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Does Lisinopril or Vytorin cause nightmares?

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RonWard 25 Feb 2021

I started taking lisinopril about two years ago and ever since then I've been experiencing vivid dreams nearly every night. Historically I've been like most people in that I remember my dreams only occasionally but since taking this drug I remember one or two dreams per night! It has been amounting to poor sleep quality since I wake up throughout the night with an over active mind. My doctor won't say for certain that it's the lisinopril causing this but he is having me switch meds to see if it helps. Crossing my fingers it will.

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Lonaj 7 Jan 2019

OMGosh. So I’ve finally had enough of the crazy dreams and decided to search to see if it could possibly be lisinopril. I’ve taken it almost a year, but the last few months I’ve been having bizarre dreams every night, mostly after falling back to sleep after waking to use the restroom. I wouldn’t call them nightmares, but very vivid crazy or bizarre dreams. I wonder if taking it at night would help or changing medications would be better. It seems some of the other bp medications are always being recalled.

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decantrell89 15 Oct 2018

Holy crap I am so glad I found this thread. Made an account just to post here about my recent awful nightmares. I just started taking Lisinopril 20 mg for my insanely high blood pressure and I have been having the most vivid nightmares. Full color, people I knew years ago, horrible stuff. I seriously woke up yesterday, and told my spouse, " who slipped LSD into my medication? I feel like I've been drugged!" I am telling my nephrologist today that I need a new mediation bad. I have woken up with my heart beating out of my chest. Not what you want when you have uncontrollable hypertension. Im gonna stay up tonight!

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HECTORhector 29 June 2018

Lisinopril yes, I had problems in the past with this medication because of the fatigue and depression and I quit using it. I restarted just 12 hours ago and I been having unusually vivid and ugly dreams, hopefully because the half life of this drug is suppose to be 12 and half hours I can go back and sleep normally.

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Srr1111 27 Oct 2016

Neither are reported to based on studies though some patients swear they get nightmares from Lisinopril in particular- however statistically it's still fewer than 1% of people who take either and report nightmares.

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Daveybare 9 May 2017

I started taking this Saturday morning, May 6th, 2017 (after never being on BP meds) and the next two nights were INSANE, in terms of VIVID, terrifying and intense nightmares. Last night wasn't as bad but still had some doozies, and it makes me wake up every 2-3 hours. Stopped taking immediately and will never take again and certainly do some research before letting the Doc prescribe LSD horror biscuits again!!! :(((

Drnotadr 27 Oct 2016

I started lisinopril (2.5mg) today. I had my first nightmare in years (more than 5 years the time before that another 3 or 4 years.) and when I awoke for about 10 seconds I swore someone was standing over my bed. There obviously wasn't anything, it was part of the fear. But that's the first time that's happened since I was in my early teens. Now in my Mid-late 20s.

I couldn't measure my BP at the time but my Heart rate was very elevated due to the fear.

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southerngirl53 8 Jan 2013

My 86 yr. old mother has recently been taking Lisinopril for only about a week and she called to tell me this morning she had a horrible nightmare where her bp was 213/97 and it really scared her, her heart was racing when she awoke and didn't know what was happening to I looked up the name of this new medicine and I have read where others have had nightmares from taking this, I understand it is an ace inhibitor used to control blood pressure. I would advise taking to her doctor about this.

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dragonmist 14 Nov 2012

I know you posted a month ago but I started lisinopril yesterday and had terrible nightmares last night. Unusual for me. I've been on here looking to see if someone else reported it. The drug info does say it can have unknown neurological effects, but doesn't mention nightmares specifically. I'm going to keep taking it hoping it's a temporary effect, but would sure be interested in hearing from any others with this problem.

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peterjacunski 23 March 2015

i have been on lisinopril for about 7 weeks, and i have been having the worst nightmares of my life. horrible, bloody, terrifying things.

i think there is an effect here, and maybe it only hits a small percentage of us.

i am actually going to be changing to a different med soon. not sure which one yet, but i suggest you try the same.

pruittwj 22 Nov 2016

I took Lisinopril 20mg with 12.5mg of HCTZ and had nightmares from the beginning. After twelve days I said no more of this and quit. My PCP then recommended 12.5 HCTZ alone and the nightmares stopped two nights later. If you are on this try to get off it ASAP. Good luck to you if your taking this.

suzanne66 17 Oct 2012
Crazy Site 30 May 2015

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