My BMS is lowest in morning, escalates throughout the day and then by night or bedtime the pain is at its worst. Consequently, I rarely fall asleep before 3:00 am due to the intensified pain. I keep ice water on my night stand but drinking/sipping water keeps you up all night. Can anyone offer tips or experience on how to sleep when pain is worst at night? Doctors in my state refuse to write for any sleep med (zolpidem or similar) and my insurance would require the doctor to first spend months getting it authorized. I've tried already. Insurance does not want anything controlled to be prescribed and doctors are reluctant for BMS. I guess if you had open heart or brain surgery they might give you something for sleep, if insurance allowed it. Benadryl leaves me lethargic next day. I sleep about 4 hours at most a night for last 7 years now since BMS began. Before BMS I had no problems falling asleep and remaining asleep until morning and did not need any medication or supplement. Thank you for any suggestions that have helped you with sleep. Best to everyone.