I've been taking Cymbalta for 8 years for depression and chronic pain. I started having terrible sweating, short term memory loss, severe depression, worsening pain, and many other side effects.

My Dr started slowly trying to get my dosage down from 90mgs, & after getting down from 60mgs to 30mgs, my side effects became unbearable. I forged on and now I'm on my 2nd day of taking just 5mgs of Lexapro, after going 3 days w/out taking Cymbalta.

I'm curious if anyone has successfully conquered this transition, and how long it took to feel somewhat normal? I'm aware it doesn't happen overnight, and I'm not asking for rainbows & butterflies-but the way I feel now is NOT good!! Along with the other stated side effects, I'm so lethargic and my brain is acting as if I turned the switch to off.

Any advice? I'm desperate.