I was diagnosed with quiet borderline personality disorder (quiet BPD) just this past Tuesday, I started 10 mg of Lexapro this past Tuesday as well, and basically day 3, so last night I was filled with anxiety it felt like there was no escape I soon could not fall asleep because it felt as if my brain was spiraling and I couldn't control all my negative thoughts and I woke up this morning still shaky, full of anxiety, I took other past medication that has helped me not breakdown cry the entire day, but I was warned by the pharmacist that this could potentially make anxiety levels worsen while getting used too, but my dad who is actually a therapist, believes I was feeling great and then i crashed which is what happened and that this medication is just no good for me, so I called my psychiatrist obviously to get her input and shes not in today, so i dont know if I continue taking it or not now and I need to know by when I go to bed tonight?