I have been on 1mg alprazolam for years and it has been the only thing that will help my anxiety and panic disorder. My pharmacist has always had the alprazolam made by Greenstone and then without any warning he switched to a different brand (Actavis) and when I got home and took my next 1mg of alprazolam made by Actavis it didn't work after talking this new brand my pharmacist switch to (Actavis) i started to feel like i was having withdrawals. can somebody tell me if they're having the same problem that I'm having with this brand? Can somebody tell me why this brand does not perform like the greenstone brand? I know it's not just me because I I had 3 of the Greenstone brand left over in a bottle from a month prior and I took them and immediately could tell I took my medication but now I am back on the brand that does not work (Actavis) I'm having problems with my anxiety and panic attacks. Is there anyway I can contact Actavis and tell them the problem that I am having?