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I just took Lunesta. How do you get the horrible taste out of your mouth???

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MacIntosh12 30 Nov 2012

Eat something, very very small, with a strong flavour, then brush your teeth!
I've a med that is SO bitter that I've gagged when taking it, so I know of what you speak. Good luck,

lizq 4 Aug 2015

I had the same horrible taste after taking LUNESTA. I threw up, drank juice, brush my teeth and I could not get the taste out of my mouth. The only thing it help was eating Seedless Olives and then brushing the teeth . That helped and got most of the bad taste out.

Edward3 3 Oct 2016

Take it with orange juice in place of water.

Silviasmailbox 7 Mar 2017

I had the same problem and I am happy to say I have found a solution. I purchased empty gel caps at the local vitamin shoppe store and placed each pill inside making sure I did not touch the outside of the capsule with the lunesta pill using twizers. I then placed the filled gel caps in a clean bottle so I would not contaminate the outside capsule... and there you have it! It works!!! Hopefully it works for you too!

Hatch0528 4 Nov 2017

I have been using ambien for years. Was diagnosed with PTSD after 2nd tour in Afghanistan. Wanted to go off ambien and tried Lunesta. First night... slept ok... but the horrible taste in my mouth made me question making the switch. After reading many mixed reviews... I thought of altering how I actually took the Lunesta. I mask it by taking with apple sauce and drinking orange juice. After first time trying like this... had no after taste right after taking... nor the following day. Worth it to me. Hope this helps.

dj1purity 3 Oct 2018

I hate the taste and am giving it up due to the taste alone which lasts all night and the next day. Tonight I took it with orange juice. Right now I don't taste the usual funkiness of it. It is barely there if at all. I'd say drink with a strong tasting drink, don't let the tablets touch the to guess or throat if possible (I hold them in my lips before chugging the OJ). I had some weird dreams as usual. But even 6mg can't keep me asleep even combined with Klonopin. free discount card

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