Hello, I am new. I have always been naturally a shy type of person and nervous. The last few years since I have been sober, I wouldn't say I felt great, but not bad either.. just not as happy as I think a person should be. As of November this year I started to feel noticeably depressed, and unmotivated to work and do much of anything. I want to lay in bed even though I am not sleepy. Nothing in my social life has changed, and my doctor said sometimes you can't pin-point a reason and it's caused just by a chemical imbalance. I tried Zoloft, and spiraled down to where I could not even function for the 2 weeks i was on it and tried sticking it out. So i tapered off of that. After 2 weeks of being off zoloft, I just started taking escitalopram (5 mg) yesterday. I noticed it's much more pricy, and I had to try the zoloft before I "qualified" for lexapro. I know everyone is different, but generally how does this med work and how long until it takes effect? And has anyone else felt like this, where depression seemed to spark randomly, without any negative life-occurrence?

Thank you very much for any feedback