I have emotional instability while I'm doing EMDR therapy for PTSD the therapy and what we're talking about makes my moods unstable.
After a bad mood swing episode I went to a psychiatrist in urgency and he prescribed escitalopram 10mg he warned me of the side effects (anxiety and such) and informed me I would not feel any noticeable change in mood until 1-4weeks minimum. Today I took the first dose 5mg and felt first in the clouds and depersonalized, then the anxiety he warned me about this doesn't concern me as I'm aware its normal later in the day... the thing is I felt so... happy, I felt so so happy, I didn't have that dragging feeling I always did, I sat down and did so many things and felt very happy and almost felt like I couldn't feel sad.
I know I shouldn't complain it felt amazing to feel happy and I felt like superwoman BUT I'm also concerned it acted that fast when I was told it would take time.
I'm afraid even the 5mg is too much and next week I should double the dose which I am NOT
I unfortunately don't see him until next month and I dont feel that much happiness from that dose is okay so im thinking of not taking the second dose or any other until I see him in a month just to be safe. I think its better to stop if its only one dose rather than continue and have it be harder after many doses. Will it affect in any way that I already took half a pill? Can I stop it?