I have a 21 month old and 5 month old both of which were concieved while i was on the pill. So my doctor decided to switch my contraception. he put me on the depo shot the day after my period had stopped (it was my first period after the pregnancy which only lasted 3 days and i found that strange anyways! ) before i got the shot i felt strange again and had asked the doctor to do a pregnancy test on me. it was negative. so i reluctantly got the shot. I start lightly bleeding the 2nd May on and off (mainly off) for 2 weeks. I havent had it since. I start experiencing a new symptom every day, the heavy tender breasts, the headaches, the stuffy nose when wakenin up, the bleeding gums, the back ache, the cramping, mood swings, weight gain and nausea. everything i had with my previous 2 pregnancies. I returned to doc on time for my injection and told him how i felt he said it was normal and didnt do a test just gave me the shot. I felt so guilty getting it. I am now feeling strange flutter-like feelings in my tummy that only i can feel. My partner got me to do a test the other day and it too came out negative. I dont know what is going on but I do know however that there definately is something up. Could I be pregnant on the depo provero shot?
*I have been on weight loss pills such as raspberry ketones, xls medical and maxi slim burner since I got the shot.
*I had a few wee accidents within the month after i gave birth. (sexually with partner)
*I have been physically sick since i got the first shot.
*I did not do any research on it beforehand so I didnt realise i needed a back up for the first 7 days after gettin the shot.
*I usually have regular periods, 7 days long
*with my first son it took 3 pregnancy tests - 2 clear blue and 1 by doc - I was 5 weeks before anything showed.
*with my second it took 7 - 4 clear blue, 2 by doc <- all negative and 1 by hospital because i sprained my ankle!