I am overwhelmed by the negative reviews on this site for Cymbalta. I just started yesterday. Does anyone have positive experiences on Cymbalta for depression and anxiety???

After 5 years on Lexapro, it "pooped out". I can easily say that Lexapro changed my life. Heck, it got me through both my ridiculous wedding and my awful divorce!! But as many meds do, it stopped working. I went through serious depression and anxiety. I tried Zoloft for 3 months, and it made me miserable. Wouldnt get out of bed, thought i was loosing my mind. So I tried Lexapro again, but with Wellbutrin XL. I had rare, but severe allergic reaction to the Wellbutrin.

So now my dr has decided to try Cymbalta. I'm discouraged by these reviews. I was already discouraged that neither Zoloft nor Wellbutrin worked; both seem really well-tolerated by most people.
(I also have a great therapist, so I'm not relying solely on ADs)

Anyone really happy with Cymbalta?
Looking for hope???