Has anyone else been taking the Generic Adderall - Orange pill, from manufacturer Actavis?? I have been taking 30mg x2 a day of this brand since November 2015. It worked absolute wonders!!
On Saturday, 2/27, I went to fill my Adderall RX and when taking it out once I got home, I noticed it was a round pink pill. First thoughts were - New manufacturer, the pharmacist gave me the wrong medicine or the Dr wrote it wrong. I searched it on pill identifier and it WAS the correct Adderall 30mg, so thinking not much about it, I took my first dose. 3 hours later, I break it in half and take 15mg, and 3 hours after that, I take the other half 15mg.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!! My head was spinning a mile a minute with things I had get done right I away as if it were life and death if I didn't hurry and for example: fold the clothes in the dryer. My heart was racing, I was talking a mile a minute, jumping from one story to the next, talking aloud of everything I need to do, started about 5 different things to do, not finishing any of them and forgetting even where I left off!
My husband asks: Are you OK??? I said No, not at all, something is wrong, I think I got bad medicine, I can't slow down, I cant stop moving and my heart and head is racing. We have 3 sons, 7 y/o twins and 2 y/o. The twins are both Type 1 diabetic, it was time to check their glucose and give them insulin. My husband is begging me to stop and call the pharmacy or Dr. or he would take me to the ER. I was freaking out, telling him I have to check the boys sugar first, they still need their shots, and baths, and the bay needs dinner, I don't think I got everything out of my car, I had 2 more bags of groceries, etc, etc. etc, I'm searching the entire house for 2 bags, run back when I realize I haven't checked the twins blood sugar. He finally sat me down, gave me the phone and Adderall RX while he took care of the kids. Because of their health problems I am in the pharmacy on a regular basis getting medicines and diabetic supplies and we all know each by name. I called and when the pharmacist asked how I was, I told her not good, not at all. she then got nervous. I asked her to please hurry and double check the Adderall script I had dropped off because it is not what I normally take and about to drive up the wall. Come to find out - it was a different manufacturer called Corepharma. She said the pills for Actavis had been recalled and the Corepharma is what they sent her for generic. The Actavis Adderall XR (capsules) were fine though. I told her I would call my dr first thing in the morning to see what he recommended because there was no way I could ever take that pill again. I asked if any other patients had called with the same side effects or any bad side effects and no one had. I get up 3 am every morning for work - I could not sleep at all that night, had been up since 3am, had 2 sick children with the flu home from school the following day and my dr was in the other office that day and i had to drive an hour to get to him. I gave him the bottle of pills, kept the MedGuide info sheet - because I want t report it! and he switched me to brand name Adderall XR 30mg at 3 am when I wake up and 10mg of the XR at 1pm. The pharmacy had to order the 10mg XR, so I am only taking the 30 mg in the morning and the XR is not quite as effective as the Actavis pills I was taking.

Has anyone else had a problem with this or does anyone else currently take Corepharma tabs? If so - how does it affect you? Any recommendations for a different generic manufacturer for the regular Adderall tabs not XR? Actavis worked like a charm and I'm bothered that it was recalled.
Thanks all!