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Does myrbetriq cause hair loss?

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Marvell 6 Sep 2013

Hair loss does not appear to be a known side effect of Myrbetriq ... but I suppose it may be possible.

laneykit 29 Oct 2014

I have been taking Myrbetriq 50 mg for about 2 months now. I love the way it works for me, and that is saying a lot because once my insurance would not carry Detrol LA anymore, I have had four long years of trying one drug after another trying to get the same relief I got from Detrol LA. That said, I am experiencing major hair loss that is comparable to when I have tried to take Elmiron in the past. I know from this experience that the cause of my hair loss is most likely medication related, not environmental, and Myrbetriq is the only drug change I have had in a year. I called my Doctor, but she said it is unlikely. I am about to swap over to a substitute for a few months to try out my theory before I am bald. Has anyone else experienced this?

froggycat 14 Feb 2015

I am losing hair to but it my be something else- stress or other meds . I wondered about the hair loss when my husband said "you are shedding" I am wondering too but I have had a lot of stress lately- caring for my dying mother and her loss and other family health issues. I have been taking myrbetric for about 4 months.

kip694 10 Jul 2015

I have been taking Myrbetriq for about a year now, and I have lost a huge amount of hair. It has been devastating because I had no clue it was the medication causing it. But I also had another rare side effect with Myrbetriq. While testing to figure out why my hair was falling out, my doctor discovered that my liver was not working quite right. (AST and ALT levels almost 4 times the normal range). I have NEVER been sick with anything in my life other than common colds, etc. In addition, I have NEVER had any alcohol. I just don't drink and never have. There was no reason for the levels to be where they were. My doctor discovered that liver problems were a rare side effect of Myrbetriq. And while she could not find any information on the Myrbetriq causing hair loss, she COULD find information on liver issues causing hair loss.

39peachy47 31 Aug 2017

I am having major hair loss & the only new drug I'm taking is Myrbetriq, so that must be it! I think I'll try 2 Oxytrol patches at a time. I need my hair!! Although the oral oxybutinin gave me nightmares.

Barbie1955 15 Oct 2017

I also am suffering hair loss that is not normal. I have been using Mybetriq for only 3 months and the hair loss worsened in the last month and has gotten bad in the last week. I am no longer going to use this product.

olgajmccray 25 Oct 2017

I have also been taking Myrbetriq for about 3 months and now starting to notice hair loss. I already went through hair loss a few years back when I switched birth control from ortho to mirena. Feels like the same thing all over again... i am going to stop taking this medicine even though it's the only thing that has provided relief... I may have to try some herbal meds or maybe the botox my Urologist suggested. Good luck ladies! free discount card

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