I just got home from the ER and was treated with dilaudid andzofran. They also gave me a GI cocktail containing lidocaine and milk of magnesia. My throat, esophagus, mouth, lips and nostrils burned like habaneros had been rubbed all over them. My pain is triggered by eating just about anything and I have started losing weight as a result. I keep my bloodsugars low in case this is diabetic nerve damage, bit I also have biopsy-confirmed systemic sarcoid that is attacking my CNS and several other organs. Pudding is one of the only substances I can eat comfortably. I began taking gabapentin a month ago, and my pain is worse than before I started taking it. Could gabapentin be responsible for amplifying this BMS? I feel Iike the gabapentin awakened the beast, so to speak. Any thoughts for the newbie? Please help!