I have got some 10mg diazepam pills that are actavis brand, the imprint says D 10 with a break line in the middle between the D and 10, now the reason I’m suspicious is because I’ve had actavis 10mgs before and these are different to ones I’ve had in the past, they’re abnormally thin and very easy to break in half, like they’re REALLY thin, like an aspirin pill. I’ve NEVER seen a diazepam tablet this thin before. Diazepam is a lifeline to me, I suffer from SEVERE anxiety and chronic back pain and stiffness and I can’t leave the house for longer than about 10-20 minutes, unless, I have taken a quarter or half a 10mg diazepam. I just want to know if these are going to do the job I need them to and help me get through my pain and panic. If someone needs me to I can send pictures of them to you. TIA.