I read one of your former entries in which you mentioned using carbamazepine, I think 200 mg. once daily. I was wondering if it provided Pain relief for your Burning Mouth? Are you still using it, same dose? Or anyone else who has had tried it for Burning Mouth Syndrome. I will have BMS for 8 years in a few months. Currently, taking gabapentin 100 mg once a day (higher doses blew out my white blood cell count) and Diazepam every 12 hours. I tried Klonopin swish & spit initially, then was switched to swallowing Klonopin but due to side effects I had to discontinue it. When I was 13-14 I developed trigeminal neuralgia and was prescribed Dilantin by Neurologist. After several years the trigeminal neuralgia went away. What a gift from God. Then many decades later, 8 years ago I developed this Primary BMS which had sudden onset and it has been with me 24/7 ever since. My diet is nothing but 1 coffee in morning and ICE Water remainder of day. I steam fresh veggies and eat fresh fruit, plain yogurt, avoid tomatoes for dinner. I make healthy salads but without any dressing as they cause pain - I spritz them with olive oil instead. I sleep 3-4 hours a night due to pain. I live in a state in USA where dentists and doctors refuse to write for any medication that is 'controlled'. If Tylenol or Advil doesn't fix your pain, you're out of luck, no need to return to their office. Too many days I am feeling I cannot or do not wish to keep on going in this pain. Neither do I feel friends or family understand. I guess because I look normal, can walk, drive, pay bills, and talk, people are incapable of understanding how painful this is and how is destroys your quality of life. I digress. Anyone with positive experience long term with carbamazepine (Tegretol) for BMS? Thanks so much... K2Z