by taking huge amounts of laxatives I am still paying and will be paying the price for that abuse for the rest of my life.
Even though I am not active in my eating disorder I am still very aware of body image and weight.
Who can tell me what their experience with this medication was like in regards to gastro issues.
Yes, I also just started Wellbutrin XL 150 at the same time. Since it is May 31st, I have taken only two days worth of medication.
Will anyone out there share your experiences with me.
I am so nervous as to whether this so called 'drug cocktail' will work for me. To think I might have to go through who knows how long before I feel fully functional is beyond horrifying to me.
Thanks to all