I have been taking Gabapentin for 2 years now due to nerve damage suffered before and during my backsurgery. I had to basically learn to walk all over again so lack of balance and clumsiness were issues from the start. I still have slight problems with balance. BUT I have noticed increasing problems with short term memory loss. So much so that my family becomes agitated with me and now it has apparently filtered into my ability to do my job as I have just been written up at work for "not paying attention". 2 years later and I am still taking 3200 mg daily, I have tried backing off the dosage but can't stand the pain to do so. I'm 50 years old and absolutely don't want to go on disability. I have sticky notes everywhere and have people text me with things I need to remember, but these steps just aren't helping anymore. I'm becoming more and more depressed over the issue and am crying just typing this discussion now. Any suggestions out there???