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Thoes taking name brand Wellbutrin from Direct Success; How's it working? Are you Feeling better?

Posted 24 Jan 2015 by RichMich 20 answers

I take Wellbutrin XL 300 mg. When I was switched from Brand name Wellbutrin to Par, Anchen, & Actavis generics I became more depressed, and had adverse reactions like unexplainable weight gain, Rashes, allergies, contact dermatitis to products that I had never been allergic to before ( I had ...

My pharmacist gave me 15mgarmour thyroid by Forest and 60mg by actavis are they the same?

Posted 31 Mar 2017 by George23 1 answer

I get 60mg of armyur thyroid made by ACTAVIS and 15mg made by Forest-are the ingredients the same in both pills? The pharmacy has so many of the 15mg they are probablyy trying to get rid of! I'm thinking of changing to Nature-throid it is much less expensive and by taking 4 tablets a day of ...

Escitalopram - can different brands cause different side effects?

Posted 3 May 2016 by Lisa_OB 1 answer

I usually take the rowex brand of escitalopram, however my pharmacist gave me the actavis brand nealy a month ago. Since then, I am gaining weight, constantly hungry, real vivid dreams and getting hot sweats. Could this be due to the brand change?

Ondansetron from Actavis- about the non-active ingredients?

Posted 17 Apr 2016 by mordy14 0 answers

Are the magnesium stearate and Triacitin derived from vegetable or animal ingredients?

What do these small white circular pills contain?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 by Nickyy V13 1 answer

They are small perfect circles. One side is numbered 270 while the other has the Actavis logo. (Creasant moon) I did my own search and came up with mixed results. Appreciate any input.

Pink pill 26 manufacturer actavis totowa?

Posted 13 Feb 2016 by tlc0720 1 answer

What is this round orange pill with an Actavis Totowa symbol with 26 beside it?

Posted 31 Jan 2016 by Agully 2 answers

It has an Actavis Totowa symbol with 26 beside it. It's round & orange with nothing but a score line on the other side. Thanks!

Is there a difference between taking lexapro and actavis escitalopram as I switched recently?

Posted 17 Jun 2014 by Ghinch30 1 answer

I recently switched to activis because it was cheaper and i bought them on holidays.. I havent been feeling well last few days anxiety wise

Help identify this pill?

Posted 30 Sep 2015 by mkmastermind 0 answers

the imprint is 263 on one side and has a logo on the other. The logo is iether actavis or A&Z. they are very similar. the color is lt blue or turqouise.. It is shaped like a capsule but is solid like a tablet. ANY IDEAS?

Need to id pills found in sons room?

Posted 29 Aug 2015 by hether kelly 1 answer

It's orange round the front has a crescent moon shape or Actavis Totowa with a 26 beside it the back has an indented line down the center with two little indented hashes on both sides of the main center line

What is the difference between rosuvastatin teva and rosuvastatin actavis?

Posted 2 Dec 2014 by maggie con 1 answer

my prescription states rosuvastatin teva but this time when I got my medications I have been given rosuvastatin actavis. Is there a difference between the two.

Do you have a list of pharmacies in the Los Angeles area who sell Actavis?

Posted 19 Mar 2015 by dleal 1 answer

I'm having difficulty finding a pharmacy who has it in stock, which I need for my son. Thank you

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