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What is the maximum daily dosage of Gabapentin?

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Island guy 23 Oct 2022

My doctor told me the max for nerve pain is 2400mg/day which is why i take gabapentin
I was taking 2400mg/day for a year and decided that I did not want to be addicted to gabapentin as I was at the max dose and eventually the benefit would wear off if not increased yet again
I am tapering at 200mg less per week
It is not easy
I am experiencing all the symptoms of withdrawal except suicidal thoughts
and more
this weird body feeling that sometimes feels like I'm falling asleep and numbness in my mouth
It is awful
I am starting week 7 @ 800mg/day
my impulse is to start back up again i feel so awful
I can function but just feel ... awful
and the nerve pain is coming back
I will tough it out and deal with the pain
I just do not want to be addicted to this stuff
doesn't matter to me if a doctor prescribes it or not
addiction is addiction

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masso 23 Oct 2022
beshill 18 May 2023

Try a supplement I have used for almost 10 years called Nerve Renew & an additive of Nerve Renew Optimizer.(R-alpha lipoec acid) for neuropathy. You can buy online - I have fibromyalgia 50 + yrs & helps burning feet at night.

BabyBit8369 24 July 2022

I believe the highest dosage for gabapentin is 800 mg

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links4rank 11 July 2021

Gabapentin dosage for neuropathic pain

Gabapentin is most frequently prescribed off-label to treat nerve pain (neuralgia) due to nerve damage (neuropathy), compression, or irritation.

Standard gabapentin dosage for adults: 300 to 1200 mg taken three times per day by mouth.
Maximum gabapentin dosage for adults: 3600 mg daily in three divided doses.
Renally impaired patients (kidney disease): See dosage for renal impaired patients above

Gabapentin dosage for fibromyalgia
Gabapentin is used off-label to reduce fatigue, provide pain relief, and improve sleep in patients with fibromyalgia.

Standard gabapentin dosage for adults: 600 mg twice daily and 1200 mg at bedtime.
Maximum gabapentin dosage for adults: 2400 mg daily.
Renally impaired patients (kidney disease): See dosage for renal impaired patients above


Gabapentin dosage for alcohol dependence
Gabapentin is widely used off-label to reduce insomnia and cravings in people with alcohol use disorder, particularly those in the maintenance phase of alcohol abstinence.

Standard gabapentin dosage for adults: 300 to 600 mg taken three times per day by mouth.
Maximum gabapentin dosage for adults: 1800 mg daily in three divided doses.

Renally impaired patients (kidney disease): See dosage for renal impaired patients above

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Lisasutt55 15 Aug 2019

If I take 1800 mg in 1 dose
For pain can it put me in a coma sleep
Or a long sleep

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yearsofit 16 Aug 2019

Although the FDA says 3600mg/day in most places, they have a more extensive doc about gabapentin/neurontin usage and bioavailability. First, your body can only process a certain amount taken and the rest is excreted, so large doses over their bioavailablity chart don't give larger effects. Lyrica and other meds have different bioavailability, so use smaller dosages. Since your kidneys do much of the work with gaba/neurontin, you want to make sure you do not have any kidney problems. A person may need lower doses or not use it due to that. Second, calcium channel meds like gabapentin are nonlinear, so side effects and benefits vary from person to person. What works or doesn't work for one, may be the opposite for another. That is why dosage benefits and side effects vary so much from person to person. Even a small dose might make you sleep, but not to another person.


I have heard from some people their doc may prescribe smaller doses during the day and a larger dose at the time of day more problems appear such as at night. Gaba/neurontin has a short half life so needs doses spread out during the day. One challenging thing is that people that are on gaba are also on other meds too, so there is going to be confusion about what caused what and if there are interactions. After a couple years, I was only on gaba. For me on maximum dose, I did sleep more, plus several other side effects. It all comes down to finding the most benefit with the least negatives including cost or as docs say, benefits outweigh the risks. Suggest reading more of this forum for a patient viewpoint.

huggybear09 19 June 2019

what dosage of gabapentin is the maximum

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Ministercoco 5 March 2019

My dr. Has me taking 600mg 6 times a day (3600mg) for femoral nerve damage

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CinnaGoo 11 Feb 2019

I'm taking 800mg three times a day for anxiety. It works great. The max recommended dose is 3600mg daily, but I've read where some people take up to 4800mg a day. I guess it depends on the person and how they metabolize it.

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Nitro061 8 Sep 2018


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Cutpain24 23 Oct 2018

My doctor told me that I was taking the max dose of gabapentin,1800 a day but I still feel some nerve pain. I cannot take all of those other drugs for pain. Now the gabapentin has yet went up again. I want have health insurance until August of next year, which will be Medicare & United Health Care. I am a single Mom and Just cannot afford the health insurance.

russellstanton 30 Aug 2018

Have you ever heard of a patient being on 5400 mg daily 600mg X9 daily?

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Willxxx 16 June 2018

Shanon, with all due respect this is a question for your doctor. There are many factors that can influence what is a safe dosage for you but could be different for someone else. And you certainly want your doctor to be involved in case there are some complications, then at least your doctor will be up to date on your dosage. Often all you have to do is call a nurse in the office or email the doctor which may mean you do not have to make an office visit. I have done this several times just to confirm it is safe for me to reduce or increase the dose of a medication or even stop taking a medication. I hope this helps.

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yearsofit 17 June 2018

I agree that a doc needs involved with dosage changes! However, asking questions at forums like this has two good benefits. First, especially for chronic long term issues, it is valuable to be able to interact with others going through a similar life situation. For some, trying to help others going through the same horrible situation may be the only positive benefit they can see with their situation. For others, it reminds them they are not alone in the battle. It is difficult to get this kind of support from family and friends, nor do some of us want to dump on them. Second, doctors are not infallible gods. It doesn't hurt to proactively gain knowledge of one's health issue from another source, so a person knows the right questions to ask a doc. Gabapentin until more recently was something most general practitioners had little experience with.


Yes, it is always good to remind people they need to work through their doctor concerning meds, plus there is great benefit staying with the one doc so he or she has time to learn more about your situation and watches over the big picture when also seeing specialists. Sometimes it takes time for a doc to find out what is best for the individual because everyone is different especially with pain management caused by neurological reasons. Your tip about calling the doc's nurse with a question to save an outing and office cost is good!

Brendaann65 16 June 2018

I have noticed that with taking 900 mg a day, weighing in at 85-90 lbs that my mental awareness and being steady on my feet has lessened. Just wondering if body weight has anything to do with amounts I’m currently on effecting these issues

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mike0 6 April 2018

4 grams seems to be the highest safe dose.

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Dan63 19 Feb 2018

At the beginning of this year (2018) I was taking 300 mg 3 times per day. My rheumatologist increased it to 600 mg 3 times per day. Just last week, following an EMG, my neurologist increased it to 900 mg 3 times per day!!! I can feel it working better however, it has also caused the 3Ds: dizziness, disorientation and delirium. But I can deal. One of those D's could have been depression... I'll take delirium over depression ANY day!

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patriot52 7 Feb 2018

I have been taking 3200mg of Gabapentin a day (800 every 6 hours) since 2000 for nerve damage from back surgery.
I have not had any side effects. Works like magic for me.

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Evybaby5 22 Nov 2017

What is Maximum dosage of Gabapentin you may give an 18lb dog every 8 hours or total dose in 24hours?

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