Can Seroquel be taken ONLY as needed (in lieu of every day, same time, without a necessity to wean off) for only 1-2 months, maximum, at an "adequate" but not "high" dose? I am suffering horribly; I simply want to get over a very chronic "temporary hump" as I continue Therapy to effectively address my PTSD and ultimately recover adequately with a short-term aid to afford me the opportunity to arrest my PTSD without a need to medicate following my successful conquering of this hurdle that is very significantly impairing my efforts to accomplish the recovery I would be certain to attain.

I used Seroquel some years ago for a short time and it worked remarkably well and I recovered in full. Unfortunately, I was recently faced with a horrific trauma and the PTSD has returned. Please advise? Temporarily, it really helped me way back then!