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Burning Mouth Syndrome - tongue numb or itchy or tinglilng or burning...anyone had success with?

Posted 23 Jun 2014 by stacyalundblad 3 answers

Anyone have answer to how to get mouth flora back to normal? Is it the gut? Yeast? Now I am eating raw garlic to help with the symptoms.

Burning Mouth Syndrome - could gabapentin make this worse?

Posted 17 Feb 2014 by Marsha Kaye 6 answers

I just got home from the ER and was treated with dilaudid andzofran. They also gave me a GI cocktail containing lidocaine and milk of magnesia. My throat, esophagus, mouth, lips and nostrils burned like habaneros had been rubbed all over them. My pain is triggered by eating just about anything and ...

How many of you can remember having a dental procedure prior to onset of Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Posted 5 May 2017 by Sylvia Lawing 7 answers

I had Burning Mouth Syndrome after a dental procedure. I had many painful fissures and a one inch circular dark red sore on my tongue. There was a water blister the size of a dime in the middle of this circle. There is a great lack of understanding concerning this illness. I was seen at one of the ...

Foods to avoid when I'm diagnosed with BMS?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by TeddiBuckner 5 answers

I was just diagnosed with Burning Mouth Syndrome. I was told there is two different stages, as to I was diagnosed with the extreme one. I have never felt anything like what I do with BMS, personally I'd rather give birth all over instead of what I feel with this. I'm ok when I get up in ...

Burning Mouth Syndrome - Ive had classic type 1 BMS for almost two years now and at times it is?

Posted 19 Feb 2016 by rhuttnyc 3 answers

... almost unbearable. I've tried everything, clonapine, alpha lopaic acid, capsicum, vit b complex and nothing seems to help it. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Has anyone tried accupunture? I'm desperate for any help

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I know that using baking soda used for toothpaste will not burn, but it is?

Posted 4 Apr 2016 by firelips 3 answers

... not an option. I've been using Kiss My Face sensitive, as if I hurry, I can add water to the sonic before it gets too bad. Then I read that it has carcinogens . Now what?

Burning Mouth Syndrome - What has worked for you?

Posted 14 Mar 2017 by Chantel0707 5 answers

Let's post positive things that have helped with BMS... I will begin by saying. I have had BMS for 4 years. It was in remission for the past year, but just recently started up again. For me, I had cut out all caffeine - including chocolate and pop. This seemed to have helped, but recently I ...

Anything new on BMS 2013?

Posted 30 Oct 2013 by Margiedaniels 4 answers

I've had burning mouth syndrome for 3 years and I becoming very worn down from the pain and wondered if anything new has surfaced to help?

Has anyone had extreme hair loss due to BMS?

Posted 14 Jan 2014 by nlsmith1963 4 answers

I have had this burning mouth since September 2013. I have not gotten too much into the treatment yet but I was prescribed Magic Mouthwash and I already take klonopin for my anxiety. Thank you for any information that you can give me and I'm really glad I found this support group.

Burning Mouth Syndrome - Has anyone used aloe Vera to help bms? I have suffered with this for?

Posted 25 May 2015 by DianeMoran 2 answers

... almost 4 years. I have tried so many different things without success. Since taking aloe Vera I have experienced some marked relief. Would some one else out there please try this to see if it works. It must be the medicinal aloe Vera plant. Peel off the green skin and eat the White gel. Give it ...

Has anyone ever used Amytriptaline. for burning mouth syndrome, or for mouth sores? Does it work?

Posted 14 Jan 2016 by Profbev51 3 answers

I have had burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth and numerous mouth sores for about 2 years. I have tried almost every cream, pill, mouth rinse, gels etc, to treat these issues,,but nothing much has helped. I heard that amitryptaline (sp. ?) has proven to be very helpful to some people who have similar ...

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I have been on Clonazepam for so many years I have lost count. Sometimes it

Posted 8 Oct 2013 by Jen-Jen 3 answers

... helps, sometimes not. Most of the time my mouth is on fire. I am fearful of going off the Clonazepam because of the effects it can cause. I have had BMS for 31 years now. I am thinking about the Amitryptalene... Jen

Burning Mouth Syndrome - could this be an allergy, who else could I see?

Posted 2 Dec 2013 by connieq2 3 answers

I have had a burning tongue and sometimes my teeth hurt. I went to an ENT who took a lot of blood tests and said they came back negative. My tongue still burns after a year. Could this be an allergy, and who else could I see

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I have had acute onset BMS for two years and usually the pain by late?

Posted 20 May 2016 by rhuttnyc 3 answers

... afternoon/early evening is excruciating. I have tried every prescription and non-prescription remedy I know of with only high dose Clonapin giving short mild relief. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm desperate! Has anyone tried medical marijuana for pain relief? Thanks

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