Hi, I'm 19. Ive been struggling with depression for 8 years, anxiety 7, and chronic pain for 5 years.
I have never taken medication; due to being afraid of worsening these issues, especially depression and anxiety. I let my Dr. prescribe Cymbalta because these things are worsening by far on their own. I am honestly very scared that it will become much harder to keep myself calm (anger issues), to keep suicidal thoughts under wing, and to function properly. If it made any of my daily problems worse, I couldn't function at all. I have a girlfriend I need to keep as well, and that's also a lot of the reason I'm doing this. We have a lot of issues because of my persistent issues. My symptoms match up with all lyme disease symptoms. The anti body is in my system, just not enough to be diagnosed. - 30 mg for one week and 60 mg after that. -

I would like to know if the benefit outweighs the risk. What to look out for, tips, and complaints. Is it worth the risk? ANYTHING ABOUT CYMBALTA FROM EXPERIENCE IS MUCH APPRECIATED.