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What is the maximum daily dosage of Gabapentin?

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Tee6759 23 Apr 2013

Hello Shanon,
To the best of my knowledge, the max dose of gabapentin is 3600mg per day. I currently take 2700mg myself on a daily basis. I take it for fibro and neuropathic pain. I hope this helps you.
In peace,

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Stewie666 22 Feb 2015

Hi, shanon, as an ex-downhill mtber, I have severe nerve damage in my forearms and hands, have difficulty even holding a cuppa now, and I'm only 40. I'm on 2700mg of gabapentin, I'm thinking of asking my doctor to look at other options, as I've got to this amount over the period of a year and a half, and Myself and my wife are noticing a 'big' decline in my functions.

LoggyBear 10 Mar 2015

I've been asked to take 1600mg twice daily, but it started to not work. I changed it to 2400 twice daily for around two months or so but it still wasn't working as well. I eventually changed it of course myself not by doctor three times daily and it works most of the time and I've been using it like that for a few weeks like this but now it's not lasting through the night and my nerves are misfiring so fast that it feels as if it's vibrating and itches extremely. I don't know what to do. I just want to cut off my hands cause it's so painful I can't stand it anymore. Please if anyone has answers.

kellyg88 6 Apr 2015

I were taking 900mg 4 times daily but I came off them completely now I'm worried I've become severe depressed the doctors want me to start taking them again does anyone no the side affects of coming of them abruptly

JR2003 16 Apr 2015

I am a United States Armed Forces Soldier. I suffer from a illness called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I have never recovered from it and I have taken the max dose of gabapentin for almost a year now. I take 1200mg 3 times a day. I has help my nerve problem tremendously. I hope you find something to ease the pain.

JB62 3 Jul 2016

Hi Sharon, As an unfortunate recipient of (3) pretty bad auto accidents over 20 years, I have been on everything known to man, some of the risks you'll find with the higher dosages of Gaba over a long period of this will find it can be less effective and can cause some stomach issues especially if taking other NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen. To me personally Lyrica can have worse side effects. The sad thing is when you're told you have several Buldging, slipped, or Herniated discs and unrepairable nerve damage to your hip & leg, but your not a good surgical candidate you'll most likely have to be on a low dose long lasting pain med and lower your dosage of the gaba. Spinal injections can help too, but don't last too long. It's long term management when you are dealing with nerve damage or pain. Hope this helps. Take Care

Dj80 9 Aug 2016

Sharon, I have sever neuropathy in my legs and feet. I have been taking 2400 mg of gabapentin daily, but the pain was getting so bad that my doctor also prescribed oxycodone. I take 10mg/4x daily, and I'm able to get by. You might talk to your doctor about adding an opioid. I couldn't have stood the pain if I had not, and still occasionally the pain gets rather intense. I have my regimen set up so that I take one a little while before bedtime. That really helps me through the night. Good luck, and I hope you find something soon for your pain. I can certainly sympathize. Tom

lanny16 12 Aug 2016

Currently, my dose is 1200 mg... 3 times daily for severe back and legs pain from anow almost fatal car crash xx

Precious333 17 Aug 2016

WOW, I wonder why the doctor allows you to have so much? Mines only told me to take one 3 times a day and the only 300 milligrams. They don't help the pain very much if any. I'll call tomorrow to see I can take a larger dose. Thx for posting.

lanny16 18 Aug 2016

Yes, this is because Gabapentin is a drug which should be increased gradually, I began on 100mg x3 daily. However, I had a crushed pelvis, fractured side of my neck (lucky miss of the spinal cord), it lead to me now being 95% housebound. I can only go out I'd it is crucial for appointments. I struggle to walk. I have nerve damage to my face, back and legs. It is being reviewed by a spinal surgeon. I then was prescribed 300mg three times a day, gradually increased to four 300mg tablets, 3 times a day. I believe I am at the limit of the dosage. It happened over the course of 6/7 months.

I hope you are feeling a bit better,

Best wishes,

Lanny xxx

Barb sterling 28 Aug 2016

This is a comment to loggybear. I have simular situation with both hands and feet... diagnosed with auto ammune disorder call eurothomelalgia..evtreme heat and itchiness..only slight vibrating feeling
..know exactly how you feel... gabapentin helps somewhat and also sodium blocker... what is your diagnosis??

freewheeler 19 Nov 2016

I had taken gabapentin for 4/5 years when I stitched to Lyrica! Big difference for me! Then I took Lyrica for about 3 years successfully. Then when I became aware of the cost ! DAMN ! So I switched back to gabapentin with full intent of staying with this change for many more years to come. Not the way it turned out, after 6 months the facts were obvious, the cost was Not the most important part of this decision, and I've been back on Lyrica for several years now! Double Damn the cost !!!
I keep imagining the BigPharma folks being held more responsible for their actions, standing at the Pearly Gates, and not having enough `capital` to pass on ! Moral Capitalism is just mentioned here. Good luck withyour choice of treatments! Its a real Bitch when Monies affect our lives so negatively!

1788067 31 Mar 2017

4800 mg is the max that is what I'm on I think it can go a little higher depending on your condition

Ronney65 8 Apr 2017

I am currently taking1600mg of gabapentin 3xdaily. My neck and feet still hurt bad. There is only a temperarery relief. Can you please help? Should I increase the dosage?

Migs63 22 Apr 2017 others have said it's recommended to be 3600 mgs a day..I'm on that plus a cocktail of other meds :( x

Carmel65 18 Jul 2017

I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy that started in 2006. No known cause. However it is also progressive. So now it's up to my knees in my legs and in my hands up through my wrists and into my forearms. And my prognosis is not good. Every doctor I have seen told me it will keep progressing. I guess it will eventually reach my vital organs and kill me. In the meantime I suffer with excruciating pain. I was on the maximum dose of Gabapentin for quite a while and it never did anything for my excruciating nerve pain. It did help my anxiety so I still take it but at a lower dose. My pain management doctor has now certified me for therapeutic cannabis which is legal in my state. And it is the only thing that works and has kept me from wanting to cut my feet off. So I can relate to the person who said they want to cut their hands off because I used to feel like that every single night!

Dragonlady1959 19 Jul 2017

The max dose I was told is 3600mg. It caused edema with me so I backed doen to 2700mg. In response to Carmel, please have your Dr check for Poems disease. My friend had it. They were able to minimize her pain, but it is incurable.

Sharon46 16 Sep 2017

I currently take 900m.g. daily but I'm still uncomfortable. I don't sleep good because ok f the pain in my legs and back.

Theressa T 19 Nov 2017

Hello, I have been on gabapentin for about 5 month's. I take 100 mg and it really is not working as well. I have nerve pain from cancer and I wanted to increase my dose to 200. I wonder if it would hurt me.

Linda Heafey 2 Dec 2017

How meany pills is thT

dlmdrugs 20 Dec 2017

Hello Shannon, I was taking 3600 mg a day for nerve damage in my back and legs, but was able to reduce the dose to 2400 mg with a Gabapentin called Gralise. It is time release and works with food making it easier on my stomach and allowing me to take 1200 mg less a day with the same results. Instead of taking it 3 times a day, i take it with breakfast and supper. Anyone reading this comment should talk to their doctor to see if this is an fit. Taking less of anything for me was a no-brainer... Keep smilin...

Turtle3939 14 Mar 2018

Please don't be changing your dosages without speaking with your doctor. It's extremely dangerous. It sounds as if you may need a different medication because this one isn't working. Not everyone gets relief from the same meds. Please speak with your doctor to get you on a better med.

Angiesue777 14 Mar 2018

5 yrs. ago I was prescribed 4000mg daily by my neurologist 1600mg x 3 ..

SharonShelby 28 Nov 2018

Yes it does help. I take it for the same thing that you do. But I only take 300mg three times a day and it is not helping. I’ll have to talk it over with my doctor and see if I can get him to increase it. Thank you very much.

Tanya4215 24 Jun 2019

It could be rls mixed with neuropathy. I'm on .05 ropinirole twice daily plus the neurontin it helps so much

yearsofit 23 Apr 2013

It is 3600mg. Usually it is administered 900mg 4x per day at that dose. I was at that dosage for a couple years. When needed, lower dosages are slowly raised by a doctor after side effects and benefits are evaluated at lower dosages. There is a lot of information out there that indicates its effectiveness wears out for some people and an increase may be needed. However, once you are at 3600mg, you have no place to go. Personally, I would recommend trying to not go past 2700mg, so you have the mental encouragement that it can be raised if things get worse. People at these pain levels need psychological strengths as well. At 3600mg, you might be able to find a doctor that will prescribe Lyrica in addition to get to a higher dose of gaba receptors. I would suggest researching the FDA guidelines first on that issue. Everyone reacts differently to meds.


I cannot say it was the high dosages or even related to gabapentin, but the less than common challenges I was suspicious about were: vision changed every few months, some florescent lighting caused a reaction, ganglion tumor caused by feet swelling, and multiple pneumonias but mostly aspirated pneumonia. The more common challenges were weight gain, loss of concentration, lethargy, and occasional dizziness. All of these were lesser evils in my case. At one point, I was getting 100 debilitating pain attacks per day. Later, trying to get my life back, I pushed to see if I would still get horrible pain attacks if lowering the dosage via my gp. It ended up that my pain attacks were gone without gabapentin, but I still have chronic pain. Without attacks, I felt there were other ways to work on pain management other than gabapentin so I could drive, work more, and exercise enough to improve my life span. I haven't had pneumonia since either. The withdrawal symptoms for me were horrible. The ringing in my ears still hasn't gone away, so am guessing ear drum ruptures. You need to have a doctor involved. Sorry for so long of post. I am trying to retrain my brain.

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Inactive 10 Nov 2014

yearsofit: I read your answer to the woman asking about gabapentin.

Your story is one that is quite emotional to this reader.
I just wanted to say good luck in training your brain and stopping the
ringing in your ears.

I wish you good luck and my prayers are going out to you.

Hang in there. :)


yearsofit 10 Nov 2014

Thanks for your concern and prayers. It's been 1 1/2 years since being on here, so another long recap. Doing a lot better. About a year after stopping gaba, weight started dropping back to normal without trying. Ear ringing got better and still haven't had another pneumonia. Pneumonia almost got me several times during my decade from hell. Even though pneumonia is listed as a rare side effect of gaba, being bedridden and not being able to breathe deeply without pain were probably the bigger culprits. Vision has stabilized, so I am not using 3 different glasses.


Like many, learned a lot through long term pain. My view of gaba: 5-7 hour half life so doses have to be spread out. Higher doses will just be excreted unabsorbed. Definitely avoid grapefruit and its juice. Even low percentage Squirt affected me. Labeling allows grapefruit to just be called citrus. Make sure to read full gaba/neurontin side effects list on this site's A-Z section. Even if you won't get 99.9% of side effects list, it is good to be aware. For example, gaba and carbamazepine together can lower white cell count for some people. Make sure you have a person in your home to supervise or manage your meds. Gaba increases the daily pills so much, it is easy to make mistakes with your other meds. If you want to increase your knowledge, read scientific articles and studies at Pubmed dot com, but always remember your primary, neurologist, and pain doc know what's best for you. Definitely have a doc manage all dosages and stops. One study at Pubmed mentioned lower dosage gaba can be more effective than higher dosages for some people even after initial titration, plus can give more side effects too. Another interesting study at Pubmed about gaba dosages is to search for PMC3726847, then click the free pmc article link.

My view in general: Journaling is good, especially to read older entries to see patterns of good days and bad days. Forums are also great support. Get the most important questions or concerns to your doc at the very beginning of an appointment. Moderate exercise and nutritious eating are vital. Family members need as much support and understanding as we do, maybe more. Chronic pain is likely to cause several secondary problems, so we need a friend that's not afraid to say or ask things. In hind sight, it was vital I stayed connected to my primary care person on a regular basis, even though I saw multiple neurologists, ER and pain docs. My long term relationship caused that person to give me more time and care, plus was my ongoing second set of eyes for everything.

Drcma 9 Jun 2016

If your taking high doses you should have your creatinine levels tested as Gabapentin especially in combination with anti-inflammatory are very hard on the kidneys

beladina 19 Jul 2016

I know this post was created several years ago, please forgive my lateness. Thank YOU ALL for sharing your information and personal experience with gabapentin and the dosages/strengths you have used. I have been on this medication for 7 years and have had moderate to good experience with this medication for neuropathic pain and neuralgia. It has not worked with my other severe pain issues. I've used it in conjunction with Oxytocin and Oxycodine up until my pain dr completely cut me off. His reasons why were due to the CDC/DEA restrictions on Opioid medications.


It has left me bereft and unable to function. I suffer from interstitial cystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone cysts, chronic migraines and chronic colon pain from 2 colon resections and without my proper pain meds I am completely unable to function properly as far as having bowel movements without serious intervention. I have been hospitalized twice evem though I have been on a high fiber diet while also using EVERY lalaxative medication I can.

At this point, I can NOT finf a pain management dr or clinoc to take my Medicaid insurance. If anyone has anyiinformation about this, please? Please? HELP. Thank YOU!

Lespaulmaster 1 Jan 2017

I've been on disability for over 10 years due to rls. My neuro has me on 6400 mg of Neurontin. He said people can take a lot more. I do feel bloated. My eyes have been fuzzy but my diabetes has been had to control and I think it's because of that. Not sure how to pinpoint which one causes it.

yearsofit 1 Jan 2017

Lespaulmaster, it's been a few years since writing above, but maybe learned a few more things in that time. From everything I have read or asked, here's my understanding. First some terminology, gabapentin is also called Neurontin, pregabalin is called Lyrica, and newer gabapentin enacarbil is called Horizant. All of these must be dosage adjusted for anyone that has less than perfect renal/kidney function. Horizant took a while to get FDA approved for RLS because of risk versus benefit, but I think is a main RLS med that has FDA approval for moderate RLS. Think somebody finally convinced them that RLS can be just as bad as pain or seizures. Lyrica and Horizant are a lower mg dosage compared to gabapentin/neurontin. Since Horizant or generic gabapentin enacarbil is the only one with FDA approval for RLS, Horizant is the only one that will have specific info for using with RLS at


The others mentioned above are used off-label for RLS and do not have fda info for RLS. If you go to and search for Horizant, look at the pdf for "Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil extended-release tablets)" dated 11/02/2016 and read through this longer pdf if you have time. It will tell you the maximum dosage that benefits can be received, plus a ton of other good info. I think with most of these calcium channel meds, they will just be excreted through kidneys over a certain mg/d, but they are nonlinear so work slightly differently for each person. Read one study that suggested lower dosages can sometimes cause more benefits (and side effects) for certain people, not just the getting use to it stage. Horizant has much more bioavailability than gabapentin especially if taken with fatty foods, so less is needed. Horizant comes in extended release which is good, because half life of gabapentin is pretty short that requires pills all day that creates a full-time job and mistakes with other meds. Not saying you should push for Horizant/gabapentin enacarbil. Your doc is a much better source than me because knows your situation, especially if you have diabetes. There's just more info on RLS with Horizant.

With gabapentin, I gained weight, swollen feet, vision changes especially around florescent lights, plus other fun stuff. Finally slowly got off it and lost weight, vision improved, and feet went back to normal. RLS is horrible. Got some relief by running ice cold water from tub on legs for a minute and air dried on bad nights. Tried wearing one sock, then switch feet or wearing socks then taking socks off for an hour then back on. Some relief from 2 Easycomforts Leg Massagers $27 for 2 that wear at night with one for each calf. Probably tmi, but hope you find relief.

Nspy33 3 Mar 2017

The withdrawal symptoms were and are absolutely horrible!

dmp2469 5 Mar 2017

Insurance won't cover Lyrics... Cost $200 & I heard side effects are not very good!!!

yearsofit 5 Mar 2017

Per pregabalin, Lyrica is due to go generic in 2018. However, might get financial help before then by using Phizer RX Pathways.

From what I have learned, calcium channel meds like gabapentin are nonlinear, so side effects and benefits vary from person to person. What works or doesn't work for one, may be the opposite for another. It might be dosage or other factors too. It all comes down to finding the most benefit with the least negatives including cost.

Although I tapered carefully to get off gabapentin, I had ear pain then horrible ringing in my ears that lasted a long time. A couple years later, I still get bouts of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a rare listed side effect. Could be ears punctured right before or during withdrawal or tinnitus could be coincidence and unrelated. Since the side effects lists for these types of meds are pretty long, it is possible to find a an unrelated condition in their list.


Still, I think most of us need to pay attention to what started when going on a new med or getting off one. Starting on more than one med at the same time makes it really confusing to know what is causing what, but sometimes docs and patients can't wait long enough to introduce meds one by one.

1788067 31 Mar 2017

I take 800 mg 2 tablets three times a day of gabapentin that's 4800 mg total a day I take them migraines a horrible neck conditions I take them as directed and this dose has been a god send for my migraine and messed up neck nerve pain they don't speed me up the lower dose was not treating my nerve pain effectively but once my doctor and neurologist got together started me on this dose of 4800mg total a day that's 2 tabs 800mg 3 times a day it works great for me I can work at my job and loud noises don't bother me light dosent send me into cluster migraines being on this dose gabapentin has 5 stars rating from me being and staying on this dose I can work at my job and function it works excellent with my body chemistry I eat and sleep well the most important thing my migraines and nerve neck pain are under control

LJ217 3 Nov 2017

I'm only taking 1800 mg Of Gabapenton and I have complained of ringing in my ears, my vision keeps decreasing and have been diagnosed with the beginning stages of Glaucoma. I have also increased in my weight by about 60lbs have I go to the gym and can't seem to get this weight off. Now that I have decided to research gabapenton when I see my Dr. In a couple weeks this is the top of my concerns that will be discussed.

LJ217 3 Nov 2017

I'm only taking 1800 mg Of Gabapenton and I have complained of ringing in my ears, my vision keeps decreasing and have been diagnosed with the beginning stages of Glaucoma. I have also increased in my weight by about 60lbs have I go to the gym and can't seem to get this weight off. Now that I have decided to research gabapenton when I see my Dr. In a couple weeks this is the top of my concerns that will be discussed.

Rebeccathegemme 8 Feb 2018

Thank you so much for you input, I'm on 600mg 3×day, and because of your experience with gabapentin this post has been very valuable in helping me better understand how being on this med long term (4 yrs), has actually caused more health problems for me than not. Once again thank you so much. I will now be only using it to handle my most severe nerve pain. I've already started to incorporate more homeopathic modalities to help with their pain. One product in particular, I found on Durhams Bee Farm called Queen's Delight, has improved my over all health. It contains Royal jelly, propolis, and bee pollen. I've been able to cut the amount of analgesics I would have to take just to get out of bed by half after 3 months of taking 3 caps every morning. I definitely recommend it.

yearsofit 9 Feb 2018

It has been a while since posting here, so another update. Still off gabapentin. To me, it was a wonder drug for horrible pain attacks. Calling it break through pain didn't seem to give my pain attacks justice. Even though the pain attacks have long since stopped, chronic pain still remains. A pain doc still suggests I should be on gabapentin or another version of calcium channel blocker again, but to me it comes down to benefit versus risk. I was averaging 3 respiratory infections per year while on gabapentin with it becoming pneumonia sometimes. Even though it could have been just from not breathing deeply due to pain, pneumonia is a rare side effect of gabapentin. However in my unique situation, I haven't had respiratory infections since stopping gabapentin. I am also getting some kidney numbers out of range, which gabapentin might not be a positive. So for my current chronic pain, I am keeping benefit versus risk in mind by staying off it.


For the years I was getting daily and even hourly pain attacks, even the pneumonia risk was worth the benefits of gabapentin. Now, if my personal side effects were just weight gain and vision changes, the gabapentin benefit to my situation might outweigh the risk and I would try it again and wouldn't grumble to my pain doc. As always, I try to remind people that gabapentin is nonlinear so can be different for each person. If it is working, stay on it. If it is not working, talk to the doc about changing dosages or getting off it. If it seems to help, but there are side effects, really weigh out benefit versus risk. No matter what, always research other ways to improve your health, especially nutrition and whatever exercise you can manage. Above all, research and keep trying.

Gunny1234 2 Jul 2018

The VA had me on 2700mg TID. My memory was so bad I would forget where I was going while driving. The VA tried to increase my dose to 3000mg TID. Thank goodness the pharmacist refused to fill the order. I weaned myself off the poison in 1 month. Will NEVER take this poison again.

butterflylynn 27 Apr 2013

The maximum dosage is 3600 mg. I have been on 2700 mg & I take 900 mg 3x day & have been on this dosage for about 10 yrs. Once I felt like I needed more my Dr. decided to put me on Lyrica with the Gabapentin. Between the two medications they worked really great. So speak to your Dr. & see what would be best for you. Kathy

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leeleetypesalot 10 Aug 2017

Did you have weight gain with these? I'm new to Gabapentin but also going thru the change and not sure if it's from one or the other but I'm def more hungry than before. And man oh man when it wears off... whew I didn't realize how bad my pain was until I got that relief from Gabapentin! I was really hurting. FM makes me more likely to just accept and try and ignore all pain. It's so odd how tramadol worked for my whole body EXCEPT from ankles down lol.

A Real Doc 29 Sep 2017

Listen folks, you need to be aware of one important thing when it comes to medications such as Gabapentin:It should never be stopped abruptly, even if it hasn`t helped you , especially for those of you who were on max or near max doses.It should be tapered down slowly over 2 weeks ,otherwise there is a real risk of causing a seizure!

leeleetypesalot 30 Sep 2017

@ A Real Doc
I didn't know to taper. Saw podiatrist last Monday Sept 25th, 2017 and he told me Gabapentin was of little to no help and often if it helped it was merely the placebo effect so I stopped taking. He switched me from meloxicam to duexis and I gave that a chance until I knew he failed to call in the prescription and I was out of sample. I switched back to meloxicam and assumed my meloxicam stop was what causes severe twice daily headaches that required maxalt. The headaches habe continued... I will resume Gabapentin daily
As I did take 1 finally yesterday and noted to husband it was first day I only had 1 headache but assumed it was due to going back on meloxicam

Sammik71 10 Nov 2018

I suffer from severe irritable leg syndrome in which is also in my right arm, I’m on a very high dosage of Gabapentin which got increased by a doctor who I see at hospital, I’m now on 2700 3 x daily, since mine haas been upped I don’t have any pain in my leg, foot and my arm anymore so all goodnights for me.

Scteve 30 Jul 2013

In 2008 a Neurological Surgeon put me on a dose of 6400mg a day taken 4 x 1600mg every 6hrs for pain after an amputation... It seriously messed me up in the head after being on it for >6mo... Does this mean the UW Hospital Surgeon overdosed me???

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jjaymes 11 Apr 2016

You'd be worse off without it. It speeds me up @ 1500mg twice daily. Keeps me awake. Helps with leg monsters and sciatic pain. Paraplegic leg pain.

Callie Z 16 Jun 2016

I know this is old, but yes, you were overdosed on gabapentin. The maximum dose is 3600 mg. daily. Also, there is no indication that taking more than 1800 mg. daily (usually given in 3 daily doses of 600 mg.) gives any better results than taking 1800 mg. daily. I would suggest that everyone go to an official website to get accurate information on any medication you are prescribed to be well informed.

Kristenh 12 Mar 2017

I took 600 mgs at 6:30 am. It is now 9:40 am would it b ok to take another yet?

GilHodges014 26 Aug 2013

I am taking 5,200 per day for a nerve problem, causing severe pain, in my right leg and have crazy effects from it at times including a complete loss of my muscles. That includes dropping things that I am holding and even having my knees go out on me (though that has only happened twice). If the pain in my leg was not so bad I would cut back but the medication is the only relief that I can find.

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TammyFink 25 Jan 2015

So this is why my left knee goes out on me, which has occurred while I was out and this was sop embarrassing, but what can you do about it. I have Sciatica which came from my piriformis being inflamed, which is located in my butt and with it being inflamed for a year and half it's now caused permanent damages, which has changed my life.

TammyFink 25 Jan 2015

And I'm prescribed 600MG three times a day.

Dd1872 7 Dec 2015

I am on 1800 mg gabapine now waiting for possible surgery on cervical area m c5-7. I have constant pain in arm and hands. Been through arthritis dr. Don't have arthritis but told me I have too much protein M in blood. Sending me to a cancer center ? Just wondering what these things issue have related.
Will find out what neurological people tell me today.
For pain i am also taking ms30 x day and diluaid 4 x day in addition to the gabapine

Hbryant300 19 Apr 2018

@Dd1872 what is ms30?

fear4me 26 May 2018

i take 300mgs a day

Bawwillman 24 Nov 2018


talkinaboutmeds 28 Jun 2014

3600 seems to be the magic number. I've been on gabapentin only a few weeks but already I've jumped from 900mg a day to 2400mg. I take it 600mg in four doses, breakfast, early afternoon, late evening, and bedtime. It really help with the sciatic leg pain and back pain. I have a herniated disk and I am waiting to have surgery as soon as they can schedule me. I think gabapentin is a great pain reliever, although it does make me very drowsy and clumsy. I would say don't drive while you're on this med.

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Lucy1536 12 Oct 2015

Thank you so much. I'm going thru the same problem

tolleyrands 15 Oct 2015

I've been on gabapentin over a year now and it has been a blessing. I take 800mg at wake up, lunch, evening and bedtime. It really helped with my sciatic leg pain and back pain. I have a herniated disk and myofascial... I think gabapentin is best pain reliever even better than all the narcotics I was on for 13 years. I think more doctors ought to offer this at a higher dose for their pain managed patients. Just my thought.

Jaclyn Kasunic 15 Dec 2015

Hell I have a pinched nerve in my neck,also just had foot surgery. Anyways I grow an organic herb called kratom here in Maui, Hawaii. It is 100 times better than gabapentin. No drowsiness, no clumsynes... give you energy, makes you aware of your surroundings of anything, best part of it is it relieves your worst pain also anxietyou (It's a natural aphrodisiac too). Best of all you take as needed on a full stomach and stay hydrated 3 pills in morning or more if needed and your good all day. Take some more with lunch if you need too. It even helps you sleep.

Sanvan42 24 Jan 2016

I had 2 surgeries S1-L3. Long rods n screws from top to bottom. Im very agile but have unrelieved leg pain. Im at 2400mg w some relief. Norco and Robaxin help too. Wanted to know if others have higher dosage & relief. Thanx. Hope your surgery worked!

Brokenback61 17 Feb 2016

My doctor just put me on at first 300mg just at bedtime then up it to 300mg 3 times a day it's making me really sleepy & dizzy so I told dr he says take 300 am then at bedtime take other 600 hope it works

inextremepain 12 Aug 2014

I take five(5) doses (6000mg) of 1200mg spread out through the day and evening. My first dose starts when I wake up and the last dose is before going to sleep. I have an acute burning throughout my body even though I'm taking this crazy daily dose. My doctor says its nerve damage. Double vision is something I've experienced since I started this dose. Is there anything else that anyone knows of that I can take which will reduce the burning feeling and do away with my double vision? Any help is appreciated.

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Chelsea Caudle 19 Sep 2015

The blurred and double vision goes away with time eye drops saline drops help and from the really bad burning pain a muscle relaxer helps my doctor put me on one called Zanaflex that really helps and Percocet with tramadol. Also smoking marijuana when the pain and burning sensation gets really bad helps I use to judge people who used drip until I started having chronic back pain.I have a pitched sciatic nerve bulging disk severe arthritis so does my husband three small children he takes 1600mg of gabapitin a day I take 900 but I am asking the doctor to increase my does at night


I have been taking 14,000 mg for about 2 weeks. 24 of the 600mg pills. I am freaking out that I am about to run out. I started with a few and went up to this.

jjaymes 11 Apr 2016

I was prescribed tegretol for the burning along with the gabepentin and I function just fine. Paraplegic and drive, live alone etc.check that out. The greatest neurologist ever, Dr lahari gave to me 11 yrs ago, I'd die without it.

pvanryn 9 Jan 2017

I am also on a healthy dose of gabapentin as well. I have nerve pain in my face, neck, shoulders, etc.

Lately, I have been getting acupuncture a couple times a week. The cupping helps with blood flow to tingling areas. It's short term, but I like going. The needle treatments can be painful initially but they can really alleviate discomfort. I was just treated for sacroiliac pain, and it really helpedit go away.

Good luck.

LJ217 3 Nov 2017

A dosage of 6000 mg I wouldn't even consider taking when actually the maximum dosage is only 3600 mg. I myself only takes 1800 mg and deal with side affects blurred vision, weight gain, I fall a lot, and I'm not willing to go up in dosage so I started using CBD oil which seems to help along with my gabapenton and pain meds. I've also been diagnosed with first stages of Glaucoma and I'm only 56 yrs old.

EmArmitage 13 Aug 2018

I have found CBD oil to work for my pain. Finally allowed me to get off Gabapentin.

Sasha1924 3 Nov 2019

I have the same burning pain throughout my body and have been on 3600 Mg of Gabapentin
For the past 15 years for sciatica and FM. Sometimes I have tried to lower the dose or not take it and the pain just crushes me. Only recently after all these years has it started to not be as effective. Recently my Dr, added Nucynta 50 mg and I take it three times a day and that is pretty good at tapping down the pain but it all makes you very tired. I also avoid taking the Nucynta when I have to drive.
My biggest worry now is what am I going to do when the Gabapentin really stops working.


That aside, I wish you the very best in managing your pain. I also try to walk on my treadmill for 30 min a day when I can. I used to love to walk our side but I fell on wet grass and broke my arm so now it’s strictly the tread mill. I do yoga stretches 3-4 times a day and that helps if I’m consistent. This is a tough journey but as my mom says it could be worse so we need to just keep on going and constantly check on new research and new meds that help our “condition” as it’s called.
That’s how I came to the Nucynta. So best of luck I’m sure you will find an effective way to move forward. And yes Lyrica and Gabapentin both add weight. I gain 40 lbs on the Lyrica.

warriormaiden 9 Nov 2014

I have cervical spinal stenosis with myelopathy in my neck, spondylosis and degenerated discs with 3 fusions completed in less than 2 years. Basically my whole neck is crashing down and pinching my spinal cord in various places. I didn’t find Lyrica to be helpful but gabapentin was a miracle drug for me. I am also on various other drugs for pain, fentanyl patch, Effexor (anti-depressant for nerve pain), muscle relaxer cylobenzaphrine (very effective too) and Celebrex for arthritis. It was trial and error until finding the right “cocktail” mix that worked. Higher dose of gabapentin helped me the most, over 1800, until I was on 2,400. I had few side effects. The dropping items while trying to grab them on occasion and being forgetful, out weighted the pain relief I received.

Votes: +2
Amseaton44 21 Dec 2014

My neurologist has prescribed me @ only 900mg a day (1 300mg 3x a day)... This is a medication neuropathy and other things, I'm guessing. So far from what I've read, I am on the smallest does here. And I have a question also: does THIS particular med help with jitters (or ticks)? Or make it worse? I'm real jittery and have this annoying "ticks" (involuntary spasm movements) and it drives me crazy. You guys have mentioned sides effects if "forgetful" & "dropping" things, and I have both of those but idk if it's from just this med or a combo of this and others that I take! I take a crapload of things from diff diagnosis!

Votes: +0
dmp2469 7 Mar 2017

My Dr. Had me on 300 a day... Well I talked to someone, who took 1,800... So, I'm going to increase to 900 a day?? So no.. I'm the

Heatherbarbie32 1 Sep 2017

Every since i started ive had continuous ticks & muscle spasams

A Real Doc 29 Sep 2017

Another important point on Gabapentin:Those of you on lower doses should NOT be comparing yourselves to other patients on this board whom have been given higher doses.Obviously, no two patients are the same and some folks can get relief on 300mg 3 times daily.Not everyone needs 1200mg three times a day!But you need to remember that this medication, like other medications, may not work for everyone, regardless of the dose.

Davestorto 14 Jul 2018

I have this involuntary body movements also. Have had it for 5 years. Just upped my gabapentin to 1800 a day. My body jerks me the heck all over the place. Have bad hand and arm jerking also.

qrleonard 17 Mar 2015

I have trigeminal neuralgia, nerve damage in my face and I haven't found a dose of gabapentin that has been effective... currently taking 900mg tid but no real relief... I'm in so much pain when I have a flare up... maybe another med is needed??

Votes: +0
geturnquist 23 Mar 2015

I feel you pain as I have Glossopharygeal Neurologia. I'm maxed out on Carbamenzaprine and at 3000 of Gabapentin. My doctor told me was time to call the Mayo Clinic. I'm surprised they haven't sent you there. Good luck as I've heard these pains are the worst one can experience.

CR123 11 May 2015

I was upped to 1200 for TN and gradually reduced to 900. I am now at 600 but have to be very careful about my triggers, however, by and large it works great..but it took a few weeks.

tnsux 29 Aug 2015

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia , I was put on 300 mg a day of gaba before surgery which helped me tremendously, no pain at all, had the microvascular decompression surgery and all was well for 2 months and now it has come back with a vengeance, doc just physically looked at my head and said he makes no mistakes after I complained of pain again, gave me a 900 mg a day of gaba which I have upped to 2400 with no relief, and he released me! says I need to see a dentist, dentist says no problems???

colepam 15 Sep 2015

I am so sorry for you... I have had this disease on and off for 25 years.. Sure would like to talk to you about it..

Migs63 17 Sep 2015

Hi..I also have TN :( iam on 3600mg daily..I also have anesthesia Dolorosa as a result of a failed brain surgery..I have has 8 surgeries now with no real relief..iam also on a cocktail of other drugs to.

Jcooperlyle 8 Dec 2015

I, too, have TN. For 8 years now. Gabapentin helps but not enough on the huge flareups. Hoping to get on medical marijuana, as the state just approved it.

morgan-ward 22 Mar 2017

genturnquist how have you gotten relief from Glossopharyngeal neuralgia?

EHOP1 24 Apr 2018

My wife has trigeminal neuralgia also she's on the max dosage of gabapentin and sometimes drops things still no relief from pain especially at night try different methods of taking the 3600 mg but nothing seems to work we were going to try a needle procedure that goes inside your job to the nerve maybe that might help God help us please

Tuckwolf 24 Apr 2015

The information I've seen indicates a maximum daily dosage of 3600 mg but I was prescribed two 600 mg tablets four time daily and I've taking it for 10 years with no problems. However I rarely take it except at night and for occasional anxiety which is common for people with my disease. I was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy 14 years ago.

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CR123 11 May 2015

I am so glad you posted that you have been on Gaba for 10 years , I am going on 4 years this fall and was worried that it might be too long. I am on a much lower dosage for TN and it is great to see that you have had not ill effects... nor I have I to this point.

Deirdre Singer 1 Feb 2016

I was prescribed 300mg tds and I asked if I could go up to 400mgs as nothing was working .Crazy or what. I've been making the mistake of taking 1200tds but the good thing is it actually has got rid of my pain which I've had for over 16 years feels like heaven ,I've been taking 3600 daily .Is that too high a dose?? Please advise.Dont want to go down a dose now as pain will come back.

Inactive 14 May 2015

600mg 5times a day

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Watchandpray 17 Oct 2015

How does the 600 mg 5 x a day work for you? When do you take them at what times of the day? I am taking 600 mg 3x addy if need more relief.

Laurieroz 8 Jan 2016

I take it 6 times a day; every 2.5 hours, starting at 10:00 am.

Sanvan42 24 Jan 2016

Pls tell of your delief?

cody pate 28 Jun 2015

What is the effect if 36000 of ran-gabapentin is taken at one time

Votes: +0
Migs63 17 Sep 2015

I think you would die taking that amount :) I'm guessing you meant 3600mg..I don't no what the effect would be..I take 3600 a day but I think it'd probably be dangerous taking them all in one go because of the sedation effect.

iamnobody3 9 Jan 2017

well actually, because of the way gabapentin is absorbed, its quite hard to overdose on it. 3.6g of gaba a day will give some people lots of anxiety relief, for me it seems better for anxiety then any of the benzos i've tried. also a couple hours after i start taking staggered dosages, i just start feeling and hearing my neck and back spontaenously popping, and the relief from the popping feels great. i'm only on 1.8g a day, but my doctor said i can double up when needed, so i usually use them on about 2/3rds of the days on average, and a couple days off will let the anxiety

lizkates 23 Jul 2015

What is the maximum amount of gabapenten allow in 1 day

Votes: +0
tolleyrands 15 Oct 2015

I'm on 800mg 4x a day. works great for me

Inactive 15 Oct 2015

Gabapentin is a great nerve pain reliever. Exercise is better. The side effects of Gabapentin are more severe than I thought. When I was taking opiods I thought they were making me lose my balance. Nope, It was the Neurontin. Double vision and drowsiness were also side effects that weren't noticeable over the opiods. Exercise works better than Gabapentin and if you are able to exercise you can wean off the drugs.

Votes: +1
Logcabin40 21 Mar 2018

Hi all, I rarely rely to comments nor take any drugs at all. But I can tell you that my sciatica starting from my quad down is sooo bad I nearly teared up. And I have a high tolerance for pain. I can only speak from t he short term, which is 60 days or less. And I would say that I currently need 2400 mg per 8 hours, totaling far more that you are recommending. But I will also say that I am OK with it- and in fact in severe pain without it. We all know that I cannot continue that in the long term, but so grateful to have it and able to barley walk even then. I recommend talking such a high does only during the first 8 PT visits to get through the shocking pain. My two cents

Mustlovegreatdanes2 29 Sep 2018

I just came upon this commentary. I have a family member post back surgery with him peripheral nerve injury and on
Gabapentin 3x a day 900 mg doses. With PT intensity pain got a lot worse. Saw above someone had added Lyrica and wondered if that might help. For severe pain jolting episodes I find moist hot compresses work.
Wondering if Tens therapy in other muscles areas may distract overactive hyperalgesia in current affected areas. Also family member on B12 and Magnesium but want to see if essential oil applications work you would work ( those designed for neuropathy). free discount card

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